The Independent Film Channel has taken interest in Sean's documentary on college life. They want him to incorporate more depth and emotion. He solicits help from his friends. Richard is the only person psyched about the project. He volunteers to be Sean's production assistant. Ben refuses to have any part at first, but then reluctantly participates.

Greg's assistant at the health center quits. Felicity wants the job so she asks Greg to consider her. She verbally gives him the rundown on her resume. She tells him she spent 2 summers working at her dad's office and she's volunteered at Stanford hospital (pediatrics).

Ben asks Noel what he knows about Greg and if he knows about Greg and Felicity. He tells Noel he thinks they might be dating. Ben tells Noel Greg was busted for cocaine possession and arrested a few years ago. Ben isn't sure if he should tell Felicity. Noel reminds him that Felicity is an adult. Noel comments that he knew there was something about Greg that he didn't like.

Ben volunteers in the student accounts office as part of his punishment for breaking into the university pool. He pulls Greg's file and finds out that Greg was arrested for possession of cocaine a few years ago.

Felicity gets the job and a date with Greg. Sean and Richard ask to tag along on Felicity's date for the documentary. Felicity refuses grant them permission. Sean and Richard spy on them anyway and capture them having a great time in an asian restaurant. After dinner Felicity and Greg are talking outside when Felicity notices Sean and Richard across the street filming them. Felicity yells that she's going to kill Sean as she runs across the street in their direction. Sean and Richard take off with Felicity running after them.

Jim, a work-study employee at the health center, confronts Felicity about her newly acquired position. He complains that he should have received the assistant position since he's worked at the health center for 2 years. Now he's out of a job. A new volunteer was hired to take over Felicity's volunteer position so there's no room for Jim. Felicity tells Greg that Jim deserves the job. Greg says she's ungrateful - after he went out of his way to see that she was hired . Felicity tells him she doesn't want the job and walks out.

Ben sees footage of Felicity and Greg on their date. He goes to the health center to tell her about Greg's troubled past. Felicity isn't at her desk. He asks Greg if Felicity is around. Greg tells him she isn't. Ben asks if she left. Greg snaps at Ben and tells him that if she isn't there, she must have left. Greg walks off. Ben heads for the door then angrily storms into Greg's office. He tells Greg he knows about the cocaine and the arrest. He warns Greg that he'll kill him if he hurts Felicity in any way.

Felicity tells her counselor Greg gave her a job and she doesn't deserve it - he likes her. Her counselor suggests that she's afraid to commit to the job and take a step forward. She tells Felicity to grow up before she congratulates Felicity on her completion of her community service requirement.

Greg tells Felicity he had a drug problem a few years ago, but he's clean now and has been for years. She's asks why he felt the need to tell her. He tells her he wanted to tell her before Ben. He tells her Ben was just being protective of her. He tells her he really wants her to work at the health center. He's even willing to take a pay cut.

Felicity grosses out the new wussy volunteer, Harry. She tells him there's lots of blood when people come in with emergencies. She tells him she really wants to work at the health center and he took the last volunteer position. Apparently Harry wasn't aware he would not be getting paid. He's outta there, so Felicity gets her job.

Felicity asks Ben how he found out about Greg's past. He tells her he read Greg's student file. Felicity tells Ben he had no right. He reminds her she read his file. She tells him that was last year and she only did it because she was in love with him. He looks at her for a moment and then tells her she can do whatever she wants. He leaves. Felicity realizes Ben is in love with her.