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Javier has returned as manager of Dean & Deluca’s - he finally got his visa. Felicity is telling him about her summer vacation when Meghan pages her. She has a floor meeting @ the dorm to get to in 4 minutes. Javier is dying to get the scoop on Felicity’s summer vacation. He begs her to tell him who the hell she went with - Ben or Noel - or he’ll kill her. Felicity promises to return and tell him everything after her meeting.

Felicity and everyone else thought they were going to have single dorm rooms this year. (Not!) Asbestos was discovered in one of the dorms so now they have to double up in all of the dorms. Singles are doubles and doubles are triples. Felicity is unwillingly rooming with Meghan again. As co-RA’s they will be advising 46 students. (pretty scary)

During the floor meeting a girl asks if Health Services fills prescriptions. Meghan asks what kind of prescriptions & what’s wrong with her. The girl answers ‘birth control pills.’ Felicity assures the girl Health Services will fill her prescription. Meghan says she wouldn’t take birth control advice from Felicity - she’s only had sex once - and with a guy she barely knew. Meghan advises the girl to stay away form Health Services. She says she once needed a prescription filled for a migraine, instead received an anti-psychotic drug. Felicity comments it might not have been an accident. She suggests that the girl check it out for herself. After the meeting Felicity asks Meghan what the hell was she doing - announcing her sexual history to a bunch of strangers. Meghan asks if 1 can be considered a history. Felicity tells Meghan she’s going to get a room transfer.

Julie discovers that not only does she not have a single room, but she has to room with twin freshman cheerleaders. (does this chick need anymore pain?)

Felicity goes to the housing office to apply for a room transfer. She’s told it’s unlikely that she’ll get a new room assignment, however since she’s an RA she’s welcome to apply. Julie stops by with intentions of doing the same thing. She overhears Felcity being told she has a slim to none chance. Julie leaves without a saying a word to Felicity. Felicity is filling out the application in the hallway when Ben and Noel enter from opposite directions. She smiles slightly as Noel walks in her direction. He gives her a cold look and continues to walk past her without a word. Felicity’s smile fades. Ben approaches her. They appear to have an awkward few seconds until Ben smiles and leans in to kiss her. He says it’s good to see her.

Later at Dean & Deluca’s, Felicity continues her conversation with Javier. At first she told the cab driver to take her to Kennedy Airport - international terminal. Then she decided to take a risk, so she went to Ben’s place instead to join him on the cross-country road trip.

Julie runs into Sean. She tells him about her dorm room situation with the twins who just won’t shut up. He offers to let her stay @ the loft. She thinks it would be kind of weird with Ben living there. She tells him she’s going to stick it out.

Ben stops by Felicity’s room. She’s recording a message for Sally. She tells Ben to say ‘hello.’ He asks Felicity what she’s told Sally. Felicity doesn’t want to tell him at first -she tells him it’s private. Then she tells him she asked Sally if she thought Julie and Noel would forgive her and Ben for what they did. Ben asks if she’s sorry she went with him. She says she’s sorry he spent the summer in Mexico. She wishes things weren’t so complicated. Ben agrees.

Sean casually mentions to Ben that Julie could possibly be moving in. Ben says he doesn’t care, but it could be weird for Julie because he and Felicity might start dating. Sean tells Ben Felicity is not the kind of girl you date - she’s the kind you marry. Sean says he likes Felicity, but Ben is not ready for her - ‘she’s a thoughtful, challenging, complicated girl who examines the world she sees and Ben is an idiot - he’s young. Ben tells Sean to do whatever he wants about Julie and he’ll do whatever he wants about Felicity. Ben says he likes Felicity - he can’t help it.

Noel found a 2 bedroom apartment to sublet. He called Elena to find out if she knew anyone who was looking for a place - she was so they decided to share the apartment. Felicity helps Elena carry a table home from a furniture store. Elena gives her an express tour of the apartment while standing in the kitchen, pointing out the various rooms. Felicity tells her she should go. Elena won’t let Felicity leave without having a soda first. Felicity asks if Noel has mentioned her. Elena says he hasn’t and it worries her. Elena asks Felicity how things are with Ben. Felicity says they’re good. Elena asks if things are good or gooood. Felicity says things are good, but not gooood. Elena wants to know when things are going to get gooood. Noel comes home. Elena runs out to the store leaving Felicity alone with Noel. Felicity makes small talk telling Noel she likes the apartment. She tells him she called Berlin and someone answered. Noel says it must have been Beth. He tells Felicity that Berlin turned out to be wonderful - the best 3 months of his life. He was annoyed at first wondering what she was doing with Ben - if they were sleeping in motels or just camping out . Wondering what position Felicity and Ben were in - whether he was on top or if she was on top. He tells her he’s just being honest - he was wondering the same thing about her and Ben that she was wondering about him and Beth. He says it’s liberating saying exactly what he feels. He tells her he can honestly say he never wants to see her again. Of course he will since they attend the same university - he just doesn’t want to.

Julie decides to take Sean’s offer and move into the loft for a while. Felicity stops by to see Ben, but he had been called into work earlier. She’s surprised to see Julie there. She talks to Ben @ Dean & Deluca’s about the Julie situation. Ben says he doesn’t care that Julie is there. Felicity says it’s a little weird. Ben agrees. Ben has more to say, but Javier is hounding him to get back to work, so they decide to go out tonight.

Felicity tells Sally Ben wants to talk to her - possibly about breaking up. She promises she won’t overthink this one and just go out and have a good time.

Noel , Elena ,and Julie are out having dinner. Noel leaves the table to get movie listings. Elena tells Julie that her living with Ben is going to get ugly. She and Ben just broke up and he and Felicity are just starting out. Julie predicts that there’s not a chance that they’re going to last. Noel returns to the table with the movie listings. They’re debating which movie to see when Felicity and Ben walk in. Ben says hello to Elena and comments that he hadn’t seen her since his return. Noel says Ben hadn’t seen him either and asks why he didn’t say ‘hi’ to him. Ben says ‘hi.’ Felcity tells Ben they should probably leave. Julie tells the they should stay. Noel invites them to the movies. Elena warns Noel. Noel says he’s allowed to invite Felicity and the guy she chose over him. Ben tells Noel he doesn’t have to be such a dick about it. Noel says he thinks this is about the amount of dick that he needs to be. Elena asks if this is an example of the new Noel. Noel tells her to shut up. Julie tells him to shut up. Elena stands up and tells Noel not to tell her to shut up. Ben tells Noel not to be an ass to Elena. Noel tells Ben he’s going to kick his ass if he talks to him again. Ben asks Noel how he’s going to kick his ass - with a computer. Felicity tells Noel she’s sorry. Noel tells her she should be thrilled - she got everything she wanted. Ben suggests he and Felicity leave. Felicity refuses. She asks Ben what he wanted to talk to her about. Julie says probably about how things are getting too serious. Ben says he can’t take this and asks Felicity if she’s going to leave with him. She says ‘no.’ Ben leaves. Julie comments that Ben gets up and goes pretty quickly.

Later Ben stops by Felicity’s room and tells her that Julie moving in doesn’t really mean anything. He doesn’t want Felicity to worry about that. He tells her he’s so happy they’re together and that he missed her while he was in Mexico. They kiss.

Ben tells Julie she shouldn’t just blame Felicity - he’s at fault too. She says she knows whose fault it was. She made a bad choice in trusting him and giving her heart to him. She tells him she’s not consumed by this - her life is a lot more than him and Felicity.

Sean tells Ben he should break it off with Felicity. He asks Ben if he would date Felicity if he knew she was in love with him. Ben says he would still date her.

Ben stops by to see Felicity amid a RA/advisee crisis. Meghan can’t deal and begs Felicity to help her straighten things out. Felicity unwillingly goes to help. Ben is left alone in her room. He notices Felicity’s recorder on the bed. He picks it up and rewinds the tape. He hears Felicity tell Sally about kissing him in the back room at work and making plans. She wants this feeling to last for the rest of her life. She tells Sally she doesn’t know what this is - maybe love. Ben looks worried and stops the tape.





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