There's been a sighting in the woods near the Indian reservation. Witnesses saw a flash of light - like dry lightening. Max, Isabelle, and Michael decide to go to the site before Sheriff Valenti gets there in case there's something to find. Their school is sponsoring a Father's weekend camping trip.

Riverdog pays a personal visit to Michael. He asks if they saw the siting. He tells Michael it was real - he knows because he saw it before.

Liz's father wants to go on the trip. He wants to spend some quality time with Liz and meet her new friends - Max and Isabelle. Liz isn't too excited about spending the entire weekend with her dad, but she agrees to go anyway. She begs Maria to come along. Maria will go, but it will cost Liz. She agrees to pay Maria $62.50 and do her math homework for 1 week.

Max, Michael and Isabelle believe the siting could be a chance for contact with the fourth alien.

Max and Isabelle go to the campsite with their father. They wait until they think everyone is asleep before going off to the area of the siting. Liz and Maria follow. The cops are out with the dogs searching the area. Afraid the cops will get to the site before them, Liz and Maria offer to lag behind and pretend to be lost in the woods while Isabelle and Max continue on. Riverdog and Michael head towards the site as well. Riverdog trips and injures his ankle. Michael uses his powers to heal him. They meet up with Max and Isabelle. Riverdog shows them the symbol in the grass. It's the same symbol from the cave. Riverdog tells them it's a sign. It begins to glow as they gather around and place their hands above it. Riverdog says it was meant for them. Valenti shows up and Max makes it disappear before Valenti can see what they're looking at. Valenti is of course suspicious. He inspects the grass and asks what they were looking at. Max tells Valenti they've been lost for hours. He thanks Valenti for finding them.