Felicity wonders why David hasn't kissed her yet. She tells Sally they had dinner twice last week, they saw a movie - they talk on the phone every day. She thinks maybe he was so hurt by his ex-girlfriend that he's hesitant about getting involved. She tells Sally she hopes that's not it.

Ruby is approached on the street to audition for a movie. Elena,Felicity and Julie encourage her to go for it.

Ben stops by to see Maggie at work. She asks what he's doing there. He asks if he needs a reason to come see her. She explains that she needs to maintain a professional image in front of her employees. He kisses her. She stops him - she's kissing a college boy. He tells her she needs to get over the age thing.

Felicity and David return to her dorm room and find Meghan has contracted mono. David tells Felicity she shouldn't sleep in the dorm room. She tells him she has no choice - she's an RA. He invites her to stay at his place.

Javier does not approve of Felicity staying at David's place. Felicity tells him she wants to stay at David's place - she likes him. Javier says it seems like a scheme to get her into bed. He invites her to stay at his place. The phone rings. Javier answers. He hands over the phone telling Felicity it's the man he doesn't trust - David. His apartment is being fumigated so Felicity has to find someplace else to stay.

Noel and Ruby come back to the dorm after a date. Felicity is trying to sleep on the sofa. Noel and Ruby kiss unaware that Felicity is there. Ruby notices Felicity first and asks what she's doing out there in the lounge. Felicity explains that Meghan has mono. Noel says he thought she was staying at David's place. Felicity explains that the plan fell through. Ruby says goodnight and goes to her room. Noel asks if Ruby knows he and Felicity dated. Felicity says she didn't say anything. Noel says he doesn't think Ruy knows. Felicity asks why he hasn't told her. He says the ex-girlfriend/boyfriend discussion hasn't come up yet. He tells her it's stupid for her to sleep in the lounge and invites her to come stay at his and Elena's place. She tells him it's actually pretty comfortable. She doesn't get much sleep - a couple having sex is pretty loud most of the night.

David stops by Dean & Deluca to ask Felicity out to dinner. She asks if his apartment is really being fumigated. He tells her after dinner he'll take her there to prove he's not a liar.

Noel helps Ruby rehearse for her audition. He tries to get her to tell him who she'll be working with in the movie. She tells him she's not allowed to tell anyone, but she'll tell him if she gets the part.

Felicity stops by her dorm room to get some clothes - she'll be staying at Elena and Noel's place after all. Ruby stops by while she's there and asks if she can get a diaphram from the university's health services. She says she was on the pill for a while, but it made her so bloated. Felicity tells her to remember that the pill and diaphrams don't protect from stds. Ruby mentions that Felicity and Noel seem to be really good friends and asks why she never went out with him. Meghan sneezes in Felicity's face as she leans over to put her clothes in a bag. Felicity screams and wipes her face with a tissue she's been holding over her nose and mouth. She tells Ruby they should get out of there.

Maggie tells Ben she wants to be with him one last time - she says she won't see him after tonight. The have sex in her kitchen at her catering business.

Ruby invites Felicity and David to have dinner with her and Noel. They all try to get her to tell who she'll be starring in the movie with if she gets the part. Ruby goes to get drinks for them and David goes with her. Noel and Felicity are at the table alone. He notices an eyelash on her face. He removes it and tells her to make a wish and make sure she's got a really good one. She asks what he would wish for. He says he can't tell her because it won't come true. She says he's not the one wishing. He says he always wishing - even on non-eyelash moments. Felicity makes a wish and blows the eyelash off Noel's finger. He says her wish couldn't have come true because he's still there. Ruby and David notice Noel and Felicity laughing and smiling. They both look a little worried. Later Noel and Ruby are kissing and he calls out Felicity's name. She asks what's going on between them. Noel says they broke up last year. Ruby clarifies and says that Felicity broke up with him. He tells her it's over. Ruby asks why neither of them told her. Noel says he was going to tell her. Noel says it doesn't matter. Ruby says it matters to her - she went to Felicity and told her things, asked her for birth control advice. Noel says he knows. Ruby goes back to the table and grabs her jacket. She tells Felicity she put her in a really embarrassing position - not telling her the truth. Noel goes after her. David wonders what's going on. Felicity tells him she probably should have told him about her past relationship with Noel. She tells him that she and Noel are over. David says it's so hard to judge something like that so soon after a break-up. Felicity tells him Noel is not the guy she just recently broke up with. That doesn't go over too well with David. He says it's difficult for him to trust someone after his break-up. He tells Felicity it's not her - it's him. David leaves. Noel returns to the table. Ruby wouldn't allow him to walk her home. Felicity tells him David left. She asks him what the hell just happened. Noel tells Felicity he said her name when he and Ruby were kissing. He tells Felicity as much as he feels for her - as much as he thinks about her - he really wanted things to work out with Ruby. Felicity says she wanted things to work out with David.

Maggie and Ben leave her catering shop. He asks if she'd like to go get some coffee or something. She says she knows he didn't believer her when she said it's over between them, but it is. Ben asks why - she likes him. She tells him she likes sleeping with him. She tells him to take care.

The next morning Felicity wakes up feeling awful. She's pretty sure she has mono. Elena and Noel want her to leave. She goes back to the dorm.

Ruby stops by to see Noel. She tells him that she really likes him, which is why she got so upset the night before. She says she likes being with him - whatever happens - happens. Noel tries to explain. Ruby tells him he doesn't need to explain, he just can't ever do it again. Ruby tells him she has news - she got the part. She'll be gone for 3 weeks so they'll need to make up for lost time. Noel asks who she'll be starring with. She tells him Tom Cruise.

Ben stops by to see Maggie. The phone rings. One of her employees tells her her husband is on the phone. Ben is shocked. He leaves.

Felicity, sick with mono and wearing a mask, goes out in the rain to David's place. She pulls down the mask to talk to him. She says she's sorry he's not comfortable with this potential relationship. She really wanted to see where things to go. She says that if she wasn't pretty sure she has mono she'd grab him and kiss him right now. She pulls her mask back up to cover her nose and mouth. David reaches over and pulls the mask down and says,'So give me mono.' He kisses her.

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