Felicity tells Noel something really horrible has happened and that he can't tell anyone. She tells him Zack raped Julie. Noel asks if Julie's okay. Felicity says she doesn't know. Noel says that according to his RA handbook,95% of rape victims don't report it. He tells her the book has info on what to do. Felicity asks if she can borrow the book.

Felicity records a message for Sally telling her few months ago she didn't even know Julie. She says it's amazing how you can care about someone so much so quickly.

Felicity goes with Julie to the hospital to get checked out. The doctor asks Julie to tell her what happened. Julie tells her about how she was working on music for Zack's film project. They went to a bar for a couple of hours and had some beers. She says she wasn't passing out or anything - she just was a little buzzed. She and Zack returned to the dorm and he walked her to her room. They started kissing - making out for about a half hour or so. Zack took off his shirt and unbuttoned hers. She was still wearing her bra. He took off his pants and Julie told him she didn't want to rush it. He told her it was okay - he understood - he just wanted to feel her. Julie says she was wearing a skirt. Zack took off her bra and she told him she didn't want to have sex - that she wanted to wait. Then she says he put his hands inside her underwear and she said "no" and moved his hand away. She says he was on top of her it his hands around/underneath her so it made it difficult for her to stop him. Julie tells the doctor she said no about 5 times - maybe more. Then all of a sudden they were having sex. He told her that he loved her. She says she knows guys say that all of the time. Julie tells the doctor she doesn't want to get melodramatic because she didn't scream, she didn't hit him - he wasn't violent. She says he left this morning like nothing had happened. She asks the doctor if she would call it rape. The doctor says "yes" and asks Julie if Zack used a condom. Julie answers "no."

Julie comes out of the doctor's office. Felicity asks how it went. Julie tells her she has to take 2 pills now and 2 more tonite. As Julie and Felicity are leaving the hospital they are approached by two police officers - one male- the other female. They ask Julie to file a police report. She asks if she can do it later if she wants. They say "yes." She says maybe she will. She tells Felicity she just wants to go home.

Felicity says that if she hadn't come to New York she and Julie would never have met and Julie might not have told anyone.

Some time ago Felicity had signed up to house a prospective student for 3 days. She'd forgotten all about it. Since things are pretty hectic with Julie - Felicity asks her roommate Meagan to show the girl around. Meagan is angry because Felicity signed up for someone to slep in their room without asking her first. She tells Felicity she won't babysit. She says the girl can sleep there, but if she touches her box she's dead.

Felicity asks Elena if the prospective student can stay with her. Felicity explains that something really serious has happened. Elena asks what's happened. Felicity says she can't tell her, butshe would never ask her if she didn't need to. Elena agrees to let the girl stay with her. The girl asks if there are any parties or clubs they can go to. Elena can tell she's in for a rough time.

Felicity and Julie are in the cafeteria. Zack comes over like nothing has happened. He asks Julie what's going on - he's been calling her. Julie tells him she's been busy. He asks if she's around later - he wants her to see how the music turned out in his film. He tells her it really turned out great. Zack leaves. Julie fights tears. She looks across the room and sees zack laughing and talking with Ben.

Felicity and Noel go and talk to a counselor at health services to find out Julie's options and how they might be able to help her. They discuss Julie reporting the rape to the police and the school. The counselor tells them that reporting the rape is important, but even more importantly Julie should talk to someone. She tells them one third of all rape victims contemplate suicide.

Felicity gives Julie pamphlets of information from the counselor's office. She tells Julie the counselor is really nice and she should call and talk to her. Julie says maybe she will. She tells Felicity she has to get to class and she'll call her later.

Zack and Ben are at Ben's place playing a video game. Zack's RA, Darryl comes over to talk to him. Zack goes out in hall to speak to him. He asks Zack what happened on friday nite. He asks Zack if he 'raped that girl.' Zack says it's impossible and asks where Darryl heard that. Darryl tells Zack if the rumor is for real he's going to make Zack's life ugly - and not just because he deserves it, but because it threatens his job as RA and his tuition. He says since Zack lives on his floor Zack is his responsibility.

Julie is in the laundry room. Zack comes in and tells her Darryl accused him of raping her. He asks what that was about. Julie says she doesn't know. He asks if she told someone he raped her. She says she doesn't know - that she's really confused. He doesn't understand how she could be confused. He tells her he likes her. He says maybe it wasn't perfect, butit wasn't a crime. Julie tells zack she doesn't want to talk about it. He says SHE kissed HIM at the bar. She tells him she knows... He says when they were in her room she was into it - they were both having a good time. He tells her he didn't attack her or rip her clothes off. Julie tries to leave and Zack grabs her arm. He asks if she reported it. She says "no." He asks if she's going to. She tells him she doesn't know. He asks if she's thinking about it. She says she's really confused. He tells her if she does he'll probably be expelled. She asks him to let go of her arm. He tells her he didn't rape her. Julie leaves.

Julie bursts into Felicity's room and asks who she told. Felicity tells her she only told Noel because she didn't know what to do. Julie goes on about how Felicity couldn't possibly understand because she's never had sex. She says this isn't the first time something like this has happened to her. She thought she could come to college and make a fresh start. Julie blames herself and she tells Felicity she can't believe she ever thought Felicity would understand. Felicity tells Julie she doesn't have to have sex to know when someone has been abused. She just wanted Julie to get some help. Julie says she's not going to report it and she's not going to talk to the 'cool' girl at the crisis center. She storms out of the room.

Felicity yells at Noel for telling Zack's RA about what happened. Now Julie thinks Felicity betrayed her. Noel explains that it's his responsibility as an RA - if Zack raped Julie and he does it again to someone else and he knew about it - it would cause major problems.

The prospective student, Story, wants to go to a club because she's never been to one. Elena tells her she would go if she didn't have so much studying to do. Story goes on and on about clubs and parties. Elena tells her she's turning out the light. Story tells Elena she's brought along her itty-bitty book lite.

Ben asks Felicity what's going on with Julie. He's heard some things - that she was raped. Felicity tells Ben he should talk to Julie. Ben asks if Zack knows and if he should talk to Zack. Felicity gives Ben a look that lets him know Zack is the accused.

Ben asks Zack what happened with him and Julie. He tells Zack he wants him to explain exactly what happened - they went out, went back to her place - then what? Zack tells Ben they had sex. Ben asks how'd that happen. Zack asks what Ben means telling him he knows how THAT happens. Ben says he DOESN'T know and wants Zack to tell him. Zack explains they were hanging out - kissing - and she wanted it. Ben asks if her forced her. He knocks the carton of milk from Zack's hand. He tells Zack he heard a different story. Zack says ,"She wanted to - you know what she's like - you were with her too." Ben tells Zack he and Julie didn't sleep together - she didn't want to. Ben shoves Zack. Zack shoves back and asks if Ben is jealous. Ben knocks him down and punches him in the face. Zack yells for him to stop. Ben does. He tells Zack the difference is when he asked him to stop - he did.

Elena tells Felicity she's relinquishing the 16 year old party freak. Felicity thanks her for letting Story stay with her. She tells Elena she owes her big. Elena says Felicity doesn't know how big.

Ben goes to see Julie. He tells her about how distance from home has helped him to realize he wasn't responsible for his raging alcoholic father's behavior - hurting him and his mom. He says he just wanted to tell her that. He hugs her.

Julie goes and talks to the counselor. Zack is called out of class.

Felicity, Julie and Ben are going over a poetry assignment. Ben is having difficulty understanding and comments that he wishes poets would just say what they mean. Meagan comes in to get some stuff before she heads out to a club. She and Story make a connection over a discussion about how awesome 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' is and how much it really tastes like butter. Story asks if she can go with Meagan to the club with her. Meagan says if she pays. Story says she was going to offer. They leave. Julie tells Felicity and Ben she's going to talk to Zack. They ask if she wants them to come with her. She wants to go alone.

Julie tells Zack she reported what happened and she's going to testify. She tells him she knows he doesn't think what happened was rape, but it was. She says he didn't rip off her clothes, but it was still rape. He says he knows. He tells her he's going back to Minnesota. He called his parents and told them he spoke to the Dean and admitted he was guilty. He hands Julie an envelope. He explains it says how sorry he is and how horrible that night must have been for her - how he wished things would have happened very differently. He tells her he's probably going to be expelled. She says that wasn't what she wanted to happen. He says it isn't her fault. He says he'd never been with anyone before. He asks her to read the letter - maybe someday she won't hate him as much. He says he's sorry. She says she is too.


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