Each time Max and Liz connect physically, by kissing, holding hands,etc.,they see visions from each other's past. Max see's visions of Liz as a little Girl and her thoughts & fantasies. Liz sees stars - she thinks she sees Max's planet. She later sees the Roswell crash and US troops buring something.

Everyone's intrigued by Liz and Max's connection, so they try some experiments of their own. Michael tries passionately kissing Maria in hopes she too will have visions about the aliens' origin. No luck. Isabelle and Michael are eager to get more information about where they come from so they encourage Max to take things a step further with Liz. Michael is willing to allow them to use his apartment. Max assures Liz that he doesn't want her to do anthing that she's uncomfortable with and that he wouldn't be just using her to get information. Just when it looks like they might actually go through with it, Maria arrives looking for Michael. She ends up driving Liz home. Liz's mom catches her sneaking into the house through her bedroom window. Her mom is furious.

Later, Max visits Liz. He climbs the ladder to her terrace. They talk about the visions and feel compelled to check out the crash site to try and stimulate another vision. They go off to the site without alerting anyone. They dig and find a glowing stone, similiar to the stones in the cave on the indian reservation. They fall asleep and are awakened by the fourth alien -the shape shifter. They are unaware of his identity. He warns them that they are on private property and they should leave.

Max and Liz are thought to be missing when everyone awakes in the morning. Isabelle visits Alex and hopes that kissing him will reveal the whereabouts of Max and Liz. No luck. Alex tells Isabelle he's available for experimentation anytime. Max and Liz's parents get together at the Crashdown to try and figure out where they might be. Liz and Max show up at the Crashdown and walk in hand in hand to deal with their parents and the consequences of their actions.