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Felicity is having dinner with Noel and Elena at their place. Elena asks Noel and Felicity about any recent 'action' they might have had lately. Things are still a little weird between Felicity and Noel. Felicity would rather not discuss it. Elena has grown tired of their awkwardness. She tells Noel that Ruby told Felicity she thinks he's hot and it's driving Felicity crazy. She then tells Felicity that Noel is going nuts worrying about the next guy she's going to date. Elena tells them they can sit there all night and not talk to one another - she has to study. Elena leaves the room.

Felicity tells Sally she thinks it's sweet that Noel is going nuts worrying about the next guy she's going to date. She says it feels fantastic not dating anyone right now - no pressure, no expectations, no trouble...

Felicity's drawing instructor asks Felicity to go out on a blind date with her grad school photographer son David. Felicity thinks she gave her an A on a drawing to butter her up. Felicity declines, then decides to go out with David after talking to Julie. Julie says she should exercise the 'dating muscle' with a B-list guy because she probably wouldn't recognize an A-list guy so soon after her break-up. Julie tells Felicity that's what she did after her Ben-breakup.

Maggie,the caterer chick, stops by Dean & Deluca for coffee and muffin and to invite Ben to her office. Felicity thinks that maybe it would be good to get out there and date - Ben doing it - so is Noel.

Felicity tells the professor that she'll go out with David. She tells Felicity she thinks they're going to hit it off.

Felicity's date with David is a disaster. She attempts to conversate with him by asking him questions about himself and his photography. He barely speaks to her giving one-word answers to her questions. He'd obviously rather be elsewhere. He speaks to the waitress in French. He asks the waitress for another bottle of wine - or enough for him to disappear. He's unaware that Felicity understands every word spoken. Felicity excuses herself and goes to call Elena. She and Noel are too busy playing a video game to answer the phone. Felicity calls Julie to tell her about how horrible her date is going. Julie suggests she leave. Felicity returns to the table and tells David in French that she's never been on such a bad date and leaves. David is stunned.

Felicity stops by Elena and Noel's place to talk. Elena and Noel are too engrossed in their video game - they barely pay attention to her. Felicity leaves.

The next day David stops by Felicity's room to apologize. He wants to go out with her again. She tells he was self-absorbed, bad-mannered and bitter. He tells her that he's been out of it since his ex-girlfriend dumped him to marry his best friend since age 6. He admits that he deserves everthing she said. David leaves.

Ben brings Maggie home. She spends the night. The next morning she tells Ben she has to leave. He tells her he doesn't mind that she's a little older. She tells him she thinks they got caught up in the moment. She tells Ben she'll call him later. Ben says,'sure.'

David stops by Dean & Deluca to see Felicity. He gives her a long-stemmed red rose and cookies along with another apology. He practically begs for another date with her. She agrees to 'just one.'

Noel and Elena can't stop playing the video game. They even consult with a seven year old in attempts to get to the final level.

Felicity runs into Ben on the street. She tells him about her date with David. He tells her he doesn't know if he's really 'seeing' Maggie. Felicity tells him she hopes things work out for him. He says he hopes things work out for her too.

Felicity's second date with David goes much better than the first. She tells him that she recently experienced a break-up and that he was supposed to be a B-list date. David says he doesn't know if Felicity will ever want to go out with him again but it would be an honor to be her B-list person.

Felicity stops by the apartment to seee Elena, but she's at the library. Noel asks Felicity if she'll come in and hang out. Noel's wrapping a book that he bought for Ruby. He asks her what she did tonight. She tells him she just went and grabbed dinner. He asks her if she wants to go grab some coffee. Felicity tells him she'd love to. She tells Sally she doesn't know why she didn't tell Noel about David. She says it's just weird talking about B-list people with an A-list guy.





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