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News and Gossip....


Okay, no more gossip for the season so I have an article from Soap Opera Digest to share with you

"We could always count on FELICITY's Sean for a laugh. With a twinkle in his eye and a ready smile, the teddy bearish "big brother" of the bunch was always quick to deliver a one-liner. But we saw another side of Sean when the young man felt an ache in his groin. Though the problem was initially fodder for humor (Ben and Noel razzed him about it) Sean realized it was no joke when his urologist suggested that he get an ultrasound.

Sean then took us on a roller coaster ride of emotions, played with just the right pitch by Greg Grunberg. Sean was humiliated about the location of his problem, as well as scared. But mostly, he was in denial, a reasonable reaction for a young man. He tried to follow his daily routine, but gave girlfriend Meghan one excuse after another as to why he wouldn't have sex. When she wondered if he had an STD, Sean finally fessed up. After a serious talk with his usually sarcastic significant other, he got tested and was devastated to learn that there was malignant mass, which he had removed.

The plot is a success for many reasons. Health problems don't usually afflict young soap males, so it's been enlightening from that standpoint. The Sean/Meghan relationship has also deepened, and Sean has finally broken out of his comic-relief niche and undergone character growth. This storyline, which obviously spotlights someone other than Felicity, is a perfect illustration of how the show is growing, expanding it's focus and improving in its third season."


Christmas shopping... ergh.

With the season almost over, I don’t have many spoilers…

12/6/00 episode

Let's Get It On

In the next three days, Felicity must prepare for a final for a class she thought she dropped and help Noel complete an extensive computer project. Meanwhile, Molly apologizes to Felicity and Ben for yelling at them when she moved out, but James scolds her when he sees the group talking. Tracy and Elena decide to renew their friendship

James (Molly’s boyfriend) is played by the guy who plays “Tag” on Friends.

Felicity ends on Dec 13, but only until March when the show comes back for 9 more episodes! According to Wanda, the cliffhanger is going to be great! Supposedly, someone gets shot.


Sorry for the delay, I was out of town. :)

Here's what I've found out lately...

Molly is the owner of that white powder in the top of the closet (it's heroin)

The last episode is Dec 13, but it will come back in March for 9 episodes to complete the season!!!

11/29/00 episode

James and the Giant Piece

Ben is concerned for Molly and Felicity's safety after Molly says that she is still struggling with her addiction. Elena is questioned about her affair with Professor McGrath by a school administrator. Elsewhere, Meghan tells Sean that her life has become boring and heads out to a nightclub


(Last one before March) Felicity and the girls plan a holiday bash while Sean schemes to make a bundle selling Christmas trees. Ben desperately trys to impress Felicity’s mom during a holiday visit to New York, but one disturbing mishap after another leaves mom wishing that her daughter was dating someone stable and goal-oriented, like Noel. (Spoilerman)

Here's a press release that I found about the show:

The WB 2000-2001 Primetime Schedule May 16, 2000 (New York, NY)

The WB Network unveiled its new primetime schedule this morning amid a great deal of surprise scheduling announcements that the network believes guarantees ratings growth for next season. The primetime schedule was announced this morning by Susanne Daniels, President, Entertainment and Jordan Levin, Executive Vice President, Programming.The strength of The WB's anchor dramas this season will be enhanced in the fall as every one of them is staying in their season-ending timeslots. On Monday, 7TH HEAVEN and ROSWELL; Tuesday, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL; Wednesday, DAWSON'S CREEK and FELICITY remain stet, with The WB's second highest-rated series, CHARMED, returning to its highly successful Thursday night timeslot at 9:00 p.m. ET."Stability in scheduling is always something that you strive for and we have accomplished that this season by keeping every one of our anchor dramas in their season-ending timeslots," said Ms. Daniels. "ROSWELL and FELICITY came into their own creatively and ratings-wise the last eight episodes of the year and they both earned their way onto the schedule. The Tabasco sauce, e-mail campaigns and demonstrations also got our attention.


Really not much to report this week..

11/22/00 episode

A Good Egg

After spending time with his infant nephew, Javier decides to have a child and asks Felicity to donate an egg that his aunt would carry to term for him and his male partner. Noel tries to kiss Jane and discovers that her heart is set on another man.


Not much to report this week.


Kissing Mr. Covington

Ben's father (John Ritter), who comes back to town seeking a reconciliation with his son, ends up kissing Felicity in a moment of emotional weakness. Elsewhere, Sean converts to Judaism after his operation; Tracy asks Elena to join him and Finn for a celebratory outing; and Noel reads Jane's private e-mail.

According to Soap Opera Digest this week, Scott Foley did indeed get married on October 19 to Jennifer. Congrats Scotty! Josh Jackson (Pacey on DC) was supposed to attend.


Sorry, I'm a day late.. I was buying my Halloween costume.. :)

11/8/00 Felicity

One Ball, Two Strikes (sick sick sick – this is refering to Sean’s ‘parts’) Noel tells Richard that he knows what his secret is, but he might not be as accurate as he thinks. Sean learns that his medical condition is more serious than he realized. Elsewhere, Felicity asks Randy to confirm her story to Ben that nothing happened between them, and Elena has an embarrassing encounter with Finn. Tyra Banks guest stars. (TV Guide online)

Tyra Banks will portray a transfer student named Jane Scott, who arrives for her junior year at the University of New York from Florida State. She is an avid student, determined to get everything she can out of her education. Jane has sworn off relationships to better focus on her studies and because she's been burned a few times. When she needs assistance with her computer, she meets Noel and her best laid plans go right out the window. Sparks fly, but the aftermath of this new romantic entanglement will greatly affect Noel and his friends.

Paul Mazursky as one of Felicity's college professors. Who Smokes POT..

Richard will have a storyline involving Molly. Which is Funny

Amy Jo Johnson (Julie) will be written off the show.

Meghan is dating Sean, but one major change will be the disappearance of Meghan's Black Box for now, but not forever.

(Spoilerman website)

Keri Russell and Scott Speedman were spotted at the Radiohead concert in Los Angeles last Friday night.

"Felicity" was a big winner last night opposite the presidential debate (not "The West Wing"). Its audience grew 36 percent from last week's season premiere. Even more remarkable is that the drama held on to a stunning 98% of its lead-in from "Dawson's Creek." "'Felicity' is back in the winner's circle for the first time in over a year," says Marc Berman of industry newsletter The Programming Insider.

Wanda at E!Online reports that Keri Russell and Scott Speedman are still very much a couple, even though they're staying supersecretive about it. Don't expect many public appearances together.

(TKTV Website)


Okay, I don't have much gossip.. it's a 'dry gossip time' right now...

11/1/00 Surprise - As Ben makes plans to celebrate her birthday, Felicity wrestles with the aftereffects of a wild night out. - Sean discovers a potentially serious medical problem when he goes to the doctor (Jim Jansen), but he won't take the appropriate test or tell Meghan. - Noel gets his first computer-emergency call, which leads to an unhappy surprise. (Spoilerman)

So, Wanda suggests that there is still a remote possibility of Noel and Fel hooking back up. :) I’m a happy camper!!!


Sorry about the lack of update guys… I went to Las Vegas with my husband, and I’ve been looking for a new job.. LONG story. Also, my stupid internet connection is SO SLOW these days.. I don’t know why! Anyhow, here’s your LONG awaited spoilers…

10/18/00 episode: Hello, I must be going

Ben's mother calls with disturbing news that he refuses to share with Felicity. She becomes even more upset when Ben opens up to ex-girlfriend Julie, who is struggling with family issues of her own. Meanwhile, Noel goes forward with his plans until Natalie (Ali Landry) throws him a curve; a new roommate moves in; and Sean is hurt when he thinks Megan doesn't like his nose. (TV Guide)

10/25/00 episode:Greeks and Geeks

Noel corrals Tracy into helping him sharpen his PC skills to impress the college's computer-center manager (Matt Doherty) into giving him a job. Meanwhile, Meghan takes a depressed Felicity to a frat party after the Goth girl argues with Sean (Greg Grunberg) over her new phone-sex job. And Ben preps a nervous Javier (Ian Gomez) for his citizenship test. (TV Guide)

Other bits:

Tangi Miller (Elena) is dating J August Richards from “Angel”

Tyra Banks will be on this season


Yay! It's that time again!! Spoilers galore!! :)

Okay, below are several spoilers that I've found about next season:

Adam Rickett will play Elena's new love interest, an aspiring singer who Elena will be "deeply involved in" for at least half the season. The producers are thinking of doing several episodes on location to give the characters a change of scenery. Look for music artists to emerge on the show every now and then. Ben & Felicity will stay together. Greg will return in a completely unexpected way. Noel will have a life altering experience that makes him change drastically. Julie will struggle with family issues, causing her feelings for Sean to grow. This of course spells trouble for Meghan.

Noel will be moving in with Sean and Ben, taking Julie's place

The romance between Ben and Felicity will take center stage in the third season. Everyone will be happier than in the second season, and Noel will be more like the Noel from the first season. Abrams still hopes to get Amy Smart back as Ruby.

John Ritter will be playing Ben's father in the upcoming season of "Felicity."

Sarah-Jane Potts is joining the cast as Molly, the British rommate of new housemates Felicity, Meghan, Elena, and Julie.

Tyra Banks is in talks to play a recurring character this fall.

Rumor has it Julie will be written off through a mental illness.

Felicity will be living with Meghan, Elena, Julie, and a new character named Molly. Expect the M-J-S love triangle to add some tension to the girls' living situation.

Felicity and Ben will be together, happy and very much a couple for awhile.

We'll get to meet Ben's father this season, who'll be played by John Ritter.

When the season premieres, we find out he has been MIA for the entire summer--vanished into thin air. It's a fantastic surprise when we find out where he's been.

It's 100% true that Amy Jo Johnson will be leaving, and it's not her choice to leave.

Meghan and Sean come back from their Italian romp and they're very much a couple, very much in love. Then Julie realizes her romantic feelings for Sean, and the two girls end up fighting over Señor Smooth. Sean also finally strikes it rich, landing a huge deal for his "docuventary," and it turns him into quite a lady-killer.

In the first episode we find out that Elena and Tracy still haven't done the deed.

Julie will be written off the show because the producers aren't happy with her character.

Elena's getting a new love interest, which means Tracy (Donald Faison) is getting the boot.

Noel's trip with Javier's hottie cousin is a trip from hell. But he does get another really great love interest. Also, Meghan and Sean totally hit it off on their trip to Italy, and she evolves into a somewhat different character next season.

Ali Landry will be a cast regular next season although she won't be with Noel. Amy Smart (Ruby) will be gone.

Sally (Janeane Garofalo) is out, due to the popularity of Dr. Stinky (who will be Felicity's sounding board --she'll have a much greater role this season).


Okay, so it's been a month. Sorry guys!! Here you go, fasten your seatbelts!

So it seems that the lucky one to get married is…….JAVIER! That's right folks. Look at the spoiler for the Aretha Theory and you'll see for yourself.. I hope these spoilers make up for not updating in FOREVER! Sorry guys..

Felicity slams the door in Ben's face. But they go out on a date right before finals, and it'll be incredibly romantic. Then Felicity will get a summer job at the Metropolitan Museum of Artin New York, so they'll spend the summer apart.The Wedding unites the gang and threatens the future of Ben and Felicity. Julie's birth mother returns with some shocking news.

Sean finally gets the nerve to ask Julie out, and obsesses over making it perfect; Javi-ay is a pretty good guess for the mysterious newlywed in the season finale; Ben goes shopping for an engagement ring for the groom-to-be, who then returns the favor by playing matchmaker for Feli and Ben; Feli and Ben will go on an "incredibly romantic" date before finals; Feli gets a job at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, leaving her and Ben to spend the summer apart; outlook not good for Ruby and Noel

The Aretha Theory

After yet another interrupted date, Greg (Chris William Martin) realizes Felicity is still not over Ben and dumps her. A depressed Felicity asks Meghan for a night on the town. Meanwhile, Julie tries to figure out how she feels about Sean after his declaration of love; Elena finds herself flirting with a friend of Tracy's; and Ben helps Javier shop for an engagement ring for Samuel.

Final Answer

Ben and Felicity's plans to spend the summer together in California are jeopardized when her professor offers her an internship in New York---if she does well on the final. Tracy decides he wants to have sex with Elena after all, and Ruby tells Noel that Wade asked her to marry him. Meanwhile, Sean asks Julie out on a date and Julie says yes, even though she's still wrestling with an attraction to Noel.


Okay guys, I'm SO sorry for not updating sooner. Since Felicity wasn't on, I got bitter, but I'm back.. Here's some spoilage for you:


As Sean films his pals love lives for a second time, Ben tries to field Sean's queries while masking resentment at Felicity's attraction to Greg and dealing with his own unresolved feelings for her..

After Ben watches an intimate moment between Felicity and Greg on Sean's documentary film,

he feels compelled to tell her about Greg's past. Felicity applies to become Greg's paid assistant..

Noel stresses about losing midterms he has yet to grade..

Tracy deliberately provokes Elena.

Sean finally tells Julie that he loves her

With a little encouragement from the Independent Film Channel, Sean continues shooting his documentary on college life from last year. When his covert camera catches Felicity in a romantic moment with Greg, Ben feels compelled to take action and warn Felicity about what he uncovered about Greg's dark past.


Felicity runs against Richard for Student Council president.

Felicity is torn between her beliefs and her new relationship with Greg when he asks her to be his campaign manager in a run for Student Council president, but his take on the issues inspires her own leap into student politics.

Ben embarks on path of stocks, bonds and babysitting when he branches out into an internship on Wall Street in an effort to find his own passion..

Sparks fly when Julie and Noel are nudged into attending a Sadie Hawkins dance together.



Everyone moves into Ben's Loft


We learn a secret about Meghan (that really humanizes her )in which Felicity asks Meghan to take her clubbing...

5/17 = * NEW SHOW *

5/24 = * SEASON FINALE with a WEDDING *


Ben and Felicity's romance comes together in a surprising way

Felicity and Noel will not be getting back togetter this season

Felicity and Ben get closer when somone vistis them, someone they dont want to see or hear..


I have LOTS of stuff for you all today... First off, some minor spoilers from Wanda (EOnline) Wanda, do Felicity and that guy Craig get involved? Please tell me he's leaving soon!

Come on, do you actually think after all this Ben and Noel stuff, the producers are gonna have our girl end up with Craig? Trust me--she'll get one of her two true loves, and it's going to be ultraromantic. Stay tuned.

Is Javier back as a regular character on Felicity? I sure hope so!

Unfortunately, he's a regular on Norm, so Felicity can't have him full-time. But they are definitely going to continue using him. Personally, he's my favorite on the show despite Speedy's sexiness and the other Scott's charm

GUESS WHAT??? After Felicity moves to Wednesday nights on April 5th, there will be EIGHT consecutive NEW shows that last until the season finale.. which will again be a cliffhanger!

Amy Jo Johnson is touring in the Los Angeles area soon.. if you go let me know, I’d love to know about it!

Scott Foley was featured in the March issue of Premiere magazine... he has a tattoo!! It's a good little article and it has two good pics!

Scott hosted on the TV Guide Awards last night.. with Jennifer

Felicity was mentioned twice in this week's Soap Opera Digest:

1st article:


On FELICITY, it was great to see the title character finally express true anger. After visiting her parents' impending divorce, the always-calm, ever-polite Felicity exploded with emotion-a definite breakthrough

2nd article:

While the WB network recently admitted that shearing Keri Russell's long, flowing locks probably hurt FELICITY's ratings, the actress is perfectly satisfied with the results. "I'm happy with the hair", she insists. "Of course, everyone's asking me about that." Russell echoes the opinion of Executive Producer Jeffrey Abrams. "I think it's a really brave and crazy thing to do," she declares. "That's what a college girl is. It is definitely unexpected and shocking, but so are college girls. And it's been a really nice change." It's also easier to take care of-especially when you've got scenes like the pool romp that got Felicity and Ben into quite a bit of trouble. "It was fun, but it got a little cold," Russell reports. "It looked like we were only in the water for five minutes, but we were actually in there for hours and it was freezing!"


Okay, I'm getting back on track. :-) Here's a little scoopage for ya:

First of all, I don't know if anyone has heard this one or not, but supposedly Scott Speedman and Keri Russell are a new "item" I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard it A LOT! I wonder what happened to poor old Tony...

Okay, now for the spoilers:

Sunday, Feb 20

"True Colors" — When Noel (Scott Foley) encounters real relationship hurdles with Ruby (Amy Smart), he surprisingly opens up to Ben (Scott Speedman) in what is growing into being an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile, Felicity (Keri Russell) clashes with the arrogant head of the health center where she is volunteering, Elena (Tangi Miller) picks a bad time to enlist the help of the whole gang in a painting party for the apartment, and Julie (Amy Jo Johnson) finds her record deal on shaky ground. Felicity: True Colors

Noel confesses to Ruby that he'd rather disappear than deal with her pregnancy, then seeks counsel from Ben, who shares details of a similar experience he had in high school. Meanwhile, Felicity's clinic boss tries to goad her into quitting during a clash over missing patient files.


Sunday, Feb 13

"Truth and Consequences"

Felicity (Keri Russell) and Ben (Scott Speedman) are sentenced to 50 hours of community service for their late-night prank at the university pool, and their volunteer work lands them in the middle of Noel (Scott Foley) and Ruby's (Amy Smart) relationship problems. Meanwhile, Julie (Amy Jo Johnson) seems close to actually making a record, and Elena (Tangi Miller) is spending more and more time with her sexy new lab partner (guest star Donald Faison, "Clueless").

Felicity: Truth and Consequences

Noel and Ruby (Amy Smart) anxiously await the results of a home-pregnancy test; Felicity and Ben begin their community service at the university clinic under the direction of an arrogant boss (Chris Martin) who especially irritates Ben; and Julie's demo deal meets opposition from Erik's boss (Bruce Nozick).


I have LOTS of stuff to tell ya'll today! Let's start with some spoilers...

"The Slump"

In the wake of their late-night prank at the university pool, Felicity (Keri Russell) and Ben (Scott Speedman) find themselves in potentially serious trouble with mandatory alcohol abuse counseling. While Felicity visits the counselor (guest star Amy Aquino) but resists talking about the hard emotions surrounding her parents’ break-up, Ben avoids the meetings altogether and makes plans to drop out of school. Meanwhile, Noel (Scott Foley) accuses Ruby (Amy Smart) of using her position as his girlfriend to get special treatment when he is the T.A. of one of her classes, and Noel fears that what seems like a little spat may be the end of their relationship.

Felicity: The Slump

Felicity is pushed to unravel her tortured feelings over her parents' breakup during mandatory sessions with a counselor (Amy Aquino), part of Felicity's punishment for drinking underage and breaking into the university swimming pool with Ben. Meanwhile, Elena is distracted by her hunky new lab partner and Ben balks at seeing the counselor, despite the threat of expulsion.

Okay, as we all know Scream 3 comes out next Friday! Scott plays a character named Roman..Can't wait!

Scott was scheduled to be on Rosie O'Donnell today, but the weather prevented him from doing that. Instead, he'll be on tomorrow or Friday. Also, don't forget he'll be on Total Request Live tomorrow also!!!

There was a column the the most recent Soap Opera Digest regarding Felicity:

We named FELICITY Best Prime-Time Show of 1999 because of its excellent acting and storytelling. Although the performers are still holding up their end of the deal, the writing isn’t making the grade.

We’ve always liked the fact that FELICITY extended beyond the title character and explored the lives of her friends. But the focus has narrowed to Felicity’s love life as she flits from Ben to her art professor’s son, David, and then back to Noel.

It’s frustrating because meaty plot possibilities are being ignored. Felicity’s main competition for Noel is Ruby, but what about the fact that Elena and Noel share an apartment? Surely, Felicity must be jealous of that living arrangement. And remember the affair that Elena had with her professor last spring-the one that earned her an “A”? We’re still waiting for the repercussions from that.

As for Julie, she’s living with Ben, the ex-boyfriend who dumped her for Felicity. Julie was so angry with Felicity that she wrote an insulting song about her, but everything’s hunky-dory between her and Ben? Hard to believe. And we want to learn more about Julie’s other housemate, Sean, and Felicity’s fascinating oddball roomie/co-RA, Meghan, who are still just comic devices.

But all is not lost. If the writers take advantage of what’s already n the canvas and open up the storylines, FELICITY will be back at the head of the class.


No, the Y2K bug didn't get me.. The flu bug did. That's why you all haven't seen an update in a long time. Sorry! So, I have some spoilers for you!

1/23/00:"Help for the Lovelorn" Felicity and her friends find themselves trapped in a bizarre black-and-white world and Meghan finally reveals what's inside her secret box. (TV Guide)

A woman refers Felicity to a clinic for the incurably romantic; Meghan reveals what is inside her secret box.(Felicity official site)


I don't have much to add today. There won't be another show until January, so I don't really know what's going on..

I do have this:

Felicity and Ben aren't over yet (they're "gonna need each other when they get a visit from someone they both really don't want/need to see"); Felicity will enter the Twilight Zone on January 23, when Meghan's box contents are revealed.

OH.. One other thing. In the latest Soap Opera Digest, there's a feature about "Best of the Year" Felicity was voted BEST PRIME TIME SOAP!!



Felicity and Noel struggle with passionate feelings between them.

Sunday, December 19

Help for the Lovelorn

The episode is shot in black and white.Meghan gets a love interest The contents of the box are revealed!

After a tipsy holiday kiss, Felicity is beset by steamy dreams about Noel; a recording company executive admires an elated Julie's music. Also, Meghan's box contents are supposed to be revealed in this episode


There won't be another new show until 12/19!! Why do they keep doing this?? GEEZ!!!


At the end of the season there will be clips from Ben and Felicity's trip over the summer and that something happened on the trip that has yet to be revealed (but they didn't have sex).

They may introduce Julie's birth mom again

Janine Garrofolo agreed to appear as Sally

Something BIG is coming for Noel

Supposedly, the episode where the contents of "the box" are revealed, is in black and white!


Well, there won't be a new episode of Felicity on the 28th.. It's the rerun where Todd Mulcahy comes to see her (It's a 2 hour ep)

Well, I took a chance and I emailed Wanda, from Eonline, and asked her if Noel/Fel would ever get back together, and she said "It sure looks that way"

So, we still have hope for MY fav duo!


Spoilers for the next two weeks:

Felicity: Family Affairs

Felicity's parents (Eve Gordon, Erich Anderson) upset her holiday plans by surprising her with a Thanksgiving visit that results in a tense dinner at Elena and Noel's. Among the dinner guests are Felicity's new beau, David (Henri Lubatti), and his mother, Prof. Sherman (Sally Kirkland). Meanwhile, Ben (Scott Speedman) agrees to work at a charity event that Maggie is catering for her husband (TV Guide)

Meghan's box will reveal it's contents the following week!!!!!! BE SURE TO WATCH! IT SHOULD BE INTERESTING..


Spoilers for this week:

DOG DAY AFTERNOON — Felicity (Keri Russell) stumbles upon a sweet stray dog on the streets of New York and takes him in, but the pathetic mutt which she names Lucky gets in the way of her “getting lucky” with David (guest star Henri Lubatti). Meanwhile, Elena (Tangi Miller) grows obsessed with what she sees as Felicity’s sexual avoidance issues and enlists Noel (Scott Foley) to help, Ben’s (Scott Speedman) relationship with Maggie (guest star Teri Polo, “Sports Night,” “Northern Exposure”) takes a turn for the illicit, and Sean (Greg Grunberg) lays it on the line with Julie (Amy Jo Johnson) about his true feelings for her.

Other Spoilers:

The critically acclaimed drama FELICITY presents a humorously dysfunctional family Thanksgiving on Sunday, November 21 when Felicity’s (Keri Russell) parents show up in New York for an unannounced holiday visit and get a few surprises of their own about her life at school, including her new hair cut, new major and new older boyfriend.

Expect to see Ruby with Noel for a little while; Felicity finds a dog named Lucky just when she's considering doing the deed with her new man, David; Felicity and Ben won't be getting back together right away, especially with Ben's new woman (that catering lady) hanging around.


11/7/99 episode

The Love Bug"

Felicity avoids exposure by hitting the street after Meghan contracts mononucleosis

Other Spoilers:

Sunday, November 21: Felicity’s (Keri Russell) parents show up in New York for an unannounced holiday visit and get a few surprises of their own about her life at school, including her new hair cut, new major and new older boyfriend.

Expect to see Ruby with Noel for a little while; Felicity finds a dog named Lucky just when she's considering doing the deed with her new man, David; Felicity and Ben won't be getting back together right away, especially with Ben's new woman (that catering lady) hanging around.


Looks like the halloween episode of Felicity is a rerun! It's "Docuventary"! Oh well, I'm pretty sure that it is going to return the following week with a new episode.. :-)


First of all, let me say how happy I was to see Richard "the you're unfit to be an RA guy" back!! His comic relief was well needed after all the "seriousness "


Spoilers for the weeks of 10/17/99 and 10/24/99

10/17- The Depths: Felicity and Julie are trapped in a stalled subway car Felicity confronts Julie about her new song entitled "Felicity"

10/24 - Crash: Felicity goes on a date with a French guy and he ends up flirting with the waitress Ben has an experience with an older woman Noel and Elena become obsessed with a video game

10/24 - Crash: Julie suggests that dating B-list people is a good way for Felicity to get over her breakup with Ben. Felicity agrees to Prof. Sherman's request to try dating her son David whom she goes on a blind date with. David ends up flirting with the waitress. Ben has an experience with an older woman, who was the cranky customer. Noel and Elena become obsessed with a video game


Spoiler for the 10/17/99 episode

Felicity: The Depths

Ugly truths surface when Felicity and Julie air their grievances while trapped underground in a stalled subway train. Meanwhile, Noel and Ruby (Amy Smart) drift into a first date when Felicity fails to meet them at the museum and Ben clashes with a cranky customer (Teri Polo).


First thing.. The other day I saw "Richard, the 'You're unfit to be an RA' guy" on a PetsMart commercial!

Now, spoilers for the next two weeks:

10/3- The List: Felicity relishes being a resident adviser, even though she quibbles with Meghan ; Julie throws a huge party at Sean's loft. Felicity gives bad advice to a freshman and as a result, the girl's boyfriend dumps her Burky is the advisee that drives Felicity crazy (think Richard and Noel) Felicity cuts her hair. Felicity begins to question her values when one of her advisees seems to have better luck using tips from an article in a women's magazine

10/10- After a curriculum discussion with another student (Amy Smart), Felicity realizes she's drawn to art rather than pre-med. Changing her courses then puts Felicity in the same class as Noel, who fears she's out to sabotage him. Meanwhile, Julie finally moves out of the loft---much to Sean's chagrin.

10/10- Ancient History: Noel and Felicity sign up for the same art class. Felicity helps an advisee review her choices (this girl will later date Noel) Sean and Ben interview prospective roommates.

Other Spoilers: Felicity goes on a date with a French guy and he ends up flirting with the waitress. Ben and Noel get a new love interests. (Ben's is an older woman) & (Noel's is a freshman in his art class) Felicity changes her major to art. Felicity's parents return. Sally Kirkland is joining the minor cast of Felicity as her art teacher. Meghan gets a love interest In episode 9 we will find out what's in the b

ox! 9/26/99

Looks like next week is the debut of the new do!

I'm not sure, but it doesn't look like Ben and Felicity will be a happy couple after all..and the rumor is that there is a new love interest that he'll get this season

Noel/Fel/Julie will all mend fences before the season is out. Noel and Felicity may not be as close as they were, but they will eventually work it out to where they can be nice to each other

Was it just me, or did anyone see signs of Sean and Julie hooking up?? Hmmm....


Okay, as many of you have been requesting.. The following is spoilers for the first two episodes of Felicity:

"Sophomoric" Air Date 9/26/99!!!

Felicity deals with the aftermath of her choice. Meghan and Felicity room together again

"The List" Air Date 10/3/99

Felicity doubts her abilities when an advisee turns to a magazine article for help; Julie throws a party at Sean's loft.


Amy Smart of Varsity Blues will be added to the cast this season as a love interest for NOEL! (Soap Opera Digest-Comings and Goings)

Supposedly, Felicity is still wearing that triangle necklace that Ben gave her last season. Interesting...

Looks like Felicity chose Ben (from all the clues....)

Sean and Meghan are now regular cast members. :-)

Another rumor I heard..don't know if it's that Elena and Noel share an apartment.. (I kinda doubt this one!!!)


Well well well.. A little more gossip for you all..Looks like Lynn (Dash Mihok) will not return next season.. but Richard and Guy will (the "you're not fit to be an RA guy and the freaky "star wars guy") :-)

Also, supposedly, Julie will be a third roommate in Sean's apartment with Ben! I don't know what this means, but I hope it means she went with Noel!


The second season of Felicity starts on Sunday, September 26th. In this episode, Javier is back, and we find out who she chose!!

By episode 6, around Halloween, we find out what's in Meghan's box.. promised to be a weird episode!


I keep on hearing a rumor that Scott Foley will be in the movie Scream 3. I don't know if it's true, but I will definitely keep you all posted on it.

Another Dash Mihok sighting... the new Alanis Morrisette video "So Pure".. it's a good video, and he don't look half bad with "normal" hair. :-)


I just read that Jennifer Garner, Hannah, will be on the new Party of Five spinoff, Time of Your Life. What's that all about I wonder?

Did you all know that the guy who plays Lynn, Dash Mihok, was in movies such as The Thin Red Line and Sleepers?

Did you know that Richard, the annoying "You're Not Fit to be an RA guy, was a guest star on Beverly Hills 90210 back in 1996?

Did you know that Brian Klugman, the hippie dude named Guy was in the movie Can't Hardly Wait?

Okay, I guess that's enough for now..


Another Season Finale Spoiler:

Julie and Ben are talking about breaking up while Felicity and Ben definitely "share a moment." Things are steaming up for Elena and Dr. McGrath. Noel invites Felicity to come to Berlin with him. And everyone's packing for Summer Break.


Spoilers for season finale May 25th:

Felicity: Felicity Was Here

Felicity must choose between a trip to Europe with Noel and a cross-country trip to California with Ben as summer vacation begins.(TV Guide Online) Summary of May 18th Episode:

Ben gets some financial help from his mom. Also, Ben, Julie, Noel and Felicity decides to take to trip to San Francisco. Meagan practices witchcraft on Felicity. First, she puts a clumsy spell, and then a forgetfullness spell and it seems to work. Nicole, Lynn's girlfriend hits on Ben. He thinks that Julie and him are too serious. Julie gets upset and they break up. Noel, decides not to go on the trip, instead take the summer internship in Berlin. He says he doesn't like the "just friends" thing. Near the end, Ben and Felicity get "closer" and they decide to take the road trip by themselves.


Spoiler for May 18 episode

"The Force".

Meghan practices witchcraft on Felicity; Ben, Noel, Julie and Felicity make plans for a cross-country road trip(Houston Chronicle Online)


Couple of spoilers for ya:

Next week's show:

Ben's in over his head, and not just in the pool. Felicity and Noel are "just friends" well, sort of. Elena and Dr. McGrath share some moments. Felicity's up for a promotion at Dean & DeLucca. And Noel gets a Summer internship in Berlin. (

Connections". Ben won't ask for help when financial problems threaten his academic status; Felicity manages Dean & Deluca while Abby is out of town. (Houston Chronicle online)


Okay.. here's a couple of things for ya:



Noel is unable to pretend nothing happened with Felicity; Sean unwittingly films the pair's feelings in his documentary about college life. (TV Chronolog)


The freshman season of "Felcity" comes to a dramatic conclusion on Tuesday, May 25 (9:00-10:00 p.m.) as the series heroine Felicity Porter (Golden Globe winner Keri Russell) is left to decide between a summer in Europe with Noel (Scott Foley) and a cross-country trip back home with Ben (Scott Speedman)(FanForum)


Two spoilers coming up for ya:

April 20, 1999 episode:

Felicity struggles with her conscience following her fling with Eli, and a friendly game in the dorm turns ugly when Elena decides to win at all costs. (TVGuide Online>

April 27, 1999 episode:

Julie learns the truth about her parentage, but is forced to keep it to herself, while Felicity tries to understand Noel's decision to quit his job and vacate the dorm; and Meghan cleans up her act when her parents come for a visit. (TV Guide Online)


I know, I know.. It's about time, right!

Okay, Felicity will be back next week, and that means... a spoiler:

Felicity and Noel suffer the consequences of their actions towards Hannah and Eli

Julie confronts her "birth mother"

Elena dates a professor

Ben gambles and gets the crap beat out of him

AND, I hear that Ben and Fel may end up together sometime


Wow! Twice in one week! Tangi Miller will be doing an online chat with all her fans Wednesday March 17th at 8 pm EST/5 PST. You can get there by clicking here:Chat with Tangi Miller:


Looks like there will be NO Felicity for another couple of weeks.. Either the last week of March or first of April! Sit tight.. I'll keep you posted!



Okay guys, next week may be a rerun, but this is a spoiler for the next new episode:

Sean's got a crush and Julie's helping him strategize. Ben's hanging more with Lynn than Julie. Richard gives Noel advice on love and women. And Felicity and Noel go gunning for each other. (



"The Fugue".

The arrival of Noel's ex-girlfriend (Jennifer Garner) sends Felicity into the arms of an art student (Simon Rex); Dean & Deluca gets a new manager (Alexandra Wentworth). (TV Guide online)




"Love and Marriage".

Felicity impulsively agrees to marry her Dean & Deluca boss (Ian Gomez) so he can get his green card and stay in the country. (Houston Chronicle Online)


Another spoiler for next week: (editor's note: I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS SPOILER!)

Blair and Tara want their best friend back. Ben's slinging mochas. Julie's birth mom gets the tape. Noel's losing his girlfriend. And Todd Mulcahy has left such an impression on Felicity that she suffers an art attack(

GOSSIP: I heard from someone recently that Noel may leave the show at the end of the season. I don't think there is any truth to that rumor, but I'll let you all know!


Spoiler for next week:

Felicity: Todd Mulcahy, Part 2 (1:00) TV-PG

Todd's presence in New York makes Felicity reconsider her life's direction, and puts a serious crimp in her application for Dr.McGrath's seminar. Chris Sarandon and Stephen Berra guest star.


Okay, now I'm confused! In the TV Guide it says that Felicity is a re-ren next week, but now, on, I read that it's not...So, here's a spoiler. (Just don't be surprised if it's a rerun)

2/2/99 Felicity's got a new admirer, and he's no secret. Elena knows about Blair and Tara. Julie talks to her birth mom. Javier's on a diet. And who the heck is this Todd Mulcahy guy, anyway?


Scott Foley was a guest star in a television show that premiered last week titled "Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane" on the WB network. It was originally titled "Zoe Bean" and Scott was cast as a regular star, but he was cast in Felicity. (Thank God he picked wouldn't be the same without our Noel!)

January 26th episode spoiler: Friends

Blair's got some explaining to do to Elena. Noel: Sensa's boyfriend? Ben helps Julie find her real mother. And Felicity's in the middle of it all. (Felicity Touchstone site)

"Friends". Felicity sees Elena's boyfriend kiss a stranger; Julie finds the address of her birth mother. (Houston Chronicle online)




I actually have a spoiler for you. :-)


Felicity (Keri Russell) delivers shocking news to Noel in an episode with a wonderful script peppered with moments of the series' trademark poignancy as well as refreshing humor. The freshman returns from winter break and prepares Noel (Scott Foley) for urgent news. He fears she wants to end the romantic aspect of their relationship, but the reverse is true: she wants to have sex. Because such a serious endeavor---her first time---can't be taken on willy-nilly, Felicity puts much effort into researching and scheduling the event. Meanwhile, Julie (Amy Jo Johnson) dreads telling Felicity about her new bond with Ben; and Elena wonders how to use a gift from Blair. (TVGUIDE)

Thanks for your patience.. Trust me, I'll have tons of gossip for you pretty soon. Felicity is in reruns right now, so we'll see what happens! The next Felicity is Jan 19 I've heard! :-(