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Graphic by Vickie

Four Corners (originally was Buena Vista),
Spencer Township, Jennings County, Indiana, USA

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I would like to dedicate this entire web site
to the memory of my Mother and Father:
Graphic by Vickie
Mary Edith (Henley) (Downs) Krackenberger
Leo Adam Krackenberger

My Father, Leo Adam Krackenberger

Born: November 5, 1897, Died: September 26, 1972

He was approximately 21 years old when this photo was taken which was about 1918

My Grandparents.

John Krackenberger and Barbara (Maschino) Krackenberger.

This photo was taken on October 15, 1938.   They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.   The house in the background is the old Krackenberger house which still stands today in Four Corners.   It is in the process of being torn down and we are hoping it will be rebuilt and restored in a new location.   This house is approaching 200 years old.   This is an early log cabin covered with many layers of siding.

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The following poem was written by John Krackenberger to Andrew Maschino just 6-1/2 months before John Krackenberger and Barbara Maschino were married.

Hello, my name is Richard Leo Krackenberger.   I retired from Eli Lilly & Co. December 31, 1993.   At the time of my retirement I was a machine designer in the Capsule Operations Department at the Kentucky Avenue plant site in Indianapolis, Indiana.   I worked for Eli Lilly & Co. for thirty years.   One of my favorite hobbies has always been genealogy and since my retirement I have been able to spend a lot more time on this hobby.   I am married to Carolyn S. (Sue)(Ballard) Krackenberger.   We have two grown daughters, Vickie J. Strode and Carolyn D. (Diane) VanGorden and five terrific grandchildren.   One girl and four boys. Brandy, Brian, Bobby, Tyler and Marlin Jr.   My wife, Sue, and I are proud to announce that we now have four great-grandchildren. Two girls and two boys.

I am a genealogy NUT as are many of us.   Once you have been bitten by the genealogy bug, you are bitten for life.   I have been researching my family tree since about 1980.   I continuously am adding to this data base as I find new connections.  I have a very large data base of names at the present and it is a never ending hobby.   Not all of my database in on this website so if you have question please email me.   Please be sure to visit my daughter's web site (Vickie's Genealogy Home Page) listed below in my favorite links.

I am, at present, trying to make a connection with the Krackenberger lines in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and also the state of Washington.   I am also researching the following names: Ballard, Bischoff, Chasteen, Clark, Daeger, Dagler, Davis, Downs, Hauersperger, Henley, Hubbell, Krackenberger, Longacre, Maschino, Maschinot, Pottenger, Taylor, Vawter, Vogel and many, many more.   If you think that any of the above names might be some of your relatives too, please check the surnames below and/or contact me by e-mail and we will check them out together.


I call the picture below my parents wedding picture!

This photo was taken sometime during the year 1938, the year my parents were married.   They both had children from a previous marriage.   My Father's first wife, Veronica Elizabeth Munier passed away on the 31st of Oct. 1937 leaving him alone with three children to raise and my Mother's first husband, Richard Courtney Downs passed away on the 23rd of Apr. 1936 leaving her alone with three children to raise.   How my Mother and Father met I have yet to learn.

Following each name is their approximate age at the time the photo was taken.

Standing, back row, left to right are:
Marilyn Downs (12)
Robert Krackenberger (13)
James (Sonny) Downs (13)
Ruth Krackenberger (15)

Seated, front row, left to right are:
Angela Krackenberger (16)
Leo Krackenberger (my Father)(41)
Mary (Henley) (Downs) Krackenberger (my Mother)(32)
and Delores Downs (6)

I was not born until approximately three years after this photo was taken.

Let every nation know,
whether it wishes us well or ill,
that we shall pay any price,
bear any burden,
meet any hardship,
support any friend,
oppose any foe,
to assure the survival and the success of liberty.


Lest we forget ... The motto of the United States of America:

In God We Trust

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