In his ongoing quest to uncover the truth, Sheriff Valenti wants to meet with Maria. Isabelle invades Maria's dreams to find out how she really feels knowing they are aliens. Maria dreams the aliens are green terrifying monsters. Isabelle doesn't think Maria can be trusted to keep their secret when she meets with the sheriff.

Liz attempts to coach Maria before her meeting with Sheriff Valenti. Although Maria is a nervous wreck, she assures Liz she'll be able to handle herself with the sheriff.

Max gets a job as an assistant at a tourist site called the UFO Center. His boss is determined to find aliens. Max is interested in delving into files and resouces on UFO sitings housed at the center to get any info possible on survivers of the 1947 crash.

Thanks to Liz and Maria following her heart, she reveals nothing to sheriff Valenti. He still feels they're hiding info and is determined to get answers.

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