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Disclaimer: This site is not intended to attempt to persuade you to change your current spiritual belief system. My hope is rather that by experiencing a first-person view of not only what we do but how we do it, you will come to respect our beliefs and practices, even if you disagree. The short journey in these pages will culminate in a page with basic information about our spirituality, so that both experience and knowledge can combine. With that in mind, please join me in a meditative journey between the worlds, into the sacred circle of Wicca...  


As you travel the spiral path before you through the darkness, you begin to see shimmering forms, glimpsed out of the corner of your eye, or perhaps in your mind's eye, or perhaps just before you but almost too ephemeral to see.
You hear a quiet sound, a hint of rhythm, almost inaudible against the sound of your own heartbeat, a barely heard drum; nearly indistinguishable from it, a whispered melody weaves its way in and out of the faint thrumming carried on the Air.
You might smell the smoke of a bonfire, or a wisp of incense, perhaps sandalwood, perhaps sage, the scent sweet and heady, beckoning you forward.
The air around you feels still but not at all stagnant-- rather, expectant, as if holding its breath, waiting for something to happen...

Spiraling into the center...

Come Dance the Spiral...











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