Tonite is Felicity's first official college party given by her dorm to be held on her floor. Felicity tells Julie she stopped by her room last nite and she wasn't there. Julie says she went with some other girl to hang out at Lucky Strike. Felicity tells Julie she wants to invite Ben to the party. She asks Julie if it's okay with her. Julie tells Felicity she should invite Ben and that she and Ben 'were like a 24-hour virus.'

Felicity runs into Ben checking out class schedules. He wonders why she wasn't at Lucky Strike last nite. Felicity looks confused. He tells her she should have gone - maybe next time. She says,'yeah,okay.' Ben walks away. Felicity is upset with herself for not taking advantage of the opportunity to ask Ben to the party.

Ben asks Julie to go with him to see a band Friday nite. She tells him she can't because her dorm is throwing a party. He asks if she's ever going out with him again. She tells him she has to get to class.

Felicity has decided to stick with pre-med. She's excited about being taught by a professor who wrote the chemistry text books she used in highschool. Before class starts Felicity tells the professor she wasn't able to find a copy of the required text book and that she'd ordered it directly from the publisher. She asks if she'll be able to follow what they're doing if she doesn't have the book today. He tells her it's called required reading because it isn't optional. He finds it difficult to believe she couldn't find the book. He asks students who were not able to get a copy of the textbook to raise their hands - no one does.

Ben applied for a Russian language class but was given drama class by accident. After class he tells the professor he shouldn't be in the class - that he can't take drama. He tells the professor he's transferring to the Russian class as soon as there's an opening - he's first on the list. The professor tells Ben he hopes he gets all of the classes he wants,but while Ben is his student, he has to participate.

Felicity goes up to Ben in the Cafeteria she tells him about the party on Friday. He tells her Julie told him about it. She tries to pretend she's okay with it,but her disappointment is apparent - maybe not to Ben... He tells her he has to go.

Felicity tells Julie she asked Ben to the party on Friday and he told her Julie had asked him already. She tells Julie that she wasn't going to say anything about it - but she just did. Julie tells her she and Ben are just friends. Felicity tells her they (Julie and Ben) can be whatever they want to be. She tells her it's not Ben - it's her and Julie. Julie doesn't think there is anything to talk about. Felicity doesn't want them to resent one another. Julie says she doesn't want that either. She tells Felicity she doesn't have to worry about her and Ben.

Julie goes to Noel for advice. He asks her if everyone likes Ben. She tells him it's complicated because she thinks Ben really likes her. Noel asks if he should be writing this down. She tells him Felicity is really excited about hanging out with Ben on Friday, but Ben really wants to hang out with her - which would kill Felicity. Noel tells her not to do it. Julie tells Noel she really wants to hang out with Ben. She thinks maybe she should tell Felicity that Ben keeps asking her out. Noel doesn't think she should tell Felicity anything - because it would seem like she's asking Felicity's permission to date Ben. Julie tells Noel not to be offended, but talking to him really didn't help. She asks Noel not to tell Felicity about their conversation - about Felicity liking Ben. Noel tells Julie it's okay - he already knows.

After class, Felicity tells the professor that she photo-copied the pages she needs and she should have her book by Monday. She just wanted to make sure they were okay. He asks her what she thinks. She says she was hoping so. He says they are doing exceptionally well and since they are on such good terms to forget the assignment. Instead, she should write an essay on how okay they are. Felicity tells him she doesn't know what he means. He tells her to ask herself if she belongs in his class.

Felicity is sitting on a bench outside the counselor's office. Ben asks her how chemistry is. She tells him it's kind of a crisis- that her teacher hates her. She asks him how his acting class is going. He tells her it's a disaster - he can't get out of the class, so he's going to get an incomplete. She asks what the assignment is. He tells her the assignment is to bring in an object that is important to him and tell the class about it. Felicity admits she doesn't know what she'd bring either. Then she says that maybe she'd talk about the necklace she's wearing that once belonged to her grandmother. Ben jokingly says it wouldn't work for him. They laugh. Felicity tells him the most important thing to her isn't an object - it's just being there. He asks if she's still having the party. She tells him the party is still on. He tells her he'll see her there.

Felicity records a message with her mini recorder for Sally, the French tutor she keeps in touch with. She reveals that she 'can actually picture what it might be like to be with a man for the first time - sexually.'

Ben gets a second chance at his drama assignment. The first time he'd brought in a sandwich - because he really loves sandwiches. Although the class found it amusing, it didn't go over so well with the teacher. This time he brought in the keys to his apartment. Now he's not 'causing' anything at home. Ben blames his existence for his parents relationship problems. He says his mom was always sad because he and his dad would argue so much. Ben thinks that his mom won't be so sad with him away at school. He says its better for everyone that he has these keys.

Felicity has purchased a new dress for the party. Her roommate Meagan comes in and actually has a conversation with Felicity. She asks Felicity if she's going to the party with her 'little friend' Julie and her 'Tigerbeat' boyfriend. Felicity tells her Julie doesn't have a boyfriend. Meagan asks Felicity if Ben is invisible to her. Felicity tells her Ben isn't Julie's boyfriend. Megan insists he is. Felicity asks why she thinks so. Meagan reasons she always sees Julie and Ben together. Felicity tells Meagan that Julie says there's nothing going on with them. Meagan says clearly she's hit a nerve. She tells Felicity to watch Julie and Ben the next time they are together- the way he talks to her - how he gets close - the way she laughs at his jokes. Meagan tells Felicity to trust her they're 'couch dancing.'

Felicity has just gotten dressed for the party. She has just finished recording another tape recounting recent events for Sally. Noel knocks on Felicity's door. He tells Felicity she looks nice and she returns the compliment telling him he looks really nice too. One of the party coordinators stops by and asks Felicity if she has any good music. Felicity tells her she has some, but doesn't think they'd be interested. The girl doesn't hear her and goes over and picks up cassettes on Felicity's dresser. Felicity is unaware that the girl takes one of the tapes in which she'd divulged some of her most private thoughts to mail to Sally. Noel asks her to dance before the party starts. She tells him she'd love that.

At the party, Noel asks Felicity if she cares for a beverage. She asks what it is. He tells her he doesn't know. Felicity notices Ben as he enters the party - and so does Noel. She sees Ben walk right over to Julie. He leans close to tell her something. Noel goes to take care of a sick party goer. Julie comes over and casually asks Felicity what's going on - as in hey, how are you? Felicity tells Julie maybe she should tell her what's going on. Julie doesn't know what she means. Felicity says that every time she's with her she keeps getting this terrible feeling - like she can't trust her. Every time Julie talks about Ben she gets really weird yet she keeps telling Felicity that there's nothing going on. She feels like Julie is lying to her and she doesn't like the way it feels. Julie says she doesn't either. She reveals to Felicity that Ben wanted to go out with her tonite, but she told him about the 'stupid' party because she knew Felicity would be there and it's what Felicity would want. She tells Felicity Ben calls her and asks her out a lot and every time she says 'no', but she's tired of protecting Felicity.

Felicity is talking to another girl at the party when the dj puts in her tape. The portion where Felicity talks about picturing what it might be like to be with a man for the first time plays as she desperately makes her way across the room to the stereo yelling for someone to turn it off. She's too late. It's completely quiet as everyone stares at her. She goes into her room. There is a couple making out on her bed. She tells them to go someplace else. Julie comes in and tells her what she said before came out all wrong. Felicity asks Julie to please leave her alone. Felicity cries after Julie leaves .

Felicity goes to the grocery store to buy Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough icecream and a spoon. She sees her chemistry professor. She walks over to him and tells him she needs to know what she did to make him hate her. He thinks she wants to be a teachers pet. She tells him she doesn't need to be a teachers pet. He says she'll do just fine and that the beauty with him is that you don't need to be 'okay' with him to learn something in his class. He tells her not to worry about him, but to worry about herself.

Later she's in bed when there's a knock at the door. It's Ben. He says he thought she might still be up from the party. Felicity invites him in. He sits on the edge of her bed. He tells her he was only at the party for a little while, but he had a good time. She asks if he heard her tape. He says'no, not really.' She says 'yeah, you did.' She asks how the acting went. He thanks her for helping him out. She wasn't aware that she had helped. He tells her he's still getting out of the class. He explains he left his keys in class and none of his roommates are home so he asks if he can stay there. He offers to stay on the floor - if it's cool and if her roommate doesn't mind. Felicity tells Ben he can sleep in Meagan's bed since she's never there at nite. He thanks her and tells her he's going to go pass out.

Ben is still asleep when Felicity wakes up the next morning. She quietly goes over and kneels beside the bed and watches him sleep.


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