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WebRing is the largest, first and fastest-growing service of its kind on the Internet, providing one of the easiest ways for visitors to navigate the Web.
In each of its tens of thousands of rings, member web sites have banded together to form their sites into linked circles. Their purpose:  to allow more visitors to reach them quickly and easily.
An extraordinary system servicing three primary World Wide Web groups: visitors, member sites and advertiser-merchants, WebRing remains entirely open and free of charge to both visitors and members. As a leading online navigation aid, WebRing is experiencing a growth rate of over 10% monthly. Daily page requests from visitors exceed 500,000; member sites total over 500,000; rings total over 40,000.
The WebRing system can support a nearly unlimited number of separate and distinct rings across the Internet. This unique structure allows the creation and evolution of tens of thousands of different "web communities." Each ring was started and is maintained by an individual website owner.
  Through navigation links found most often at the bottom of member pages, visitors can travel all or any of the sites in a ring. They can move through a ring in either direction, going to the next or previous site, or listing the next five sites in the ring. They can jump to a random site in the ring, or survey all the sites that make up the ring.