ROSWELL EPISODE#10 - THE BALANCE (Air Date: 12/15/99)

Max and Michael are at the Crashdown. Michael accidentally knocks over his drink causing it to spill onto Max's notebooks. While helping to clean up the mess, Michael discovers Max's drawings of symbols he saw inside the cave on the Riverdog's reservation. Michael asks Max what he's hiding.

Max apologizes to Isabelle and Michael for keeping the symbols a secret. He tells them that he drew them from memory. He explains that there was too much going on - Toposlky was all over them.... He didn't want Michael to do something crazy. Max suggests the figure out the questions they want to ask and go talk to Riverdog together.

Michael goes to the reservation alone to look for Riverdog. Eddie tells Michael Riverdog is in a tent performing a sacred ritual and he can't go in unless someone invites him. Eddie warns Michael that it's a spiritual cleansing - it's intense. Michael still wants to go, so Eddie takes him.

Alex asks Isabelle about the aliens' purpose on earth and how they took on human form. Isabelle explains that they don't know why they're on earth. When they came out of the pods they looked just like normal kids - no green skin - no antennas. They have emotions, they feel pain. She says they probably have more questions about themselves than he does. She asks Alex if he's ever felt different from everybody else - like if you tried to reveal your true self to them they'd never understand. Alex says he has. Isabelle says it's like that for them. They're just as human as he is - only they can manipulate the molecular structure of things. Alex asks her to explain. Isabelle touches a ketchup bottle and the contents change from red to yellow. Alex is amazed.

Once inside the tent Eddie instructs Michael to follow the chant. The heat inside the tent is intense. Everyone passes around a bowl of water and drinks from it. Michael begins to cough uncontrollably. Eddie helps him out of the tent.

Liz and Max have a casual date. She teaches him to play pool then they have chinese food for dinner. Maria interrupts their dinner and tells them they have to come back to the Crashdown because Michael is sick. They rush over to see Michael. He seemed to have a fever, but then says he's okay a short while later.

Alex and Isabelle are checking out exhibits at the UFO Center. Michael's walking around the center when he becomes sick again and collapses to the floor. A crowd gathers around as Max tries to help him. He puts a pair of sunglasses over Michael's eyes and explains to everyone that Michael's having a migrane. They take him to Liz's house. He's shivering, sweating and has a 112 degree fever. Liz asks Max if anything like this has ever happened to him. Max says 'never.' Michael begins to chant. Max asks what he's trying to tell them. Michael just says 'Riverdog.'

Liz and Max go to the reservation to find Riverdog to get some answers. Liz explains that Michael is sick and they don't know what to do. Eddie tells them Riverdog is gone. Max says he'll wait until he comes back. He and Liz take a walk around the reservation. . He tells Liz he remembers the day he first met Michael. He and Isabelle had just come out of the pods. They could feel that there was someone else there. It was Michael. Michael later told them he saw them but was afraid, so he just watched them for a long time. Liz asks how they ended up getting separated. Max tells her they all saw the headlights at the same time - Isabelle took his hand. When Max held his hand out for Michael he wouldn't take it. They didn't see each other for three years. He says Isabelle would cry every night wondering where Michael was. Max asks Liz if she wonders if the same thing could happen to him. He tells her Michael's illness could be the way they die - this could be their life cycle.

Back at Liz's house, Michael begins to hallucinate. He sees himself surrounded by the symbols from the cave and then sees himself covered in a web.

Liz and Max return to her house to find a web-covered Michael.

They take Michael to the cave on the reservation. Riverdog tells them the same thing happened to the 'visitor' he knew as a boy. He tells them he'll need all of them to participate in Michael's healing. They all (Max, Isabelle, Liz, Maria & Alex) gather in a circle. Riverdog gives each a stone given to him by the 'visitor.' He tells them the stones carried the same energy he had - the balance - a force that can change your body and mind. They all drink water from the same bowl to begin the connection. Liz is afraid - not of the ceremony, but that something so severe could one day happen to Max . Riverdog tells her she must take a step back - she cannot stop the flow. The others begin the chant and the stones in their hands begin to glow. A few moments later Michael awakes healed. He hugs everyone, collects the stones and places them on the wall of the cave. The stones glow again. Michael tells them the drawing is a map.

Liz is sitting out on the terrace writing in her journal. Max climbs up to talk to her. She apologizes for backing out of the healing ceremony. Max tells her he doesn't blame her. He tells her they don't belong together - ever since they kissed he's been off balance - it made him forget that anything else existed. He tells her that's not real. Liz tells him it's the only real thing she's ever felt. He tells her sometimes you need to take a step back to see what's really going on - maybe that's what they have to do to find their balance again. Liz tells him she thought they'd found it. He says she doesn't know how much he wishes it could be true. She asks how it's possible that she could be the happiest she's been in her life and now the saddest all at the same time. Max says he thinks that's what being in love is.Liz says she thinks so too. Max suggests they take a step back a while. Liz reluctantly agrees - if that's what Max wants. He tells her it's what he needs. She kisses him before he leaves and tells him she just wanted to remember.