Felicity tells Sally she was planning to go home to California for Thanksgiving. She would 'put up with her parents with as much grace a possible.' She says her life never goes as planned.

Julie stops by the coffee shop. Felicity asks how she is. Julie says she's okay. She wants everyone to stop treating her like she's about to burst into tears. She orders a double latte. She comments that it's weird ordering from Felicity. Felicity says it'll be even more weird when she tips her. Julie jokeningly says if she keeps asking her if she's okay, she won't get a tip. Julie tells Felicity she's not going home for Thanksgiving - she has an ethics paper due and Christmas is so soon anyway. Felicity asks if she'll be lonely. Julie tells her Noel is staying and his girlfriend Hanna is coming to visit. Felicity says "We'll finally get to meet Hanna." Julie says Hanna will be arriving after Felicity leaves, but she'll give her a full report.

Felicity is attempting to close a bulging suitcase. Noel enters her room. She tells him he can take his magic 8 ball back. He asks if she's excited about going home. She says she got 'outlook good' on the magic 8 ball. He takes the ball and says 'it's decidedly so.' Felicity takes the ball from Noel and asks "Is Noel's girlfriend coming to New York?" Noel explains he was going to tell her about Hanna coming to visit. Felicity tells him he can talk to her about Hanna. Noel says his sources say 'no.' Felicity says they're friends. Noel says "It's decidedly so."

Julie tells Felicity that with all that's happened she doesn't know what to tell her parents. She admits although Noel will be there, she'll still be lonley because he's not a close friend like Felicity.

Felicity tells Sally it was easy for her to decide to stay at school. She says she told her parents she needed to be there for a friend.

Felicity and Julie are waiting for the elevator. Noel and Hanna get off the elevator on their floor. Noel seems nervous as he introduces Julie. He forgets Felicity's name. Hanna asks if he's okay. He assures her he's fine. He asks when Julie and Felicity are leaving. Felicity tells him they're staying. As Julie and Felicity enter the elevator Julie tells Felicity Hanna seems nice. Felicity doesn't say anything.

Felicity and Julie run into Ben when they return to the dorm with bags of groceries. Felicity says she thought he went home already. He says there was some screw up with his plane ticket and he has to go get it straightened out. He asks what they're doing. Julie says they're staing in the dorm for Thanksgiving. He asks why. Felicity explains they thought it might be fun - the first Thanksgiving on their own. Julie invites him to dinner if his ticket thing doesn't work out. He assures her it'll work out.

Elena is at home with her father. He's completely engrossed in a new satellite system he's recently purchased. She shows him her chemistry exam in which she received a score of 94% - the second highest grade in her class. Although he congratulates her, he seems disinterested. He glances at the exam and then goes back to channel surfing. Elena asks if he'd like to go grocery shopping with her - she needs to get started with cooking Thanksgiving dinner. He informs her that hes accepted an invitation for them at someone's house. Elena is disappointed because she wanted to make dinner for just the two of them. He tells her dinner out will be fun. Elena is not convinced. He comes across a spanish channel and asks if she remembers any spanish from highschool. Elena tells him she took French in highschool as she leaves the room.

Noel and Hanna are out having coffee. She tells him she's been accepted at the New York Conservatory. Noel wasn't aware that she'd applied. Hanna tells him she can transfer next semester. She notices he's not to excited. He pretends to be excited and tells her it's 'fantastic.' Noel has some RA business to take care of. They agree to discuss it later.

Felicity tells Julie that Noel is definitely acting weird. Julie suggests Noel and Hanna are getting readjusted - he's just overwhelmed. Felicity tells her it feels strange not being able to just knock on Noel's door and have him answer all happy to see her. Julie tells her to try him on Monday. She tells Felicity she'll go out turkey shopping tomorrow morning while Felicity sets up everything.

Felicity is in the bathroom brushing her teeth. She tells Felicity Noel is acting weird about the possibility of her moving to New York. Felicity tells Hanna Noel is probably just readjusting - sometimes it takes a while to get back on track. She tells Hanna Noel talks about her all the time.

Felicity is tossing and turning in bed. she gets up and heads to Noel's room She turns to go back to her room. Noel enters the hallway. No words are spoken. Felicity goes back to her room. She stares at the door for a moment then peeks out just as Noel enters his room. Noel gets into bed with Hanna. He tells her he been thinking - it's a great idea. He wants her to move to New York.

Felicity is setting things up for tonight's dinner. Julie returns with an unsuitable furry turkey from China town. Noel and Hanna enter. Julie invites them to dinner. Noel says they already have dinner reservations.

Felicity and Julie go to the coffee shop to ask Felicity's boss about a good place to get a turkey. He says they'll never get one today - he ordered his 2 months ago. Julie says he should have dinner with them and bring the turkey - they'll do everything else. He agrees.

Elena tells her father she's going back to the dorm. She has work to do. He tells her they're expected at dinner. Elena says she won't be missed. She tells him she came home to see HIM. She complains that for the past 2 days he's been fixing his tv or visiting his friends. He argues that she lives a half hour away and she hasn't been home in 3 months. She says the trains go both ways - he hasn't even come to see where she lives. She kisses him goodbye.

Julie and Felicity are preparing dinner. Julie is frustrated. Her Sweet potatoes aren't turning out like her dad's. She tells Felicity a part of her wants her parents to walk in and put their arms around her without saying a word. She says if they knew what happened to her it would change who she is to them. She says maybe she'll tell them at Christmas. Felicity says she should tell them when she's ready to tell them.

Hanna comes out of Noel's room. She compliments the sweet potato dish saying it looks good. Julie thanks her. Hanna says she's going to the store and asks if anyone wants anything. They answer 'no.' Hanna leaves. Noel comes out of his room. Felicity says she's going to wash some bowls/utensils. Julie tells her she should use the mens room because their sinks are larger. Noel Tells Julie that Felicity is mad at him. Julie tells him he hasn't been very friendly. He explains when Felicity and Hanna are in the same room he loses control of his motor skills - he panics. He goes to the men's room to talk to Felicity. Ben enters the floor from the elevator. Julie is surprised to see him. He says the ticket thing didn't work out. In the men's room Felicity is washing dishes and doesn't look up when Noel enters. Noel asks Felicity if she's going to ignore him permanently. She says she's not ignoring him - she's just taling to him without looking at him. She stops washing dishes and tells him she hates not being able to talk to him - it's the worst thing she can think of. He smiles. She tells him not to be flattered. She says his beautiful, symphony composing girlfriend can move to New York tomorrow - it doesn't bother her. She says she's not jealous and even if she were - what difference woud it make now because Hanna... Noel interrupts her with a passionate kiss. They dont notice Ben when he walks in. He stands in the doorway for a moment and then quietly leaves.

Elena returns. Julie tells her there's plenty of food if she wants to have dinner with them. Felicity's boss arrives with the turkey.

Hanna returns. In Noel's room she tells him she's tired and doesn't feel like going out to dinner. He tells her they can stay and eat at the dorm. Hanna confesses that when she went out earlier she called a guy she's been seeing at North Western. At first she thought she liked him because she missed Noe and was lonely. She thought once she arrived in New York and saw Noel again they'd make plans. Now she realizes she really likes the other guy. Noel agrees it doesn't feel right. He says he's sort of had the same thing. Hanna says 'Really?, Have I met her?' Then she says nevermind. She says that the stupid thing is that she still loves him.

Ben goes back to his place to get some extra plates and invites his roommate Sean to dinner.

Felicity is in the bathroom getting ready for dinner. Hanna is there too - crying. Felicity asks if she's alright. She hands Hanna a roll of bathroom tissue. Hanna says it's weird how things change. She tells Felicity Noel is a great guy. Felicity says she knows.

They all sit down and have dinner. There's lots of food on the table with lots of candles. Elena's father shows up. Elena hugs him then introduces him to everyone. Sean pulls up a chair for him to join the group for dinner.


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