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Updated 17th April 2001

Tuesday April 17th Just a small update today. I did thelast update on another computer and didn't realise that it made all the images dissapear....sorry about that. Lance has also told me I had made an error in the Open B division Stats and points table. I gave the Pretenders a loss in the first round when they actually had a win. The points have now been adjusted. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks Lance. GOOD LUCK to all the Newcastle players trveling to Cairns on the 24th April to play in the Oceania games.

Tuesday March 20th I have finally been able to get the player statistics online. I have only been asked to keep the stats for the Senior part of the club. I will approach the Junior commitee to see if I can have access to the Junior score sheets. The Stats are, unfortunately, not very accurate again this year as we have a number of new people doing the cscoring. IOf you want you statistics kept correctly then make sure you give your number to the scorers each week.

Newcastle is hosting an inter club league this weekend. The Draw is now online.

Friday 2nd March 2001 At Last I have some information from the club! The draw for the next few weeks is no online. There have been a number of changes affecting the club this year. The club has been split into Junior and Senior division with a seperate committee running each division. The divisions have been renamed. We now have 12& Under, 14& Under etc instead of the old system of Under 13, Under 15 etc. I believe the cutoff dates remain the same.
We have had a drop in the number of players this year, partly due to the new Ice Skating rink opening late last year. The Hunter Ice Skating Stadium's web site can be found at Ice Hockey has really taken off in Newcastle with over 300 players currently training with the season commencing in April.
Due to the lower numbers at Newcastle Inline there is no 16& Under or 18& Under divisions. Any player in these age groups must play in the Senior A or B divisions.
In the senior divisions there have been a number of changes among the teams with players changeing teams to build stronger teams. I am again compiling the Stats for the Senior club and should have them online in the next few days.
INTER-CLUB LEAGUE will be held in Newcastle on the 27th and 28th of March. If you wish to play in this league place your name on the list with the committee.
STATE TITLES SELECTIONS will be held at SKATELINE on the following dates.
12&U Sunday 4th March at 6.45pm to 8.00pm.
14&U Sunday 4th March at 6.45pm to 8.00pm.
16&U Sunday 4th March at 8.00pm to 9.15pm.
18&U Sunday 4th March at 8.00pm to 9.15pm.
20&U Thursday 8th March at 9.15pm to 10.30pm.
Seniors Thursday 8th March at 9.15pm to 10.30pm.
Junior Ladies Sunday 11th March at 6.45pm to 8.00pm.
Ladies Sunday 11th March at 6.45pm to 8.00pm.
Masters will not be having selections.
If any player wishes to be selected and has a valid reason for not attending the selections please advise the club IN WRITING that you would like to be considered for selection.

Friday 10th November All Statistics have been updated today. Only one round of the season left before the semi finals begin. The points spread in most divisions is fairly close and next weeks games will be very important for some teams. If you use the site regularly, please let me know via email or sign the guest book.
Friday 3rd November Once again I must appoligise for not updating the site more often. The Results, Points Table, Draw and Statistics are up to date.
Saturday 12th August I have added a link from the Menu Bar at left directly to the new Statistics Page. This Page shows the Statistics for each Team, Player and Goalie. The Draw for the next few weeks is also now online. I have added a few new links to the LINKS page, including a link to Bendigo Lightning which is another RSA club in Victoria.
Wednesday 2nd August 2000. Oops!! The draw for week 2 I had originally posted was incorrect. The new draw is now online.
The Summer Season started last weekend. Several teams have had player changes with a few new players starting and some of the more skilled players joining together to make stronger teams. We have once again split the Under 13's into A and B divisions due to the large number of players and the large differences in skill level.
I have added a few new features to the web site. In the POINTS TABLE I have added the number of games played, wins, losses, shots for and against, goals for and against and penalty minutes served by each team. From the RESULTS page there are links to Player and Goalie statistics showing goals, assists and Penalty minutes for each player. For goalie there are shots, goals, saves, ratio and % saved.
Tuesday July 25th. The draw for the first 2 rounds of the Summer competition are now available. I have received the results from the Finals and the MVP points at last. I will post them in the next day or 2. There have been several changes to some of the teams and we hope this will make for a better level of competition. Unfortunately we have had to cancel our Super 4's competition due to a number of reasons.

Tuesday 16th June The NSW State titles held over the long weekend where a great success. All teams attending have improved a great deal in the last 12 months. It was good to catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones. Check the STATE TITLES page for results of all games and the Medals awarded. The State teams have been selected and are available HERE. The Masters team has not been finalised yet due to players not eligible to play in Masters and Open teams( All other age groups are allowed to play their own division plus the one above, but not the Masters/Seniors). There is also a new division being introduced this year. The Junior Ladies is open to female players under the age of 17. Hopefully we will be able to field a team in this division.

The DRAW for the club's semi finals is also available. Sorry it is a bit late but I have had some computer problems. Good luck to all teams.

Make sure you have registered your TEAM for the Summer Tournament. Team applications close: Friday 14th July.REGISTRATION DAY:Sunday 23rd July, 9.00pm - 12.00pm, Skateline

Sunday 4th June The Results and Points table have been updated with week 10 results. Only 1 more week of competition before the semi finals. State titles are next weekend. Good luck to all players.

Friday 2nd June The DRAW for the NSW State Titles has been altered (again!). There are only a couple of changes with 2 games swapped on Friday morning and 2 on Sunday.

I have also added a Statistics page for the Super 4's competition. This page has the stats for each player including Goals, Assists, Penalty Minutes etc. For the Goalies there are Shots, Goals Saved Percentage etc. I hope to add statistics for all club competitions in the near future.

Tuesday May30th. The State Titles draw has been changed due to some minor problems. You can see the FINAL draw here. DRAW for the NSW State Titles. We have a new club playing at the State Titles. Great Western are from the Mt Druitt area in Sydney. They have entered an Under 15's team and I believe a few of Skatel's Masters team are from Great Western.
Thursday May 25th. The DRAW for the NSW State Titles has been posted. This draw is hopefully the final draw but may be changed if any problems arise. More links added. I am trying to create the most comprehesive list of AUSTRALIAN Inline Hockey sites on the net so if you know of any sites please let me know.
Tuesday 23rd May. 23 New links added to LINKS page. Here are a couple of new sites. Southern District Inline Hockey Club. A sister club south of Freemantle West Australia. Forwood Productions. Rex Forwood has an excellent video from Tropical Challenge ’99. This is an AILHA comp. held at Coolangatta each year. Some great Aussie Inline Hockey footage. I have also added a new page to the Gallery. These are: photos from Newcastle's Inter-Club League held on May 13-14 2000. Photos from Oceania Games held in Auckland NZ in April 2000.

Monday 15th May Updates: Results Page and Points Table Updated with round 8 results.The DRAW has been updated to the end of the season.
Newcastle hosted an Inter-Club league on the weekend (May 13-14) with teams from Armidale, Tamworth and Newcastle attending. Some excellent games of hockey wher played on the weekend and everyone had a great time. The Under 15's ended with newcastle and Armidale winning 3 games each and meeting each other in a final. The final was very fast and furious with the score at 3-3 at the end of the game. A period of 'sudden death' followed with Newcastle scoreing in the final 40 seconds to take out the Gold medal. For the results of all games see the State League page. I will add some photos from the league as I get them developed.
7th May 2000 I have added a Photo of the Under 18's Ausralian Team to the GALLERY page. Also added many new links from the LINKS page. I have just about finished giving the site an overhaul and I hope it is easier to navigate now. If you find any Broken Links or have any suggestions please EMAIL me or leave a message in the GUEST BOOK.
Newcastle Inter-Club league is on next weekend, May . Good luck to all teams.
6th May 2000 Congratulations to all our players who made the trip to New Zealand for the Oceania games. Due to an error by RSA administration the Australian and New Zealand Teams used different dates as the cut off point for each division. This resulted in our players having to play against older players. Australia's teams all played well and were a bit overwhelmed by the very aggressive and physical game played by New Zealand. Special congratulations to the Ladies team. After 4 games the score was 2-2 so the final game was very hard fought (The game of the week according to those who were there). At the end of normal tyime the score was 4-4. No score was added during sudden death overtime and a penalty shoot-out resulted. New Zealand put 2 in the net to Australia's 1. WELL DONE LADIES.
Congratulations to all Australian players.
Congratulations and thank you to NEW ZEALAND for hosting this event.
I have continued to update the site adding a calender to the Tournaments page and more photos to the GALLERY page. Links Page Has been updated with Dead links removed and several new links added. If you know of any good sites let me know and I will add a link.
5th May2000 Most pages have been updated today, though some changes are only minor. I am trying to make the site easier to navigate and information easier to find. I have added a number of new pages to the site to help organise it a little better. The ARCHIVES page will have links to older web pages, mostly from past events such as State Titles etc from previous years. TheGALLERY page will have links to all the photos on the site so they can all be accessed from one page. The new TOURNAMENTS page which will list all upcoming events for Newcastle Inline Hockey and hopefully all RSA Inline Hockey events. These new pages are all still under construction. I am also making a page for our new "Super 4's" Competition which will have the draw, results etc for this competition. Any suggestions are welcome. There are a few upcoming events over the next 4-6 weeks. Details are available on the new Tournaments page. Upcoming events are: Newcastle Inter-Club League, including the DRAW, May 13-14; Trials for Sate Titles May 21st; State Titles 2000, June 9-12 at Newcastle.

Friday March 17th The new season is well and truly under way with round 3 just finishing. There have been some great games and it is good to see the improvement in those players who attended training ove the Xmas holidays. The new format in the Under 17's division seems to be working with some very close games being played. It is good to see some of the more experienced players helping out thier less experienced team mates. The DRAW is online (as far as round 8) and a new RESULTS page has been added.
13 Players from Newcastle are to represent Australia in New Zealand in April.
Congratulations to:
Under 14's: Jacob Goodridge, James Nilsson.
Under 16's: Mitchell Kilby.
Under 18's Jamie Roach, Benn Giles, Shane Penman.
Open's: Fred Stevensen, Steven Lindsay.
Masters: Don Champagne, Mike Ledger, Fred Stevensen, Steven Lindsay.
Ladies: Georgia Herbert.
Don Champagne has been selected to coach the Under 18's and Fred Stevensen the Under 14's.

Kevin's Hockey Klinic

Run by Kenin Price this clinic runs on Wednesday evenings from 7 -9pm and is for Under 15's thru to Open 'B'. Cost is $5 and bring your own puck. All protective gear must be worn.

Newcastle will be hosting an Inter-Club League on the 13-14th May. If you wish to play you must place your name on the list with the seceratary.
A Referee's and Coaches course conducted by Ron McColl and Tony Booby will be held on April 1st & 2nd. Cost and details soon.

Monday February 28th. During the Xmas break there a few coaching camps and clinics on and they were all very well attended. The usual die hard fanatics trained almost every week, only missing a week or two over xmas. Teams from Taree (U13 and Masters) travelled to Newcastle for a friendly game last weekend and everyone enjoyed themselves. One player from Taree is coming to Newcastle each weekend to play in the local competition.
Eleven players from Newcastle will travel to New Zealand in April to represent Australia in the Oceania Games. I'll post a list when I have it. Congratulations to these players.
Well the new season has started and some very good games played in the first round of the Junior comp. There have been a few players change teams to play with friends etc as well as many new faces. The draw has been updated with the first 2 rounds and I'll add more as I get time. The Under 17's division has been drafted this year to try to make a more even competition. 4 Team leaders have been selected (Andrew Fulton, Andre Pyers, Benn Giles and Jamie Roach) They each took turns in choosing a player until all intertested players where chosen. The Draw for U17 should be out soon and I will have it online as soon as I have it.

Friday February 11; Don't forget Registration day Sunday 20th Feb, 10am-1pm. Teams from Taree will be traveling to Newcastle on Rego day to play some friendly games against some Newcastle Teams.
Queens Birthday Long weekend, June 9-12th. NSW State Titles, Hawksbury Indoor Stadium.
September 24th - 30th 2000. RSA Australian National Championships, Melbourne.
Oceanias, New Zealand: Teams have been finalized (at last) and notification was to be sent out on Friday 11th February, so everyone should finally know if they will be going by early next week. GOOD LUCK!
I have moved all the older links to such things as '1998 state titles' to the new ARCHIVES page.

Monday January 10th Well the new season is about to begin. I hope everyone had a great Xmas and are all ready to get back into Hockey.

There are a few things happening that club members should be aware of. Firstly there is a Newsletter from the club Secratary then a couple of Hockey Clinics happening to sharpen your skills before the season begins. All the Registration Dates etc are in the following............


The year 2000 has finally arrived and we look forward to a new and exciting year of Hockey. There are a couple of reminders that we need to bring to your attention before the Winter Tournament 2000 begins.

Firstly there are a number of Inline Hockey Training Camps and Sessions occurring at the moment. Skateline has organized these but Newcastle Inline Hockey is keen to encourage anyone wishing to improve their Hockey skills. Please make the effort to support these Coaches.

The special training sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday Night for the Beginncrs will commence again once Fred Stevenson as returned from Holidays A flyer will be sent out concerning those times.
Registration Day is Sunday 20th February between 10.00am and I2.00pm. at Skateline. There will be a second Registration Evening o Tuesday 22nd February between 7.00pm and 9.00pm.

Registration Fees will be:

Under 11's $120 plus $2. GST (Sorry!!)

Other Divisions $130 plus $2. GST

Over 18 years $140 plus $2.50 GST

All Registration Fees Must be paid on Registration Day.

The 2000 Winter Tournament will commence on Saturday 26th February.

All Team Nominations and Individual Applications close on Friday 4th February.

All teams will be subject to the approval of The Newcastle Inline Hockey Committee

The "Super 4's" will commence at the end of March. Please get your applications to the Club Secretary if you wish to be considered for this Tournament. Nominations close Friday 17th March for both Junior and Open "Super 4's". Shirts have already been ordered and will be hired to all participants. ($15 for the season with a $10 refund).

The Secretary, Newcastle Inline Hockey Inc 23 Sedgewick Ave.
Edgeworth, NSW 2285. Phone 49587101 Fax 49582332


This Inline Hockey Camp is proudly sponsored by Skateline Proshop and Mission Roller Hockey and has he support of Newcastle Inline Hockey

Coaching conducted by: David Mann
Awarded Highest Points' and 'Most Valuable Forward' in the 1999 World Cup Qualifications.
Has coached National Women's and Youth Teams in both Ice and Inline Hockey.
Camp Cost: $50
Includes: Four hours on rink coaching
Three hours off rink instruction, Skills analysis
Mission T-shirt, Drink Bottle,
Key-rings & Stickers

Sign up with Monique at the Skateline Pro Shop
Phone 49529777 Business and Skate Session hours

Intermediate Players Session One Saturday 15th January
(Local Club Level) 8.30am to 1.00pm
Session Two Sunday 16th January
8.30am to 1.00pm

Senior Players Session One Saturday 15th January
(Stale or National Level) 3.l5pm to 6.45pm
Session Two Sunday 16th January
6.00pm to 8.00pm

All Coaching Sessions held at Skateline

Kevins Inline Hockey Klinic


Kevin's Hockey Klinic is organised by Skateline and endorsed by Newcastle Inline Hockey.

Kevin Price is an "RSA" Accredited Coach and has Coached Teams at a National Level.
Coaching Times: Every Monday Evening 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Commencing immediately - Bring a Puck!
Open to: Under 15's to Open "B"
Cost: $5 per session

Just Turn Up Ready to Train!!!


WEDNESDAY December 8th A Grade: The Dishwashers beat the North Stars in a very close game last night. The game went into the second period of overtime finishing 5-4. The older more experienced North Stars have lost the last 2 seasons to the younger and fitter players. Eqinox beat out the Coyotes for the minor placing.

In the B Grade the Mighty Dads defeated the Hockeyholics in another very close game. The Dads managed to put one away in after about 7 minutes of extra time. Not a bad achievment for a bunch of dads, most of them have only been skating for 2-3 years, some playing their first season. All the 15 years olds from the Hockeyholics were in shock..........and we willl never let them forget :-). The Dads have won the silver medal for the last 3 seasons so the gold is well deserved this time around. The Fannys (Ladies Team) beat minor premiers Team EMS 8-4 for the minor placing.

I will have a full report on the Junior divisions in a day or 2.

Wednesday 1st December Once again I am sorry for not keeping the site up to date (especially at the pointy end of the season) someone has gained access to the site and changed my password. The problem has now been fixed.

The Final round of the State leagues was a great success. Newcastle won gold medals for Masters, Seniors, Ladies and Under 19s. The Under 17s won silver and Under 15s and Under 13s won bronze medals.

The Local Competition is coming to an end with all Semi Finals being played this week.The U11s will see the Hot Wheels face the Barbarians for 1st place and the Deadly Ducks play the Hawks for 3rd place. In the U13s B div. the Warriors face The Jets for 3rd place while the Maitland Rollers face off against The Pythons for the Gold medal. In the U13s A Division no Surprises that the Roller Rats will be in the final, facing off against the Super Pucks who beat out the Blackhawks in a very closly played Semi. The Blackhawks will face the Rockets for the bronze medal game. The Rockets have had a very good season to make it into the playoffs as all members of the team are at the younger end of the age group and beat out teams of older/bigger players. They will be a team to watch next season as the older players move into the Under 15's division.

In the Under 15s , again no surprise that the Supercats are into the final. They will be facing the Blade Runners who beat Team eXtreme in the Semi. Team Extreme let themselves down by not playing as a team being beaten by a team of younger players who held it together and proved that team play will beat a team of 'stars' who wont pass the puck. Team EXtreme will face the Storm Crushers for the bronze medal game.

The Under 17s sermi-finals will be played tomorrow night(Thurs Dec 2nd).

The Open B division (our fastest growing division) finals should be some good games with the Mighty Dads finishing 4th and beating 1st placed Team EMS in a close semi-final winning 5-4.The Dads will face The (young guns) HockeyHolics in the final with EMS playing Fannys for 3rd place. GO THE MIGHTY DADS.

The Open A division final will see the more experienced North Stars against the younger (and fitter) Dishwashers in the gold medal game. Eqinox will play the Coyotes for the minor placings.


Final round NSW State Leagues: 20th -21st November 1999, Skateline Newcastle.

This will be the final league for 1999 with teams from Shoalhaven, Hawksbury, Armidale and Tamworth traveling to Newcastle to compete. See PRESS RELEASE.

Wednesday November 3rd Once again I must appoligise for the HUGE delay in updating the site. The RSA 1999 Australian Inline Hockey National Titles where held at Cararra on the Gold Coast in September. NSW had there most successful National Tournament on record bringing home one gold, three silver and three bronze medals. The Masters brought home the Gold, with Silver going to the Ladies, Under 17's and Under 15's, and Bronze for the Open Men's Under 19's and Under 13's. This was the first time in which New South Wales have won a medal in every age division. Of the 93 New South Wales representative players, 41 were from our own Newcastle club.

A number of players were selected at these Nationals to represent Australia at the upcoming Oceania Tournament in Auckland, New Zealsnd from the 17th to the 23rd of April next year. The Players for this squad from Newcastle are:

Masters: Steven Lindsay, Don Champaign, Fred Stevenson, Kevin Price, Mike Leger.

Ladies: Sarah Lawty, Michelle Fulton, Georgia Herbert.

Open Men's: David Fulton, Steven Lindsay, Domonic Quinn, Fred Stevenson.

Under 19's: Domonic Quinn, David Fulton, Adam Forbes.

Under 17's: Josh Hartley, Adam Forbes, Shane Penman, Chris Kelly.

Under 15's: Jamie Roach, Elijah Speelman, Benn Giles, Aaron Dodds,Tien Wooi.

Under 13's: Matthew Lerch, Mitchell Kilby, James Nilsson, Rhys Giles.

Congratulations to all these players!

Sunday August 1st The Draw for the Summer comp is online. All the State teams have been busy training for the last few weeks with players traveling from Armidale, Tamworth, Sydney, Gosford and Shoalhaven to Newcastle to train. Don't forget to register for the second round of the NORTERN LEAGUE at ARMIDALE on the 21st and 22nd of August.

Tuesday 20th July I really must apologize for not keeping the site up to date. I have been waiting to get the results from the Semi-Finals and Finals from the club secretary and will post them as soon as I get them. The new season will start with registration days on Sunday1-Aug from 9am and Tuesday 3-Aug from 7pm with games commencing the following week.

May 13th 1999: Newcastle has been very busy preparing for the 1999 NSW State Titles. We have entered 2 teams in the Under 13 and Under 15 divisions and 1 team each in Under 17, Under 19, Ladies, Open and Masters divisions. We will be competing against teams from Armidale, Tamworth, Shoalhaven and the Hawksbury Jets.

On Tuesday 5th May TEAM TOUR travelled from Sydney to play against the best of Newcastle's Seniors and Ladies teams. Both games were very hard fought with the Ladies losing to Team Tour Ladies 5-3. The Senior game was very exciting with Newcastle scoring twice in the first 2 minutes and then going goal for goal. TEAM TOUR being the eventual winners 10-8.

The draw has been updated with the Under 13 division being split into 'A' and 'B' divisions due to the large number of teams in this age group.

April 24th: The 1st round of the NORTHERN LEAGUE was held in Tamworth on the weekend of 17-18 April. Teams from Newcastle, Armidale and Tamworth attended with some excellent games of hockey being played. Thanks to all the Tamworth club members who made the weekend a great time for all. Thanks also to the referees and other officials for their hard work.

The most exciting game of the weekend was the Under 13 final between Newcastle and Armidale. The game was tied 4-4 at full time and after 5 minutes of 'sudden death' overtime the score was still even. Matthew Lerch scored a goal for Newcastle with 6 seconds remaining in the second overtime period.

The results of all divisions are :

 Under 13 Newcastle Armidale Tamworth
 Under 15  Newcastle Armidale Tamworth
Under 17 Armidale Tamworth  
 Under 19 Newcastle Armidale Tamworth
 Ladies  Newcastle Tamworth  
 Opens  Newcastle  Armidale  Tamworth
 Masters  Newcastle  Armidale  

The next event on the NSW Inline hockey calender is the NSW STATE TITLES at Hawksbury Indoor Stadium, June 12-14 '99.

April 21st:The 1st round of the state leagues was held at SKATEWAY, in Shoalhaven on the 10-11th April. Newcastle sent teams in U13, U15, U17 and Open divisions. We had a great weekend thanks to much work from the Shoalhaven club. The results are as follows:






















Friday March 19th: The first round of the State League (southern) will be held at Shoalhaven rink on the 10-11 April. Newcastle will be sending teams in Under 13, Under 15 Under 17 and Seniors.

NEWS 17th Feb 99: Club registration days will be held on

Sunday 21st February from 10.00am - 1.00pm and Tuesday evening

23rd February from 7.00pm - 9.00pm.

Games will commence the following weekend (Saturday 27th). Games will be held

on Saturday afternoons, 4.30 - 6.00pm, Sunday Mornings 8.45am - 1.30pm for Juniors. The

Seniors will play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7.00 - 10.00pm. Please remember to

be ready to play on time as games WILL begin on time.

The club is continuing to grow with many new players starting this season. We have also bought some new gear for the

club, (7 new helmets and some Junior Goalie gear) and a number of second hand helmets.

I apologize for not keeping the web site up to date but I need a holiday too. :-)

As the new season gets under way I will try to keep the info up to date.


National Titles: Perth '98

Congratulations to the 35 Newcastle players who represented New South Wales

at the 1998 Australian National Inline Hockey Championships in Perth. A great improvement

this year for NSW. With teams in 7 age divisions NSW won 5 medals,( 1 gold, 3 silver and 1

bronze). This is the best achievement by any NSW teams so far.

At the Nationals players were selected to be part of the Australian squad which will represent

our country at any International Inline Hockey events in 1999. Twenty

players from Newcastle were selected for this squad, these being:

Under 13's Thomas Jones: Under 15's Chris Kelly, Josh Hartley, Adam Forbes,

Andrew Pyers, Sebastion Jarvie, Jamie Roach: Under 17's Steven Mogford:

Under 19's David Fulton: Seniors Kevin Price, Fred Stevenson, Steven Lindsay:

Ladies Kezia Jordan, Sarah Lawty, Michelle Fulton, Jenny Adams:

Masters Don Champaigne, Lance Nilsson, Rodney Roach, Todd Whetton.

Congratulations to all these players and to all NSW players for a fine effort in Perth.

I would like to start some player or team pages on the site so if you can make a page about yourself or your

team I would be happy to post it on these pages. Any photos or stories about your team are also welcome.


Any Teams interested in going to the BRITAIN OLYMPICS in September 2000?

Airfares will be around $800 return.

I will post more info as it comes in.

Please Note! There has been a change of venue for the 1998 Nationals.

The new venue is "The Speed Dome" at Midlands.

This is a lot closer to Perth than the original venue.













August 24-30 '97 Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium


1st. West Australia

2nd. Queensland

3rd. New South Wales



1st. Queensland

2nd. New South Wales



1st. Queensland

2nd. West Australia

3rd. New South Wales



1st. Queensland

2nd. West Australia

3rd. Victoria



1st. West Australia

2nd. Queensland

3rd. New South Wales

Congratulations to all teams who played and good luck for the '98 Championships.