Javier helps Felicity campaign for student council president by passing out flyers and coupons for Dean & Deluca. Felicity thanks him for his help, but tells him not to give out anymore coupons because it's against the rules. Felicity sees that someone has written the word 'chia' with an arrow pointing to her head - as in Chia Pet- on one of her posters. Richard laughs as Felicity removes the poster from the wall.

Posters are taken down by competition almost as fast as they are put up in the race for student council president.

Ben confronts Greg's new campaign manager , Andre, about pulling down Felicity's posters. Andre denies it. Ben says he saw Andre do it. Andre tries to pretend he doesn't remember being chased by Ben. Greg comes over and accuses Ben of being jealous of him and his girlfriend, Felicity. Ben is steaming. He looks as if he's ready to just punch Greg in the face, but he just walks away angry. Ben goes to see Richard and gives him the dirt on Greg's past drug arrest. Richard will surely spread the word.

Ruby reports to Noel that she finally told her parents that she's pregnant. She says her mom shut down and wouldn't look her in the eye for two days. Her father took the news a little better. Noel asks if Ruby has contacted the baby's father. Ruby says she has not contacted Wade and doesn't intend to. She says she barely knew him.

Felicity tells Greg that Andre was seen coming out of her room and she thinks he broke in to steal posters and other campaign items. Felicity and Greg agree that when it comes to the election, it's every 'man' for himself. Ben and Felicity plan to break into Andre's room with a little help from Sean's spy gear. Noel tells them to be careful - they don't have the best record of breaking into places. (remember when they were caught after breaking into the university pool)

Ben regrets telling Richard about Greg's past. He tells Richard to forget about what he told him. Richard tells him it's too late - the posters have already been printed.

Elena plans a romantic lobster dinner for herself and Tracy. Julie volunteers to hang out with Noel and keep him out of the apartment so that Elena and Tracy can spend some time alone. Julie tells Noel that Ruby should call the baby's father. Julie tells him that her mother never told her bio father about her and he still has no idea that she even exists. Julie thinks it will be better for Ruby and the child if he knows that she's having his baby. She encourages Noel to talk to Ruby.

Elena and Tracy are making out when Tracy suddenly says he has to leave . He says he has to get up early in the morning. He tells her the lobster dinner she made was the best and he'll call her tomorrow. Elena is upset. She thinks that maybe there's someone else and he might be breaking up with her.

Ben and Felicity pick the lock on Andre's door and break in. Felicity worries they'll get into trouble. Ben assures her that they won't get busted like the pool incident. They find felicity buttons and posters along with other candidates' campaign items in Andre's closet. They have a close call when Andre stops by his room briefly to get something. Felicity and Ben hide on the floor on the side of the bed.

Felicity confronts Greg about his campaign manager, Andre. She tells him about the campaign buttons and posters she found. Greg shows her the poster with information about his drug arrest. Greg accuses Ben of leaking the info. Felicity tells him Ben wouldn't go that far.

Elena and Tracy discuss why he left so abruptly the night before. He tells her she was irresistable. He explains that he doesn't do sex - he's never done it and doesn't intend to until he's married. Elena asks if he's joking. He's very serious about his decision. Elena tells him it's a lot to think about. He tells her to take her time.

Ben stresses over whether or not he should fess up and tell Felicity that he was the one who leaked the info about Greg's cocaine use and arrest. Sean tells him that Felicity will eventually find out anyway. Then he tells Ben his relationship with Felicity is like a delicate flower and he should't risk ruining it.

Noel tells Ruby she should talk to the baby's father. He tells her she's doing the same thing to the baby's father that she did to him when they thought he was the father - not making him a part of the decision-making process. Noel says he should at least be given a choice as to whether he wants to be a part of their lives.

Felicity asks Ben if he leaked info about Greg's drug arrest. Ben lies and says he didn't. Greg is bombarded with questions about his past at a candidate debate. Felicity tells the crowd that everyone has done things they're not proud of. If things done in the past are being looked at then they also need to look at the things that are being done now. She says they should vote for the person who'd make the best president, not the one whose made the fewest mistakes.

The election results are in - there's a tie. Richard and another candidate Carol are the new co-presidents.

Greg asks Felicity to go away with him for the weekend. She tells him they should start with dinner in town.

Noel tells Julie that Ruby called the baby's father and he's going to come and visit her. Julie tells him Ruby is lucky to have him as a friend. He thanks Julie for helping him realize the importance of notifying the baby's father.

Elena tells Tracy it's best if they remain friends. They kiss.

Richard tells Felicity Ben was a huge help since he gave him the drug info about Greg. Angry at Ben, Felicity tells Greg she wants to go away for the weekend. Greg wonders what made her change her mind so quickly. She tells him they both need a vacation.

Ben stops by Felicity's room to talk. He stands outside her door begging her to open it so they can talk. Meghan answers the door in a huff, she's angry because Felicity has gone away with Greg for the weekend to a bed &breakfast. She has a huge crush on Greg. She tells Ben they're probably having sex right now. Ben doesn't want to hear about that he just wants to know the exact location. He heads to the bed & breakfast to tell Felicity how he feels about her.

Felicity tells Greg it was Ben who leaked the info. Greg tells her they're going to forget about Ben - this weekend is about them.