Felicity's dad returns to New York with her after winter break. He's been invited by the university's medical school to visit for a couple of weeks.

Felicity and Ben's schedules have been rearranged at Dean & Deluca . They both seem pleased that they'll be working together again.

Ben tells Sean he thinks he was wrong about not dating Felicity. Sean thinks the advice he gave Ben was the best ever. Ben says when he listened to Sean's advice everything became a disaster. Sean sarcastically asks who dated the married woman. Ben says he tried to ask Sean's advice on that, but he was too busy drooling over Julie. Sean is surprised that Ben noticed.

Felicity is disappointed when she doesn't get into an oil painting class that she'd been looking forward to. Her dad offers his assistance. Felicity declines the offer.

Noel works as a teacher's assistant and gives his first lecture. Ruby is a student in the class and offers some constructive criticism. She mentions that he speaks rather fast and could use more eye contact with the class. Noel is on the defense, since it was his first lecture.

Felicity complains about feeling like a little kid again with her dad in town. She feels like he's constantly looking over her shoulder. He dad tells her he's been asked to stay until June as professor of surgery. He asks her how she feels about him staying. She tells him things are feeling claustrophobic - she has her own life. He drops the bomb that he and her mom are separating. Felicity says she was just home and everything seemed normal. She can't believe that her father chose a job over her mother. Her father explains it was her mothers decision and they were supposed to tell Felicity together when her mom came to town in a couple of weeks. He says her mother encouraged him to take the position. Felicity tells Sally she feels like everything has come loose - like nothing was tied down tight enough.

Felicity's dad stops by Dean & Deluca to invite Felicity out for coffee. She tells him she really needs to study. He leaves. Ben suggests they close up shop early and get out of there. Felicity tells him she doesn't think they should. Ben convinces her.

Julie has dinner with the record company guy. He tries to kiss her. She tells him when she told him she's wanted to sing since she was a little girl, she didn't mean she'd do anything to get it. He tells her it's not like that and he'll wait until her first record goes platinum if that's what it takes.

Julie shows Sean her contract for a 3 song deal. Sean asks 'three songs and no nookie?' Julie playfully snatches the contract from him and says 'no nookie.'

Ben and Felicity go see a movie then pick up some beer and break into the university pool. Felicity tells Ben not to look at her as she undresses. He tells her they've slept in the same bed. Felicity tells him that was a long time ago. They swim and fool around in the pool. They're sitting on the edge of the pool talking when they're busted by a campus police officer for breaking and entering and underaged drinking. Down at the campus police headquarters , Ben tells Felicity he can't believe she did this with him.

Felicity tells Meghan about breaking into the pool and that she might get expelled. Meghan says it's cool - now her life might start to get interesting.

Ben tells Sean about what happened. He says he hasn't had that much fun since he and Felicity were together last summer.

Julie goes into the studio to record her songs. The engineer asks how long she and Eric the record guy have been going out. Julie says they're not going out. The engineer says Eric is known to be a cute singer magnet, but perhaps he's changed. He confesses he hasn't worked with him for a while. Julie looks disappointed.

Felicity tells her dad that she spoke to her mother but didn't mention the separation. She's going to let her mother tell herself when she comes to town.