Liz's journal containing explicit details about the night she was shot and how Max saved her life is missing. She doesn't know if she's misplaced it or if someone has stolen it. She tells Maria who advises her not to tell Max. Liz wants to be honest with Max so she tells him about the missing journal. She asks him not to tell Isabelle or Michael.

Liz's ex-boyfriend Kyle is still angry that Liz broke up with him. He thinks Liz and Max are a couple. Liz tells him that she and Max are just friends.

Later, Kyle tells Max that he's 'on to him' which causes Max to believe Kyle stole Liz's journal. Max stops by Liz's house to tell her he thinks Kyle stole it. Liz doesn't want to believe it. Max looks around Liz's room. He comes across a cd that triggers a vision of Kyle in Liz's room. He explains to Liz that he just had a flash of Kyle. He had apparently stopped by to leave a cd for Liz. They go to Kyle's house. The house is empty, but the door is unlocked. They go inside and search Kyle's room. Kyle comes home. Max and Liz sneak out back.

The so-called guidence counselor turns out to be an undercover agent. She's anxious to get her hands on the journal believing it could lead to info on UFOs.

Michael stops by the restaurant to return the journal. He only wanted to read what liz had been writing about them and he wanted to know if they could really trust her with their secret. He tells her that she's given him more reasons to envy Max. He asks her not to tell Max that he took the journal.

Everyone is relieved that Liz's journal is safe.

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