Felicity feels she and Ben are becoming closer. At the post office, Ben tells her he's received a pre-approved offer for a credit card. He mentions how he 'hates those things because they charge like 50% interest.' Felicity tells him she received the same offer. He says he's tempted to take it and just use it. Felicity asks what he'd buy with it. He says he doesn't know. He tells her he has tryouts for the track team. Felicity wishes him luck. After thinking about it for a moment, Ben tells her he'd buy a couple of really good running shoes with the credit card.

Felicity says she and julie are at an impasse. She's certain they'll be fine - she just doesn't know how. While doing laundry, Felicity attempts to break the ice with Julie by offering her a dryer sheet. Julie declines telling Felicity she used softner. Felicity tells her 'You know, you really can't beat dryer sheets for static cling.' They laugh. Felicity gives Julie the sheet and apologizes for accusing Julie of lying to her. Julie tells Felicity she was so busy making sure she didn't get hurt that she lost sight of what she wanted - to be with Ben. A guy in the laundry room,Zack, complains about someone putting food coloring or dye in the washing machine. His clothes are all pink. Julie tells him that as a general rule, he may not want to wash whites with colors. He says 'they' should tell you that on the box. Felicity points out to him that 'they' actually do.

In chemistry, the class is told to choose a lab partner. Felicity looks around the class and she and another girl, Elena decide to become partners. Elena asks Felicity if she went to private school. Felicity tells her she didn't. Elena wants to be sure Felicity knows what she's doing. She doesn't want to be paired with someone who's incompetent. Felicity tells Elena she got all A's in Advanced Placement chemistry. Elena has a crush on Noel. She wonders if he has a girlfriend. She asks Felicity if she's sleeping with Noel. Felicity tells her she isn't.

Noel kisses Felicity during a game of Boggle. Meagan, Felicity's roommate walks in on them. Noel and Felicity attempt to explain. Meagan tells them she doesn't care what they do. They fumble over picking up the Boggle pieces. Felicity tells Noel she'll do it and she'll call him later. Noel leaves in a hurry. Meagan says it's 'premium' - Felicity having a forbidden affair. Felicity denies it. Meagan tells Felicity she had her pegged as 'this uptight,no fun, follow the rules, kiss-ass bore.' She tells Felicity she just went up a notch. Meagan leaves. Felicity touches her lips.

Felicity declares she's on edge - she's so screwed up she doesn't know what she's feeling.

There was a lottery for residents to have refrigerators in their dorm rooms. Felicity received one. Elena didn't and thinks Felcity received one because of her 'relationship' with Noel.

Felicity believes the most mature way to handle the situation is to avoid Noel. She says it's sad because he may be her best friend.

Julie runs into Zack -the guy with the pink laundry- in the cafeteria. He's wearing a pink shirt. She asks if he's tried bleach. He says he has. He tells her it was his entire wardrobe - now everyone is calling him the pink guy. Even his jeans have a pink glow. He and Julie have lunch together.

Noel shows up at the administration office to tell Felcity they need to talk about what happened - the kiss. She finds it difficult to look at him. She continues filing away papers and tells him she'll get back to him and let him know when she's available to discuss what happened.

Felicity goes to watch Ben practice for track tryouts. She remembers watching him run in highschool and wondering how he ever learned to run like that.

Meagan is actually in the room sleeping when Elena comes by looking for Felicity. Meagan tells her Felicity is probably in Noel's room 'getting some.' Elena asks, 'getting some what?' Meagan says Felicity is 'doing' the RA.

In chemistry, Elena asks Felcity if she's enjoying the fridge. She tells Felicity she knows she's sleeping with the RA. Felicity drops a beaker. It shatters and the contents spill on the floor. She asks Elena who told her she was sleeping with Noel. Elena says 'that halloween costume you live with.'

Felicity goes to Noel and tells him they need to talk. People are saying things about them - that they're dating. He tells her he's made dinner reservations for tomorrow nite @ 8 so they can talk. She agrees to go to dinner with him.

Zack shows Julie a film project he's currently editing. She tells him its great. He asks for more feedback. She criticizes a few of his techniques, he becomes annoyed and tells her he needs to get back to work. Julie apologizes then leaves.

Felicity opens her refrigerator and finds a leopard print thong bikini. Meagan comes in. Felicity asks if the underwear are hers. She says yeah explaining she hasn't done that since she was a kid and that cold underwear in the morning feels so good. Felicity asks her not to put them in her refrigerator. Meagan says 'they're clean.' Felicity asks about her apple. Meagan says she ate it but replaced it. Felicity tells her 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' doesn't replace an apple. She asks Meagan how she could tell Elena that she's sleeping with Noel. She tells Meagan that she and Noel are not dating and that she's spreading false rumors. Meagan tells Felicity that from now on she'll keep her mouth shut and her underwear out of her fridge.

Felicity tells Julie that Noel kissed her. She says she already knew - Meagan told her. She asks Felicity what it means. Felicity tells her about her date with Noel and that she really likes him, but in that best guy friend kind of way. She says she'll have to let him down easy.

Ben asks Julie out. She says she doesn't want to get together with him and then break up and feel awkward for the next 4 years. He tells her they might like one another. She says she'd rather keep things the way they are. He asks if she feels this way because of Felicity. She denies it and tells him she hopes he's not persuing her just because she won't return his phone calls. He tells her she knows that's not true. Julie says now she always will.

At dinner with Noel, Felicity excuses herself and goes to a pay phone to call Julie. She tells her Noel looks really cute tonite. Julie asks if she's drinking. She tells her to take a deep breath and remember she can do whatever she wants. She tells Felicity to have a great time. Felicity returns to Noel. He tells her he wanted to kiss her since the day he met her. He says he can't believe he did it because he was so nervous and he has a girlfriend in Chicago. He tells her he's in a really confused state of mind. Felicity is understandably upset. She tells him he's a fake and a manipulative phony - every long distance girlfirend's nightmare. Felicity tells Noel and people in the restaurant looking at them that he's disgusting. She says she feels sorry for Noel and his girlfriend,Hannah. He tells her he's been a really good friend to her listening to her problems and giving her advice - which she says she can no longer trust. He tells her he's done everything he can to make her happy - like making sure she got a refrigerator. She tells him she's feeling physically and emotionally revolted. She says goodbye and leaves him sitting there.

Felicity drags the refrigerator down to Elena's room and tells her she wants her to have it. She tells Felicity she doesn't want a pity fridge. Felicity tells her it's not a pity fridge. Elena tells her she can use it whenever she wants. Before leaving, Felicity tells Elena that yes, Noel has a girlfriend.

Noel comes looking for Felicity. Meagan tells him she heard her talking on the phone saying she's going to some track team thing. Noel finds her at the track team tryouts watching Ben. He stands there for a while watching her watch Ben before he leaves without making her aware of his presence. Ben comes in last place in the race.

Zack comes to Julie's room and apologizes for being so reactive. He tells her he never shows his work to anyone. He's made some changes and asks her to watch it again. She accepts his apology and agrees to watch the film.

Noel tells Felicity about his girlfriend Hannah and shows Felicity a photo. He tells her they have an agreement that they can see other people and that he does respect Hannah - he loves her. He tells Felicity he kissed her for a million reasons - one of them he's sure of is that he misses his girlfriend. He apologizes.

Felicity asks Ben about the track team. He tells her he needs to concentrate on his classes and stuff. Although she knows the truth she doesn't let on.


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