As Agent Topolsky looks around the dome, Sheriff Valenti wakes up. He sees her and pretends to still be knocked out. Liz discovers a tunnel that leads the group outside. Before leaving Max and Michael grab a box of files and Isabelle nabs a pendant. Agent Topolsky finds the tunnel and exits to see the group drive away in the jeep.

Later at school Maria can't stop talking about Michael to Liz and Michael can't stop talking about Maria to Max and Isabelle. They refuse to admit they have feelings for one another, yet each admit the other gives off vibes.

Max and Isabelle return home after school and find their home surrounded by police cars. Their house has been burglarized. They race to check Max's room and find the file box is gone. Sheriff Valenti finds it strange that Isabelle would check out her brother's room before her own. Their mother chastises the Sheriff for interrogating her children when their family has been victimized. Isabelle checks her room and is startled to find the Native American officer in her room. He tells her he's just there to get a statement for the investigation. He notices the pendant on the necklace and asks where she got it. Isabelle lies and tells him she bought it at the mall. He tells her he last saw it on the reservation he grew up on.

Isabelle shows the pendant to Max after she asks him to draw a symbol from their childhood. Isabelle shows Max a photo taken of them drawing the symbol together on the beach. It's the same symbol as the one Max has just drawn on a piece of paper. Liz, Max, Isabelle,Michael and Maria meet to discuss the stolen files and how they've noticed they're constantly being followed. Michael notices the pendant and says it's familiar to him. Isabelle tells them about the reservation. Later Liz visits Max and tells him she's going to the reservation. Max saved her life , risking his own , Isabelle's and Michael's if the truth is discovered. She wants to help them find out any information that might help them find out where they came from. Max doesn't want her to go. Liz tells him she didn't come to ask permission and if he doesn't give her the pendant she'll just draw it. Max reluctantly gives her the pendant.

Liz goes to the reservation. She's approached by a woman who tries to sell her a bracelet. Liz shows her the pendant. The woman has no idea what the symbol means. Liz is startled by a man who grabs hold of the pendant. Liz tightens her grip. He asks her where she got it. Liz says she found it. She asks what it means to him. He warns her that the symbol is dangerous - it brings death.

Liz is working at the Crashdown. The Native American man, River Dog, has sent a messenger to give Liz a piece of the pendant that had broken off years before. He tells her to come alone to the reservation tomorrow at 10pm.

Isabelle and Michael drop Max off at a movie theatre to meet Liz. They appear to be going to a movie in effort to throw off people who've been following them. Liz and Max go inside. Michael and Isabelle speed off and Agent Topolsky follows them. They lose her and she gets pulled over by Sheriff Valenti for speeding , running through red lights and stop signs. Max and Liz sneak out behind the movie theatre in the alley where they wait for Maria. Maria gets out of the car and Liz and Max get in and drive to the reservation. Maria, Isabelle and Michael go to the Crashdown where they wait for Max and Liz to return. Maria, Isabelle and Michael are worried after Max and Liz are gone over an hour. Michael and Isabelle have chocolate cake with tabasco sauce. Maria wonders what's up with the weird combo. Isabelle explains that they all have a thing for extremely sweet/spicy combos. Maria says she'll have to keep that in mind. Isabelle notices that Michael and Maria have been giving one another looks and flirting. She leaves. Maria is driving Michael crazy dumping sugar into one container and then dumping it back. She tells him he should be doing or saying things to calm her down and ease her worries about Liz and Max. He kisses her and tells her it was only to calm her down.

The messenger is upset that Liz has brought Max with her. He leads them to a cave in the woods and leaves. Liz and Max find River Dog in the cave. Max passes River Dog's test by causing an object to glow. He says the man the pendant belonged to said someone would come there. The mysterious man had given the pendant to the author of the book Among Us - the same man who once lived in the dome they visited in Texas. River Dog tells them the man killed the writer. Max suggests the man was probably defending himself afraid the author, a UFO enthusiast would expose him. River Dog says he was too far away to see what happened. He tells them that was the last time he saw the man, back in November of 1959. There are written messages/drawings on the wall. Max says they're familiar to him, but he doesn't know what they mean. He asks if they can ever return to the reservation. River Dog says he's fulfilled his promise to the man and there isn't anymore information he can give them. River Dog acknowledges that Liz is not 'one of them'. He advises her to be certain that Max is worthy of her trust. Max and Liz leave hand in hand.








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