Noel and Ruby can't decide if she should take a home pregnancy test. They go over the instructions together. Ruby tells Noel that stress could be throwing off her cycle. Noel agrees and suggests she take the test later if necessary .

Felicity and Ben must complete 50 hours of community service as punishment for breaking into the university pool under the influence of alcohol. They must also continue their sessions of alcohol counseling. Felicity chooses to volunteer at the university's health center. Ben decides to do the same.

Julie's nervous about her meeting with Eric's boss - the big recording executive. She practices conversating in front of the mirror.

Ruby takes the home pregnancy test - it's pink - she's pregnant. She cries and tells Noel she doesn't want to be pregnant. Later she tells Noel that she may keep the baby. Noel asks what they're going to do. Ruby tells him he doesn't have to do anything - she can get a job. He asks her what kind of job can an 18 yr old get that can support a child. Ruby doesn't have an answer.

Felicity and Ben begin their work at the health center. Felicity answers the phone and signs in students who've arrived with appointments. Ben lies to their boss about his experience with the computer program Excel - he has no experience.

Noel and Ruby go to the health center to discuss their options and make an appointment for Ruby to terminate the pregnancy. They are unaware that Felicity and Ben are volunteering at the health center. Ben reads Ruby's file. Later, he goes to Noel and offers a listening ear. He reveals to Noel that he went through the same thing with a girl in highschool a couple of years back. Noel is angry that Ben knows. He tells Ben that Ruby's decision should not be public knowledge.

Felicity finds Ruby crying in the dorm bathroom. Ruby tells her that she's pregnant. She asks Felicity's advice. Felicity tells Ruby that only she can decide what's best for her.

Felicity and Ben's boss at the health center finds out that Ben hasn't been working - just playing around. He tells asks Felicity to ask him to leave since he doesn't really want to be there. Felicity tells him that Ben is her friend and she won't do it - he should do it himself. Felicity gets Ben a book - Excel for Dummies. She tells him not to be offended by the title - it was all the library had. She tells him what their boss said. Ben tells her he's not reading the book and that he's leaving. He says he didn't want to work there anyway.

Julie meets with Eric's boss. He think Julie has talent, but he isn't so sure she's right for his company. Eric pleads with his boss to give her a chance. He tells him Julie's music really affects people. His boss gives in and decides to give her a chance. Julie and Eric go out to celebrate and Julie has a little too much to drink. They go back to the loft. Sean and Ben are out. Eric uses the opportunity to make his move on Julie. He kisses her and they end up on the sofa. Julie kisses him back then tells him to wait. He seems to ignore her. She yells at him to stop and get off of her. He asks what's her problem. Julie tells him to leave.

Noel and Ruby go to the clinic. Ruby can't go through with it. She runs out and Noel runs after her. Felicity witnessed the entire scene. She discusses Noel in her next mandatory counseling session. She wanted to say something to help Noel, but she couldn't. She compares Ruby and Noel to her parents. Her mom dropped out of college when she became pregnant with Felicity, while her dad completed college and went on to medical school. The counselor tells Felicity to separate her situation from Noel's and advises her to just be Noel's friend. Felicity takes her advice. Noel feels he isn't ready to be a father. Felicity tells him that he's the most capable person she knows and she's sure he can handle anything. Noel is still not so sure.

Julie tries to talk to Eric on the phone about her record deal. It's off. Sean walks in as Eric hangs up on Julie. She tells Sean what happened and tells him he was right about Eric only being interested in scoring with her.

Ruby tells Noel that she thinks she's supposed to have the baby. Noel is silent.

Ben confesses to Felicity that he chose to volunteer at the health center because Felicity was there. He tells her she has qualities that he'd like to have - she cares about things and he wants to care too. He tells her he's going to find something that he actually cares about to complete his community service requirement.