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Straight From The Horses Mouth!!-Case Feedbacks::

Shobhan Agarwal

20 yrs of age, and currently a student of Mechanical Engineering

I have been stammering since I was a small boy in school. However despite stammering not being an overall massive problem in school, it had been a burden throughout my school life. After finishing my school with honours, I realized in university how big the problem could be. Despite my being an over-active, over-enthusiastic person in school, I was nervous in college, my confidence started dipping and my self-esteem dipped low.

In Swar Sudhar Society, it is exactly what I feared most that we do. We speak in front of a group, often extempore and sometimes with a prepared topic. We discuss our problems and together motivate each other for a great future. Through this society, I got the courage to talk again and, like in my schooldays, take part in various activities neglecting the issue of stammering; a feature that had taken a deep root in my mind. I finally realized that stuttering was just a bad habit, which can be used to open up new avenues in one’s life and while getting over this, can be a great source of self-development and accomplishment.

I was able to notice that even fluent speakers have problems speaking in a group. While I just take risks to test my speech and the therapy, I am often the one to take the initiative to speak first. The irony of the situation is that fluent speakers need the help of a stammer to start the conversation, who in the course of trying out his therapy, often acts like a pseudo-leader of the group. I am, personally, very proud to have faced such a situation in a group which included people and executives of all levels and from all walks of life.


Sanjay Sharma

28 yrs of age, an engineer by profession and currently heading a business of manufacturing Aluminum foils

I have been stammering since I was 2 and a half years old, after an attack of very high fever. Though I started with only the repetition of the first syllables, I started developing secondary features. During graduation, I developed techniques to get past by blocks by using alternate word or changing the language, or at times adding or removing certain sound to the word. It was in business that I realized the major impact this disorder can have since I had to make myself understood in front of my clients and workers. Here I used to, more often than not, delegate all the verbally interactive work, like phone calls, etc. to my staff, and avoid these circumstances as far as I could.

By this time, I had sort of; lost confidence in myself and was always very conscious and scared regarding my speech. It was at this time, in Early ‘94’, that I joined the Adlakha Speech & Hearing Clinic. Today as I write this, it has been Four years that I have been affiliated to the Swar Sudhar Society, and have found a tremendous change in not only my speech but in my overall personality. This is first time that I have undergone a therapy that I have really understood. Seeing the improvements other cases have brought in themselves,has boosted my confidence that


Sanjay Sharma

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