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Meghan gives Felicity’s new haircut a thumbs down. Felicity says she doesn’t think it’s so bad. She thinks it’s just a different look for her. Meghan says guys are going to hate it. Burke, the annoying advisee that felicity went to the party with says Felicity looks hot. Meghan says he doesn’t count. Felicity tells Sally that lots of people - even people she didn’t even know were coming up to her to tell her how great her hair looks.

One of Felicity’s advisees, Ruby, stops by for some advice. She tells Felicity her hair looks amazing. She asks if Felicity just broke up with someone. Ruby is having a crisis. She tells Felicity she thinks she’s going to drop out because the one art history class she really wanted to take , Norwegian Landscapes, has been canceled. Felicity suggests they look at the catalog together - sometimes when you know exactly what you want you can pass up some good stuff. Felicity tells her there are some amazing drawing classes in the catalog. Felicity notices some art classes she’d like to take. She started to totally rearrange her schedule - just hypothetically at first. There were all these amazing art classes - all of these things that she’d wanted to take that she’d forgotten about. Unfortunately, her pre-med schedule didn’t leave room for anything.

Felicity is drawing in sand on her desk in chemistry lab. Elena asks if she’s thinking about Ben. Felicity says ‘no,’ she’s gotten pretty good at avoiding him. She’s rearranged her schedule at Dean & Deluca and changed routes to class. That out of sight/out of mind thing kind of works. Felicity mentions she noticed great art classes in the course catalog. Elena’s thinks Felicity will drop pre-med. Felicity says she’s not going to drop pre-med.

Felicity officially drops pre-med and signs up for some art courses.

Sean is helping Ben carry in a new bed. His old one had a broken leg. Julie comments that his old one was too small for two people. She announces that she’s found an apartment. She’s going to meet her new roommate Susan in a few days and give her first and last months rent. She tells Sean and Ben they can start looking for their permanent roommate. Sean looks disappointed.

Noel tells Richard that the girl from the party, Bridged, is in his art class. She’d given him her phone number, or so Noel thought, until he called. She’d given him the phone number to a pizza place. Noel tells Richard he’s going to ask her out again. Richard tells Noel to go for it.

Elena and Felicity are hanging out having a bite to eat. Elena can’t believe Felicity dropped pre-med. She asks if this is a knee-jerk reaction to breaking up with Ben. Felicity says she hopes her decision doesn’t screw up Elena too much. Elena says that it could affect her GPA. She and Felicity were lab partners - they had a system and they worked well together. Elena thinks Felicity will change her mind. Noel comes in and sits down at the table with them. He starts telling Elena about a new shower curtain he’s just purchased. He looks over at Felicity and says, "Oh my God!, I didn’t even recognize you.." Elena says, "Doesn’t her hair look great." Noel says, "If you say so." He tells Felicity it’ll grow back - so she’ll have a bad hair year - she can buy a hat. Felicity asks Noel if this is making him feel better. Noel says he feels great. Elena tells Noel to stop. Felicity says she was hoping there was a chance they could get past this. Noel says they can’t. Felicity says, ’Obviously.’ She gets up to leave and tells Elena she’ll call her later. Elena tells Noel that was a very jerky thing to do. Noel says he’s not the one who cut her hair.

Felicity tells Sally that she sympathizes with Noel and she feels terrible about everything that happened, but it was obvious that she and Noel could not be in the same room together.

In class, Noel confronts Bridged about giving him the phone number to a pizza place. He says it was good timing because he was in the mood for a pizza. She apologizes. He tells her he’s going to ask for her number again and just so she knows, he’s kind of in the mood for Chinese food. They laugh. Felicity walks into the class. She and Noel are surprised to see one another. Professor Sherman says she forgot to assign the class partners for their homework assignment, so they should just pair up with the person on their left. Felicity and Bridged pair up which doesn’t make Noel very happy. After class, Noel says of all the classes at the school, Felicity has to take one of his. Felicity says she would never have taken the class had she known he was taking it. On her way out Bridged tells Felicity she’ll call her. Noel tells Bridged that he’ll call her. She says ‘okay.’ Noel tells Felicity if she doesn’t bother him , he won’t bother her.

Ruby is having trouble deciding what kind of computer to purchase. Meghan is shaving her underarms and doesn’t seem to be much help. Felicity comes in. Ruby says ‘Thank God.’ Ruby says she doesn’t really know where to start. Felicity tells her there are a million computer stores on Broadway. Meghan asks what about Noel - Mr. Genius Computer Guy. Ruby asks if he’s a friend of Felicity and if she can call him. Felicity says she doesn’t remember where she put his new phone number. Meghan tells Ruby to look him up in the student directory.

Sean and Ben interview potential roommates. Sean doesn’t like anyone. No one compares to Julie. Ben tells Sean that Julie is not an option - she’s already found a place to live.

Felicity tells Bridged she’s a little freaked out about presenting her drawing to the class for critique on Friday. Bridged says she thinks Felicity will do fine. She tells Felicity that Noel asked her out. She doesn’t want him to pursue something that won’t go anywhere. She has a girlfriend. She asks Felicity not to mention anything to Noel - she wants to tell him herself.

Richard tells Noel that Felicity shouldn’t have contact with Bridged. Noel says they were assigned to work together. Richard insists it’s a classic ex-girlfriend sabotage maneuver. Noel tells Richard that Felicity is not manipulative like that. Ruby is in the neighborhood getting coffee and decides to stop by to see Noel for tips on buying a computer. She tells him that Felicity and Meghan are her RA’s and they suggested she talk to Noel. Noel is upset because he thinks Felicity sent her. Richard comments that Felicity is a piece of work. Noel tells Ruby that he’s in a hurry to get to class. Ruby tells him she can write down her phone number and he can call her. She reaches into her bag for paper and pen. Richard jumps up from his chair and slams the door in her face. Noel open the door. Ruby says she’s obviously come at a bad time. Noel attempts to apologize. Ruby leaves.

Ben helps Julie take down a poster from her bedroom wall. He asks if she played any music over the summer. She tells him she wrote a lot of songs with titles like ‘When Ben Dies.’ Ben says he guesses he deserves to listen to them. She asks if everything is okay with him. Ben says ‘yeah.’ Julie says break-ups are hard, but you get over them eventually. Ben says, ‘Yeah, I guess.’

Noel asks Felicity if she sent one of her advisees to see him. Felicity says Ruby was asking about computers. He tells Felicity they are not friends and she has no right to talk to Bridged about him or send her advisees to him for help. Felicity says she didn’t plan it - he acts like she’s out to get him or something. He says they made a deal that they would stay away from one another and now she’s everywhere. Felicity offers to drop the class.

Felicity attempts to switch to another class, but they’re all full.

Julie goes to see Susan to give her first and last months rent. She even bought over a lamp that she thought would be perfect for her new room. Bad news - Susan’s sister is getting a job transfer from Atlanta to New York, so she’ll be moving in. Susan apologizes to Julie.

Felicity stops by Noel’s place. She explains that she can’t change her drawing class. She asks what they can do to make things easier. Noel says every time he sees her, it’s just another reminder that she chose Ben over him. He asks her what was it about Ben or about him. Felicity says she can’t answer that - she can’t explain it. She asks Noel what can she possibly say that would make things okay. She asks what if she told him she made a huge mistake and that she never should have gone with Ben. He tells her she’s just saying that because Ben broke her heart.

Noel runs into Ruby and apologizes for being a jerk the other day. He asks if she ever figured out what kind of computer she was going to get. She tells him she bought an iMac. Noel smiles. He says she’s a Mac person. She says, ’I guess I am.’

Felicity’s drawing assignment of Bridged’s hands is completely shot down during the critique in class by professor Sherman and other students. Noel makes the only positive comment that the detailing is nice. The professor disagrees. Felicity is crushed. After class Felicity thanks Noel for defending her drawing. He says he was just being honest. She starts to doubt her decision to drop pre-med. She thinks maybe she’s having a psychotic break. Noel assures her that she isn’t. He tells her that Professor Sherman is known for being hard on new students. She likes small classes, so she tries to scare the hell out of everyone - weed out as many kids as possible. He tells Felicity her hair isn’t so bad. Felicity calls him a liar. He tells her that before he was just messing around with her. She asks what was she thinking. Noel tells her she can always grow it back. She tells him that’s not what she meant. She says she’s so sorry that she hurt him. He’s one of the closest people in the world to her. She completely understands why he never wants to talk to her again. He changes the subject and says it turns out Bridged is gay. Felicity tells him she knows.

Ben tells Julie although she’s found a new place to live, she should stay at the loft - if she wants. Julie says that would be good.

Noel runs into Felicity outside her dorm room. She tells him she was heading up to the roof to sketch, but she could blow it off if he wanted to come in. Noel is actually there to pick up Ruby . Ruby appears. She tells Felicity Noel is taking her on a walking tour. She invites Felicity to come along. Felicity declines telling Ruby she’s got a lot of work to do. Noel tells Felicity he’ll see her in class next week.

Sally tells Felicity it was great to get her tape. She says Felicity has to send her pictures of her new haircut. She says it was really brave of Felicity to not only drop pre-med, but also make a decision to do the thing she always wanted to. Sally says she’s a firm believer in the power of change. There’s one thing she’s learned - the hardest part about moving forward is not looking back.






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