ROSWELL EPISODE#11 - TOY HOUSE (Air Date: 1/19/00)

Max and Isabelle's father is away on business. Their mom is in the kitchen stir-frying veggies when she accidentally knocks over a bottle of cooking oil. It spills onto the gas flames on the stove creating a huge blaze. Max rushes over from the dining room table and waves his hands over the flames to put out the fire. Then throws a pot of water over the area. Max's mom tells him he saved her life. He tells her he just poured water on it.

Later after the fire department leaves the sheriff arrives. He looks suspicious when he finds out Max put out flames that were at least five feet or higher.

Max tells Isabelle he doesn't think their mom saw anything. He tells her the fire triggered the alarm so the sheriff came over. Isabelle wants to tell their mother the truth. Michael says adults are the enemy - the can't handle the truth.

Their mom mentions to Isabelle that Max has always been secretive - he's always had his guard up. She asks Isabelle if she's ever noticed anything strange about Max. Isabelle asks what she's getting at. Later she tells Max their mother knows something. She was asking questions about Max and watching videos from when they were kids as if she were looking for something.

The sheriff stops by to see Max and Isabelle's mom. He talks about the shooting at the Crashdown and acts surprised that Max never mentioned it to his mother.

Max's mom asks him to explain how he put out the fire. Max sticks to his story about pouring the pot of water over the flames. She shows Max a pamphlet the sheriff brought over that explains how water makes a grease fire spread.

Isabelle says they're not just hiding the truth from their mother - now they're lying. She confesses that she's wanted to tell their mom the truth for the past 10 years. Max thinks it's a horrible idea. Isabelle tells him it's not entirely up to him whether or not she finds out the truth.

Isabelle and Max's mom go down the the police station to meet with the sheriff. He shows her the details of the police report from the shooting at the Crashdown. She asks if he's trying to tell her that Max has some kind of healing powers.

Max walks in on his mom watching a video of him and Isabelle playing in the park. There was a bird with a broken wing. When Max touched it and it was able to fly away. She says the grease fire made her think about it again. She asks him to tell her what he did. Max asks why she's doing this to him - she's his mother - she's not supposed to investigate him. He tells her he can't talk about it with her and storms out of the house.

Michael suggests they get the tape and destroy it - that way it would be her word against theirs. Isabelle doesn't like lying to their mother. She tells Max that she can't lose her - she needs her. Max tells Isabelle it's final - they're not telling their mother.

Liz tells Max he has a problem putting everything on his own shoulders. She suggests maybe he should have some faith in the people around him.

Max has a talk with his mother. He remembers the toy house she gave him when he was adopted to help him realize that his new home was a safe place. She tells Max that nothing could ever turn her away form him - she loves him. Max asks her not to ask him about it again. He says it's nothing bad or dangerous. He wants her to trust him - she's his mother.

Isabelle asks if Max talked to their mom. He tells Isabelle he talked to her, but he didn't tell her the truth. Disappointed, Isabelle cries. She tells Max she really wanted her to know. They hug. Max tells her it's going to be okay - they have each other.