Javier asks Ben to pretend to be his new boyfriend when he thinks he spots his ex-boyfriend walk into Dean & Deluca. Javier goes on about how Ben gave him a bath and how wonderful he is. He kisses Ben on the cheek and tells Ben to whisper sweet nothings in his ear. Ben whispers to Javier that he's quitting. Javier realizes that it wasn't his ex-boyfriend - jut some guy that looked like him. Ben looks like he wants to die.

A student comes into the health center to schedule an appointment with one of the doctors so that she can be issued the morning after pill. She explains to Felicity that the condom broke. The health center is backed up with appointments, however Felicity attempts to schedule her between appointments. Greg informs Felicity that the student health center no longer administers the morning after pill. The board of trustees decided it should not be administered by the university. There was controversy as to how the morning pill actually works. It prevents ovulation - just like regular birth control pills - it's just a higher dosage. It is NOT an abortion pill. The university didn't want to deal with possible bad publicity so they decided to stop issuing it altogether. Felicity apologizes to the girl and offers a list of doctors in the area. The girl is obviously upset - she has no insurance, which is why she came to the student health center. Felicity apologizes again and tells the girl she's just a volunteer - there's nothing that she can do about the university's rules.

Felicity is understandably bothered that the health center is not providing the pill. Her counselor tells her that talking about how unfair it is will not solve anything, so Felicity decides to do something about it. She researches protests on the internet and decides to organize a sit-in at the university health center. She goes to see the girl who was initially attempting to get the morning after pill. Felicity apologizes that the health center wasn't able to help her. The girl tells Felicity ended up going to planned parenthood to get the morning after pill. Felicity tells her about the sit - in. The girl is excited and says she will go and support the protest.

Greg tells Felicity that every student who participates in the sit-in risks getting into serious trouble with the university. The crowd of students begins to grow. A guy comes in and distributes pamphlets that explain what to do if the students are arrested.

Noel offers to help Ben with the class that he's teaching. Ben confesses that he's never really studied in highschool, so college has been difficult for him. They bond over beer and videogames. They get drunk. Ben accidentally hits Noel. He encourages Noel to hit him back. Noel says he doesn't want to. Ben eggs him on. Noel clocks him sending Ben crashing to the floor. Ben gets up and they fight.

Sean goes to the health center to capture the protest on video.

The day winds down and the students sleep at the health center overnight. Julie is having nightmares about her rape last year. Felicity suggests Julie talk to one of the counselors at the health center. She tells Julie that the tapes she sends to Sally really help - just to let it all out.

The morning after the fight, Ben and Noel wake up on the floor surrounded by beer cans. Ben tells Noel he needs some lime juice, tomato juice eggs and baking soda. He blends the ingredients. Apparently this is his supposed hangover cure.

Students pass time with songs and games during the sit-in. Felicity, Elena, Julie, and Ruby play jacks.

Felicity's dad shows up at the health center. As a member of the university falculty, he tries to convince Felicity to send the students home. He along with another falculty member tells Felicity that if she stops the protest now they'll have the board review the issue. Felicity refuses to stop the protest. Greg supports her and tells them that everything ends up stuck in review.

A reporter from a local tv station wants to interview Felicity. She's a nervous wreck and doesn't think she can speak in front of the cameras. Back at Noel's place Ben is channel surfing when he discovers Felicity on the news. They can't believe she's on tv. She loses her thoughts and asks if she can start over. Ben and Noel yell at the tv 'No!, it's live tv!" Julie steps in for recovery and speaks out about being raped last year. She explains that having the morning after pill was a comfort - becoming pregnant was one less thing she had to worry about. Julie's statement apparently won over the trustees. Greg gets a call - the board of trustees says the university's decision was all a 'misunderstanding.' Greg tells Felicity the news. She kisses him. Greg is stunned. Felicity looks as if she wants to apologize, but then not really.... She makes the announcement to the students. Lots of cheers, hugs, jumping up and down.

**Note** Dr. Drew Pinsky from radio and Mtv's Loveline says the morning after pill(emergency contraception) is available by prescription, except Washington state where it can be purchased over the counter. (If you don't have a physician or don't feel comfortable with your regular doctor, call/visit your local Planned Parenthood office. (1-800-230-PLAN) If you are a college student visit your university's health center. The morning after pill(actually two doses) is effective if taken up to 72 hrs after unprotected sex. The sooner the better. Dr. Drew places much emphasis on the fact that if you conceive then the pill won't affect the pregnancy, as the morning after pill only PREVENTS OVULATION - it works the same way regular/daily birth control pills work. It is NOT an abortion pill.