Sean says the Independent Film Channel wants more on the relationship between Felicity and Ben. They both insist that there is no relationship. Felicity doesn't want to talk about Ben - he's a jerk. Ben doesn't want to talk about Felicity - she thinks he's a dick.

The student council has organized a Sadie Hawkins dance. The girls ask the guys.Elena and Felicity think it'll be cool to go. Julie thinks so too except Felicity will ask Greg and Elena will ask Tracey and she has no one to ask. Felicity and Elena suggests she and Noel go together. Noel thinks it's going to be lame, but he'll go. Julie doesn't want to go with Noel if he really doesn't want to go, so she tells him it's ok - nevermind. Noel says 'ok.'

Felicity asks Greg to the dance. Even though he thinks school dances are lame, he's excited to go with Felicity. Greg announces that he's running for student council president and he wants Felicity to be his campaign manager. She accepts the position.

Felicity tells Sean that Ben is jealous of Greg because he's done so much in life already. Ben jokes about Greg when he finds out Greg is running for student council president. He asks Felicity," What's Gregs platform? 'Drugs - not Hugs'." Felicity tells Ben that Greg knows what he wants and goes after it. Ben tells Felicity that it worked with her. Felicity says Greg has direction. This is evidently something that Ben lacks.

Ben decides to do something to get some direction in his life. He makes an appointment to take a career assessment test and discusses the results with his counselor. The test suggests Ben might consider a career as a stockbroker, a teacher, a tour guide or captain of a ship. Although he thinks these are all pretty lame, he thinks he could probably be a stockbroker. The counselor sets him up with an internship.

Sean tells Ben that Felicity will be really impressed with his stockbroker internship. Ben asks 'Who cares?' Sean tells him 'You Do!'

Leela, the girl who inspired Felicity to start the sit-in, tells Felicity that she's running for student council president. She's got to get 200 student signatures. Felicity agrees to sign for her.

Ben's first day on the job, his boss has him babysitting his visiting son, Stephen. Not exactly what Ben expected. His new boss promises they'll get down to business soon.

Felicity reviews Greg's political platform. She disagrees with most items, namely, affirmative action. Felicity believes in diversity with regard to gender and race. Greg believes students should be admitted to the university based soley on academic qualification.

Sean asks Felicity what's her best memory of Ben for his documentary. Felicity says last summer when they drove cross-country they stayed in a really cheap motel along the way. When they pulled back the covers on the bed they found a really huge spider. Ben caught it using a cup and a magazine. As he headed for the door to put it outside, the spider escaped and crawled up Ben's arm. Ben yelled and jumped around . Felicity says he was such a girl about it. The manager came down to the room - he thought someone was being murdered or something. Felicity says she laughed for 2 hours.

Elena asks Tracy to the Sadie Hawkins dance. He tells he'd like to go with her, but he'd already accepted an invitation from a classmate, Lori.

It's time for the candidates to give their platform speeches. Leela gets nervous and asks Felicity to read her speech. Felicity agrees. The crowd loves it. Later, Felicity tells Greg she's going to work with Leela. She agrees with Leela's ideas. Greg tells her he understands.

Later, Leela stops by Felicty's room and tells her she's dropping out - she's not good at public speaking. She thought she could handle it, but she realized she can't. She tells Felicity she should run for student council president - she'd vote for her. Felicity doesn't know.... Elena and Leela tell her she should do it.

Tracy stops by the apartment to tell Elena that he's told Lori that he has other plans and can't go to the dance with her. He's now free to go with Elena. Elena says she won't go with him because she doesn't think that was a fair thing for him to do.

Ben is supposed to take his boss's son to a classical concert. Stephen doesn't want to go. Ben takes Stephen to the gym and shows him how to play basketball. Stephen injures his finger, so Ben takes him to the student health center. He tells Felicity what happened and asks if they'll help him. Felicity asks Greg to take a look at Stephen's finger. Greg tells Ben he should have taken him to a hospital - the health center is for students only. Ben argues that the boy's finger hurts really bad and the health center was closer than the hospital. Greg needs to set Stephen's finger, which is going to hurt a bit. Ben tells Stephen to yell out the vegetable he hates the most to help deal with the pain. Stephen yells out 'peas!' Felicity is amazed at how good Ben was with the kid. Later she tells Sean she'd never seen Ben like that - the way he was with the little boy.

Felicity tells Ben she was thinking about running for student council president, but now she's not sure. Ben encourages her and tells her she has a way of making people want to try harder. She tells him she has to get 200 signatures to qualify. Ben says he'll sign for her.

Ben visits his counselor and asks if the university has a program for coaching a kids basketball team - maybe an afterschool program. The counselor says she'll check on it for him.

Felicity breaks the news to Greg that she's going to run for student council president. Greg is upset - he feels Felicity has betrayed him by running against him.

Noel ends up going to the dance with Julie and Elena goes with Tracy. Felicity goes alone. Ben goes with a classmate, Pam. He talks to Felicity at the dance. She thanks him for his encouragement to run for student council president.

Greg shows up and the dance and apologizes for overreacting. He says it wouldn't be like winning unless he beat the toughest competition. She asks if he really thinks he's going to win. He says he's going to kick her butt.

Ben and Felicity stare at one another as he slow dances with Pam and she dances with Greg.