Michael has a fight with his foster father that leaves him with a bruised eye. Michael didn't use his powers to protect or heal himself for fear that his true identity would be revealed. Isabelle and Max worry about Michael's safety and invite him to stay with them. Michael feels like an outsider in the Evans' home so he leaves.

Michael stops by the trailer to pick up his belongings while his foster father is out. Max and Isabelle stop by to talk to Michael. Michael's foster father returns home and provokes another confrontation. Michael is practically forced to use his powers sending his father crashing to the floor. His foster father, afraid and unaware of what he's dealing with calls Michael a freak.

Michael goes to see Maria in the pouring rain. She takes Michael in. Michael sobs on her pillow. Maria allows him to stay overnight. They are awakened in the morning by Maria's mother who is not at all thrilled to find a guy in her daughter's bed. Maria's mom kicks Michael out. Maria explains to her mother that they only slept - nothing happened.

Michael's foster father is missing. Michael is held at the police station and questioned. Maria's mother vouches for him - he was at her house over night.

Max and Isabelle's dad help Michael gain emancipation so he'll be able to live on his own.

The fourth alien shows up at the police station pretending to be Michael's foster father. He's a shape shifter, so Valenti doesn't suspect a thing. He informs Valenti that he's leaving town. Later, the shape shifter buries Michael's foster in a wooded area and gives himself a different identity.