Michael breaks into the UFO Center to get info on the dome that appears in recurring visions. He prints out info and shoves it into the inside pocket of his jacket before being arrested. Max goes down to the police station and asks his boss not to press charges against Michael. His boss agrees. The arresting police officer photo copied Michael's printout of the dome in Marathon, Texas. He gives it to Sheriff Valenti.

Michael tells Max and Isabelle that he wants to go to Marathon. He asks for the keys to their jeep. Max and Isabelle would rather wait until they find out more information about it. Maria has to deliver a package for her mother. Michael asks for a ride so he can get to the highway. When Maria gets out of the car to collect the COD from the customer, Michael begins to drive off. Maria jumps in front of the car to stop him. She accuses him of stealing her car - actually her mother's car. Michael says he's just borrowing the car. Maria gets in the car and tells him that if anything happened to the car life as she knows it would be over, so she goes wherever the car goes. Michael drives off. Maria freaks saying he's kidnaping/abducting her. Maria calls Liz on her cell phone. Michael is unaware that the phone is in Maria's open bag. Maria starts talking about how it feels strange being in the car with Michael heading south on 285. Michael becomes suspicious and notices the phone. He tosses it out of the window. Isabelle hears Liz's 'conversation' with Maria.

Max,Liz and Isabelle leave the Crashdown and pile into the jeep and head south on 285 to go after Michael and Maria. An agent calls the under cover agent posing as the guidence counselor and tells them Parker and the Evans kids just left in a hurry. She tells the agen to follow them.

Maria warns Michael not to drive over 80 mph because the engine can't handle it. They get pulled over for speeding. The officer lets them go with a warning because Maria lies and says they were speeding because she has to pee. Later the car breaks down. Michael attempts to repair it with his powers, but only fries the engine. They reluctantly get a room at a motel down the road.

Kyle calls Liz on her cell phone. He tells her he'd like to return her history book that she left at the Crashdown that afternoon. Liz tells Kyle he can return the book in school tomorrow. He hears a truck and asks if she's at Maria's. Liz tells him it was just the television. Kyle hangs up with Liz and heads south on 285. Max, Isabelle, and Liz encounter a road block. They notice Maria's car and find Michael and Maria in the Motel room. Kyle shows up and Michael tells him to get out. Kyle asks if Michael is afraid he'll find out what they're doing out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. Michael tosses Kyle across the room. A scared kyle leaves.

The next morning Max,Liz, Isabelle, Michael and Maria arrive at the dome and go inside. The place is deserted. They find a secret entrance to a lower level. They hear someone walking above them. They are unaware that it's the Sheriff. He looks around and out of nowhere the under cover guidence counselor/agent knocks him out. He falls to the floor. Max, Liz, Isabelle, Michael and Maria look up at the ceiling in horror.