Meghan opens her mystery box and peers at it's contents. Felicity is sitting staring out the window. She asks Felicity what's the matter. Felicity says 'nothing, it's such a gray day.' Meghan comments that Felicity has been sitting there like that all morning. Felicity asks what's in her secret box. Meghan tells Felicity she'll find out soon enough.

Noel is studying at Dean & Deluca. Ben is wiping down tables and Felicity taking doughnuts out of a box while staring at Ben and Noel. A woman enters and notices Felicity staring. She asks if she's staring at her boyfriend. Felicity says ex-boyfriends. She tells the woman it's complicated. The woman says love always is. Felicity asks if she can help the woman. The woman tells Felicity she might be able to help her. She hands Felicity a business card from the Clinic - Help for the lovelorn. She tells Felicity if she's romantically frustrated,lonely,dejected - she owes it to herself to call. Felicity asks if it's hypnosis or something. The woman simply says it's a treatment. For the incurable romantic - the clinic is the cure. She tells Felicity she waited 3 months to call them and advises her not to wait as long. The woman leaves. Felicity looks at Noel and then at Ben. She picks up the phone and dials the number on the card.

The nurse at the clinic asks Felicity if she's ever had surgery - she tells Felicity it's a standard question. Felicity says she had her tonsils removed at age 8. The nurse asks how long she's been experiencing heartache. Felicity says it all started when she came to New York 15 months ago. She explains she puts too much importance on things - romance and sex. For some horrible reason love matters to her - Ben and Noel matter to her and she's sick of it. She's sick of caring so much, feeling torn, and wanting that connection - a soulmate. She explains to the nurse that she just wants the feeling to go away. The nurse asks her to sign a form. Felicity asks what the treatment is - whether it's some kind of psycho therapy. The nurse tells her the sooner she signs the sooner she gets to see the doctor. Felicity signs the form. The nurse gets the doctor. Felicity explains she's only there for a consultation. The doctor listens to her heart. The nurse brings in water for the doctor and Felicity. The doctor wants to draw some blood. Felicity wants to know why. The doctor doesn't tell her. Felicity tells him she's changed her mind and runs out of the office. The doctor tells her there's no reason to be afraid. She tells him she never said she was afraid.

She returns to her dorm room. She opens a package containing a glass heart. She gets a call from the clinic to schedule a second visit. She tells the nurse she made it clear that there will be no second visit - she's just not interested. She attempts to apologize, but the nurse hangs up. At the library Felicity tells Elena about the glass heart she received from the clinic - she hadn't given them her address. She tells Elena a man who looks dead wants to talk to her. Elena asks what she took at the clinic. Felicity tells Elena she only drank the water. She runs into the stacks to find the man. He warns her about the clinic and the procedure. Felicity tells him she's not doing it. He tells she is - they're doing it to her right now. He disappears. Felicity frantically runs around the stacks looking for him.

At Dean & Deluca Felicity tells Elena the man told her to stay away from snow. She asks Elena what she thinks the man meant when he told her they're doing it to her right now. Before Elena can answer the woman who gave Felicity the clinic business card comes in. She asks Felicity how it went. Felicity says she went to the clinic but she left. The woman says she heard. Felicity asks the woman if she heard, why did she ask her how it went. The woman tells her she really should go back - they wanted her to tell Felicity that. She gives Felicity another card and leaves. Elena comments that the woman is weird.

Felicity calls the clinic. She tells the nurse she feels like they're harassing her and if they keep it up she'll report them. The nurse says she'll take care of it. Felicity tries to tell her that she didn't appreciate her hanging up on her when the nurse hangs up the phone. Later that night Felicity hears a raspy male voice calling her name from her tape recorder. She gets out of bed and picks up the recorder from the floor. She opens it and finds that the recorder is empty. The raspy voice tells her to open 67. Mehan turns over annoyed and asks if she's ever going to stop making those stupid tapes.

Felicity is at the library. Julie tells her she looks terrible and asks if she wants to talk. Julie tells her the clinic called her and the want Felicity to go back. Felicity is outraged that the clinic is harassing her friends. She tells Julie about the tape recorder telling her to open 67. Julie suggests it's stress - emotional turmoil can have a bigger affect than she thinks. Felicity apologizes to Julie for the clinic bothering her. She tells Julie she's going to call the police and put a stop to it. Julie confesses that she went to the clinic over the summer. That's how she got over Ben and was able to forgive Felicity. Julie tells Felicity it's the best thing she's ever done. She had the procedure. Felicity begs Julie to tell her about the procedure. Julie says she can't - they make patients sign a non-disclosure agreement. She tells Felicity it's best that the people at the clinic explain what they do.

Felicity starts a new job cleaning up a medical lab. There a few boxes with dead bodies. One of the boxes has the #67. Felicity opens the box. It appears to be just a normal cadaver. Just as she's closing the box it calls her name. She nearly jumps out of her skin. He tells her to unzip him if she wants to see what the clinic does to people - what they did to him. He tells her they cure a broken heart by ripping it out - and that's what they'll do to her.

Felicity goes to the clinic demanding to know what was in the water. She's been hearing things,seeing things and talking to people that she doesn't even think exists. She asks why it was so important for her to drink the water. The doctor tells her she needs help. She tells him he needs help and she's going to report them to the police, the AMA, and the FDA. He calmly tells her there was nothing in the water - he drank it too. She tells him last night she had a conversation with a dead man who told her they take out people's hearts. He tells her she's imagining things. Felicity shows him the glass heart and tells him the package was postmarked the day before she called theclinic. She asks how did they know to send it and how did they even know her address. He asks how she know's she's not imagining the glass heart too - her story is impossible. He asks how she knows where truth ends and fantasy begins. Felicity says she knows because she can feel it. The nurse comes at her with a super long needle. Felicity throws the glass heart up against the wall. The pieces fall to the floor as she runs out of the office.

She goes and cries on Noel's shoulder. She asks Noel if she's going crazy. He tells her there's an explanation for everything. He tells her love is her weakness - for her love is that elusive quality that can make her whole or unhinge her entirely. He tells her he believes her - it's his burden - always believing in her. She tells him she wants to report the clinic to the police. Noel says he'll go with her. He goes to change clothes. She notices a glass heart on the table. She picks it up and goes into the bathroom where noel is changing. She screams and drops the glass heart when she see's the super large stitches on his chest around his heart. Noel says it's been a long time since she's seen him without his shirt. He tells her Julie told him about the clinic a few weeks ago. He tells her it's the only way they're going to survive the emotional turmoil - who's in love with who - who's sleeping with who. He asks her if it's all worth and what they're looking for. Felicity says they're looking for love. Noel says love is unbelievably overrated. He says the clinic guarantees that you will never have a aching heart again. He asks if that's what she said she wanted. She says she did, but not anymore if not feeling heartache means feeling nothing at all then forget. They can all do it, but not her. She'll take all of loves pain if she gets to feel some of loves happiness. He tells her that is so 'old Felicity.' She tells him that's who she is - it's who she wants to be. He tells her she doesn't understand what's happening to her. He tells her to take a deep breath. She asks why. He says that's how anesthesia works.

Felicity wakes up on an operating table. She asks the doctor what he's doing. He said she had quite a dream during the procedure - they had to increase her dosage. She tells him she never agreed to a procedure. He reminds her she signed the form. He tells her he thinks she'll be quite pleased.

Felicity wakes up on the floor of what appears to be an empty room. Noel appears. She tells him to stay away from her - she'll kick his ass - she took a self defense course over the summer. She tells him to open his shirt and let her see his chest. He asks why. She tells him to just do it. He does and she's relieved that there are no marks on his chest. Ben, Julie, and Elena appear. They tell her they've been there for months. They don't know how they got there or how to get out. There's no food or water. Felicity searches for a way out. They tell her it's impossible - there are no doors. Felicity suggests they climb out. Everyone else is afraid so Felicity says she'll go. They all climb on top of one another and Felicity climbs to the top. She screams and falls. They wonder if she's alright. They ask her what's out there. Meghan picks up a little doll and asks how did that happen. She puts it back in her box telling it to get back in there with it's little friends. She places the Felicity doll in the box with replicas of Julie,Ben, Noel and Elena.