Maria enters Liz in a blind date radio station contest without her knowledge. She wants to help Liz find a guy to take her mind off Max. When Liz win's the contest, the radio station broadcasts daily live from the Crashdown to find Liz's "perfect" match.
Alex's band needs a lead singer for an upcoming contest. The band that wins gets to perform at a concert sponsored by the radio station. Maria auditions for the job. Alex reluctantly allows her to sing in the band.

Kyle gets drunk in effort to cope with his jealousy while Liz is on her date. He convinces Max to drink. Max gets drunk after only one sip. He and Kyle bond over their feelings for Liz.

Liz and her date try to dodge the radio station so that they can have a "normal" date. They end up at the concert where Alex's band is performing.

Max and Kyle end up at Liz's house in her room. Liz retreats to her home in effort to get away from the radio station crew and is shocked to find Max and Kyle there. Max takes Liz outside and creates a glowing heart with their initials on the wall of her terrace. They leave and go for a walk. The radio station crew wonders who Max is and set out to find them. Max and Liz walk along the town's empty streets. Max makes causes the street lights flicker and creates a starry effect. Liz warns him that someone may see them. Max doesn't care. He's still drunk and he confesses his feelings for Liz. Later, after the alcohol wears off, Liz is disappointed that Max can't remember anything he said to her.