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NOTE: This page contains a summary of the basic rules used in the actual game and is not the complete rules for RSA Inline Hockey. Any errors are my responsibility.

For more information on rules see:-

USA Hockey Inline Rules or New Zealand Inline Hockey Rules


NOTE: I have not finished the rules as yet, only up to the "H's".

I will add more as I get time. :-)


A Match Penalty will be imposed on any Player who deliberately attempts to injure any Opponent, Official, Manager, Coach or Trainer in any manner. A substitute shall be allowed after 5 minutes.
A Minor or Major Penalty, at the discretion of the Referee based on the degree of violence of the impact with the boards shall be imposed on any Player who Body Checks, Cross Checks, Charges, or trips an opponent in such a manner that caused the opponent to be thrown violently into the boards.
A Player whose stick is broken may participate in the game provided he/she immediately drops his/her stick. A Minor Penalty shall be imposed for an offense against this rule. A Player may not receive a stick thrown on the floor but must obtain one from the player bench. A Goalie may continue to play with the paddle portion of a broken stick until a stoppage of play or until he/she is legally supplied with one.
A Minor or Major Penalty shall be imposed on a player who runs, jumps into or charges an opponent including the Goalie.
A Minor or Major penalty shall be imposed on a player who Cross-Checks or Butt-Ends an opponent.
NOTE: CROSS-CHECK means a check delivered with both hands on the stick and no part of the stick on the floor.
A Match Penalty shall be imposed on any Player who deliberately injures an opponent in any manner. A substitute shall be allowed after five minutes. All such incidents shall be reported to the appropriate authorities for any further penalties deemed necessary for an offense against this rule.
No Player shall delay the game by deliberately shooting or batting the puck outside the playing area or by deliberately displacing the goals from there normal position. A Minor Penalty shall be imposed for an offense against this rule. A Penalty Shot shall be awarded to the opposing team if on a Breakaway scoring opportunity the goals are deliberately displaced by a player.
A Minor or Major Penalty shall be imposed on a Player who uses his/her elbow or knee in any way to foul an opponent.
Players facing-off will stand facing their opponents end of the rink approximately one stick length apart, with bodies, skates and sticks squarely aligned and with the full blade of the stick on the floor. All other players must be a least 3 metres (10 feet) away from the face-off spot and must be on-side.
During a face-off no player shall make any physical contact with his/her opponents body by means of his/her body or stick except in the course of playing the puck. A Minor Penalty will be imposed for an offense against this rule.
The Referee is under no obligation to wait for players to get to the face-off spot. It is the players responsibility to get there as quickly as possible. If one team is lined up and the other team is procrastinating the Referee can start play by blowing the whistle and putting the puck into play.
NOTE: once a team is in the face-off position, the puck should be put into play within 5 seconds.
A Minor Penalty shall be imposed on any player other than the Goalie who deliberately falls on the puck or gathers a puck to the body. A Minor Penalty shall be imposed on a Goalie who deliberately falls on a puck or gathers it into the body when entirely outside the boundaries of the goal crease area.
A Match Penalty shall be imposed on any player who starts a fight. A Major Penalty shall be imposed on a player who having been struck shall retaliate with a blow or attempted blow. However at the discretion of the Referee, a Match Penalty may be imposed if that player continues the altercation.
NOTE: The Referee is given very wide latitude in the penalties he/she can impose under this rule. This is done to enable him/her to differentiate between the obvious degrees of responsibility of the participants for starting or persisting with the fighting.
A Misconduct or Game Misconduct Penalty shall be imposed on any player involved in fighting off the playing surface.
A goal shall be scored when the puck has passed between the goal posts and is entirely across the goal line. A goal shall be scored if the puck is put into the goal in any way by a player of the defending team. The player of the attacking team who last touched the puck will be awarded the goal. A goal shall not be scored if it is propelled or kicked into the net deliberately by any means other than the stick. If the puck is deflected unintentionally off an attacking player the goal shall be awarded. When a player scores a goal, an assist shall be credited to the player who made the pass leading to a direct goal in the offensive zone; also when manning the puck leading to a breakaway.
If a player except the goalie, closes his/her hand intentionally on the puck, the play shall be stopped and a Minor Penalty imposed on him/her. A goalie who holds the puck with his/her hands for longer than 3 seconds shall be give a Minor Penalty if no attacking players are in the immediate vicinity. If a player picks up the puck in the goal crease a Penalty Shot shall be awarded to the non-offending team. A player is permitted to 'bat' the puck in the air with the open hand or push it along the floor unless in the opinion of the Referee it was deliberately directed to a team mate, in which case play shall be stopped and the puck faced-off at the spot where the offense occurred.
The carrying of sticks above normal shoulder height is prohibited, and at the discretion of the Referee, a Minor Penalty may be imposed. A goal scored from a stick so carried shall not be allowed, except by a player of the defending team. If a player carries or holds any part of the stick above shoulder height so that injury to the face or head


Penalties are actual playing time (not stoppages) and are divided into the following classes.

1) Minor Penalties

2) Bench Minor Penalties

3) Major Penalties

4) Misconduct Penalties

5) Match Penalties

6) Penalty Shots

For Minor Penalties the player committing the offense will be ruled off the floor for two minutes.
A Bench Minor involves the removal from the floor a player from the team against which the penalty has been awarded for a period of two minutes. Any player on the team may be selected by the Coach or Manager to serve the penalty.
If a team is short-handed while serving a Minor or Bench Minor Penalty and the opposing team scores a goal the penalty shall terminate. NOTE: If multiple penalties are being served only the first is terminated.
For the first Major Penalty in a game the offending player will be ruled off the floor for five minutes. NOTE: A goal scored by the opposing team does not terminate this penalty.
For the second Major Penalty in the same game by the same player, the player will serve a five minute Major Penalty and an automatic Game Misconduct Penalty. One player from the offending team must be placed on the penalty bench to serve the five minutes.
When a Major Penalty is imposed on an equal number of players from each team, the penalized players should take their places on the penalty bench. Immediate substitutions can be made for the penalized players. The penalized players shall not return to the floor till the first stoppage of play after the penalty time has expired.
A Misconduct Penalty against any player will result in removal from the floor for ten minutes. A substitute player is permitted to immediately replace the offending player. A player whose Misconduct Penalty has expired cannot return to the floor till the first stoppage in play.
A Game Misconduct Penalty will result in the player being suspended from the remainder of the game but an immediate substitute is allowed. A 'Game Misconduct Penalty shall result in an automatic one game suspension. (Immediate next game).
A second Game Misconduct Penalty in a tournament will result in the player being suspended from the tournament. NOTE: All Game Misconduct Penalties will result in ten minutes being shown on the score sheet against the offending player.
A Match Penalty will result in the offending player being removed from the game and ordered to the dressing room. A substitute player, selected by the Coach/Manager is to be placed in the penalty box to serve a five minute penalty. A Match Penalty will disqualify the offending player from the remainder of a tournament.
A player incurring a Match Penalty will be promptly investigated by the proper authorities who have full power to impose further penalty. NOTE: For all Match Penalties a total of ten minutes will be charged on the records against the offending player.
The Penalty Shot will be taken as follows: The Referee shall place the puck on the center face-off spot. The player to take the Penalty Shot will, on the Referee's whistle, play the puck from there and attempt to score. The goalkeeper must stay in the crease until the Referee sounds the whistle. The player taking the shot must keep the puck in motion in the direction of the opponents goal line and once the shot is taken the play shall bee considered complete. No goal can be scored on a rebound of any kind.
The goalkeeper may attempt to in any manner except by throwing his/her stick or any other object,in which case a goal will be awarded. If a goal is scored from a penalty shot the puck will be faced-off from the center spot in the usual way. If no goal is scored the face-off will be from either spot in the zone in which the penalty shot was awarded.
Should a goal be scored from a penalty shot, no further penalty shall be applied to the offending player unless the