We Only Come Out At Night

We are the few, the proud, the nightcrawlers. We join together for one week in the summer, and live from 5 in the afternoon to 7 in the morning. I've done it for two years now, and in those 2 years we've been to NYC at 2am, visited a graveyard at 12am, and hit Dunks 3 nights in a row at 3am, just to name a few of the fun stuff we've done! These are pic's from the '97 and '98 crews!

The Pics

Erinn And Me
Gaerrick And His Babies
'97 Crew
'98 Crew
Abby And Me, With Our Bellies
A Bad Pic Of The Piercing
My Nipple
Kevie Smoothie, And The Chicks Who Loved Him (sorta')

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