Summer Time!!

Hi! My name is joanne, but everyone i know calls me jo. I live in rockaway, nj, and i used to go to the morristown-beard school. As scott says, i'm in the grundle of life (that time between high school and college), but soon i'll be a freshman at Northeastern U. I like doing the same things most of you guys like doing......listening to music (ska, punk, and hippie stuff are my fav's), watching tv, snowboarding, eating, and doing, whatever it is that we do, with my buddies. And i just need to warn spelling is horid, so just email me w/ corrections...danka! oh, and another thing....if you are my buddy and your pic isn't on my page, suck it up and deal with it, 'cuz i probably don't have a good enough pic of you to go up....anywho, enjoy my rants and raves!! luvyas'!!

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"If Love is the answer, Could you rephrase the question?"-Lily Tomlin
"Life's a bitch, and then you die, so fuck the world, and lets get high! For all the men who think they're cool, step aside,'cause women rule!"-your mom
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