Felicity's health center boss, Greg, accuses her of being incompetent and deleting important files from the computer. Felicity insists she didn't do it. He tries to get her to leave the volunteer job. She tells him she's not leaving.

Julie's been having a rough time since her encounter with the record company guy Eric. Sean is concerned about how down she's been lately and suggests she talk to someone about it. She tells him she doesn't need to talk to anyone - she has him.

Felicity, Ben, Julie, Sean, and Richard and Tracy(Elena's possible new love interest) meet at Elena and Noel's place for a painting party. Before they can get started they have to scrape off a zillion layers of wallpaper.

Noel surprises Ruby and meets her at the doctor's office for her appointment. He assures her that they'll get through 'this thing' together. Ruby asks the size of the baby during her sonogram. The doctor explains it's about 2cm - the size of a pinto bean. He says Ruby is 8 weeks pregnant. Noel says that can't be -Ruby was in L.A. 2 months ago. Oops - Ruby neglected to tell Noel that she slept with someone else.

Meghan is spying on someone with Felicity's telescope when there's a knock at the door. It's for Felicity. Meghan doesn't want to have anything to do with whoever is on the other side of the door - that is until she opens it. It's Greg - Felicity's boss from the health center. Meghan is obviously smitten . She invites Greg in to wait for Felicity. and tries to get him to tell his life story to keep him in the room. When Greg gets tired of waiting Meghan offers to take him to Felicity.

Sean puts on some music and gets everyone to dance. They're having a great time when Noel walks in and goes straight to his room. Julie, Sean, and Richard and Tracy wonder what's going on with Noel. Felicity mentions that Noel and Ruby are having some problems. Theere's a knock at the door. It's Meghan and Greg. Ben wonders what Greg's doing there. Greg explains that he came to talk to Felicity. She tells him they can go to a back room to talk. Greg apologizes to Felicity for accusing her of deleting the files. He tells her that another office worker had come to him and apologized for deleting the files. He tells her that the center is up for review and he doesn't know if he'll get everything done in time. Felicity offers to help.Richard wants to know what's going on with Noel and Ruby. He just can't let it go. He bugs Elena for answers, but then figures it out on his own. He announces it to everyone in the room. They can't believe it. Felicity and Ben confirm it. They all debate about what Ruby should do about the pregnancy - keep it /not keep it...... Noel hears them and opens his bedroom door. He tells them that it isn't his baby. This comes as a big surprise to everyone in the room.

Ruby stops by to talk to Noel. Everyone just stares at her. They go to Noel's bedroom to talk. Everyone leaves the apartment to give them some privacy. Ruby apologizes for not telling Noel about the producer guy she slept with in L.A. She says it only happened once and they were safe - or so she thought. She tells Noel that before she left she wasn't clear where they stood. Then she got the first letter from Noel, but by that time she'd already slept with the other guy. She asks Noel if he'll think about staying with her despite the circumstances. She tells him to think about it and then leaves.

Noel talks to Ben. He tells him he doesn't know what he's going to do - he still cares about Ruby.

Julie tells Sean that she was raped last year. Ben had never told Sean what happened with Julie and Zack. She tells him that she's going to talk to a counselor. and thanks him for being there for her.

Ben warns Felicity to watch out for Greg. He doesn't like him and thinks he's after Felicity. Felicity thinks Ben is overreacting. She doesn't realize that Ben is actually jealous.

Felicity and Greg work late to update files at the health center. Greg asks if she's dating Ben. Felicity tells him she isn't. He tells her he thought she might be because of the way Ben acts around her. Felicity asks if he's dating anyone. He isn't. Perhaps this is another love connection - not if Ben can help it.