It's 2am - Felicity is trying to sleep - she has 4 finals this week. Meghan is creating a major disturbance working on a spell. She steals a strand of Felicity's hair. Felicity tells Meghan she doesn't know what she's doing and she doesn't really care. Felicity gets out of bed to go to the bathroom. Meghan tells her she'd better watch out because she's put a clumsy spell on her. Felicity tells Meghan she'll let he know when it completely doesn't work. Felicity puts her robe on and trips over something as she heads for the door.

Felicity tells Sally she's always liked math and science because most of the time she's a pretty rational person. She's never really believed in magic until the last few days.

@ Dean & Deluca's, Danny is afraid to pass on orders from Abby to Felicity and Ben. Felicity assures him it's okay since he's the new assistant manager. He tells them they're shutting down on friday night for inventory. Felicity and Ben have been assigned to do it. Ben comments that it sucks to have to do inventory on a friday night. Felicity agrees, then drops a tray of dishes onto the floor.

Felicity tells Sally she believes in fate - that things happen for a reason.

Ben worked out his financial situation with his mom. He neglected to tell her about his gambling so the money she sent for his plane trip home went to Barry to pay off his debt. Felicity saw an ad posted on a bulletin board requesting someone to drive this guys car out to SanFrancisco. Perfect for Ben - transportation home plus $500 to do the job. Ben invites Julie to drive out to Palo Alto with him. They invite Felicity to come along. Felicity invites Noel. She thought he'd say 'no' because of his internship in Berlin. He tells her it doesn't start until June, so he has a couple of weeks to kill.

Felicity tells Meghan to stop putting spells on her. Meghan says she has an even better one, but she needs a fingernail clipping. Felicity ignores the request and says she's going to class. Meghan tells her she's still going to do the spell.

Felicity tells Sally she should have taken Meghan more seriously.

Felicity, Ben, Noel and Julie begin to plan their cross-country road trip. Felicity says she's always wanted to drive cross-country. The toast their glasses ' to the road trip .' Felicity accidentally knocks Ben's glass over onto the floor.

Felicity walks in on Meghan plucking hairs from her pillow. She asks Meghan what she's doing and demands her to put her pillow down. Meghan asks Felicity if she's afraid of her power. Felicity says she's terrified of her power. Meghan says ,'it's working - you're clumsy aren't you?' Felicity denies being clumsy. She tells Meghan she's late... as she's putting on her jacket the sleave rips. Meghan asks Felicity if she would like to learn to harness the force. Felicity says 'no thanks.' Meghan tells her she's working on a new spell - forgetfulness. Felicity doubts it will work.

In McGrath's seminar, Felicity attempts to answer a question, but forgets what she wants to say. Elena raises her hand to answer. Dr McGrath says it would be wonderful if Elena could let someone else answer a question for a change.

Ben, Julie, and Felicity go to meet the guy whose car they'll possibly be driving cross-country. The guy needs their drivers license numbers. Ben and Julie have theirs, but Felicity doesn't have hers with her. She says she knows the #, but then can't remember all of it.

Noel isn't so sure he's going to Berlin for the internship. He got his dates confused and it actually starts 2 weeks eariler than he thought. His friend Guy thinks he's nuts to choose a road trip over the internship.

Nicole stops by Ben's place. She brings him some hot chocolate. He tells her she should leave. She says the fastest way to get over a crush is to act on it. She unzips her dress and lets it fall to the floor. Ben covers his eyes in disbelief. Sean walks in. Nicole covers herself. Everyone is embarrassed.

Meghan is working on another spell. She has torn up a photograph of Felicity,Julie, Ben, Noel, and Elena. Felicity is upset because it's the only photo she has of all of them together. meghan tells her it's not like they're dead - she can get another one. Meghan tells her this spell is going to be so kick-ass. Felicity tells Meghan not to tell her what it is. Meghan assures Felicity she won't have to.

@ Dean & Deluca, Ben spots Nicole entering. He tells Felicity to tell Nicole he's not working today. Felicity tells her. Nicole tells Felicity to tell Ben she stopped by. After Nicole leaves, Felicity asks Ben what that was all about. Ben says Nicole has been giving signs that she likes him and even came over last night and took off her clothes. He assures Felicity nothing happened. She asks him what did Julie say about what happened. Ben admits he hasn't told Julie yet. Felicity tells Ben he and Julie are perfect for one another and if he breaks up with Julie she will kill him.

Ben tells Nicole that he's going to have to tell Lynn if she doesn't stop coming on to him.

Ben and Julie are at the library. He asks Julie if she thinks they're getting too serious. Julie says 'no.' Obviously Ben does. He says they're only 18 yrs old and sometimes it feels like they're older. Julie asks if she's done something. He tells her she hasn't done anything - it's not about her. Julie says he's doing that guy thing - he's acting like he's confused when he really knows exactly what he's thinking. Ben thinks things have been too heavy. Julie says they both have had a hard year and they've been there for one another. She asks if he still wants her to go on the road trip. He says he wants her to. Julie says that maybe taking a break is a good idea. He says he never said anything about taking a break. She says she knows it's a little tricky - not using those exact words. She tells him she's not going on the trip.

Julie tells Felicity that Ben says he needs a break from her. Felicity assures her he probably just meant he needs a break from everything - like they all do - it's been a crazy year. Felicity hugs her telling her it will be okay.

Elena tells Dr. McGrath she doesn't think seeing one another outside of class is going to work. He tells her he was over compensating with the remark he made to her in class because he doesn't want anyone to know that he enjoys her company. He tells her that he's intimidated by her. She says she's the one who's intimidated. He suggests that maybe that's their problem - the scare one another. Elena says maybe it's not a problem. They kiss.

Noel tells Felciity that if he goes on the road trip he can't to the internship. She tells him he's not going to lose her. He says it's going to be hard. He says they should kiss one more time to purge their systems.

Meghan returns Felicity's photograph - it's been taped back together. Meghan says the spell didn't work. Felicity asks what it was. Meghan says 'love.' She left out an important ingredient - clove. She tells Felicity she was probably right about the other spells - they were just stupid. Felicity is not so sure. She was actually starting to think some of the spells were working. She says it would be amazing if you could make things happen or make them better by doing a spell.

Felicity and Ben are taking inventory at Dean & Deluca. Felicity tells Ben she's not going on the trip - she doesn't think it's such a good idea. He asks why. He tells her to come with him - it'll be fun. Felicity notices a box dated 6/1/91. Ben says it's gross and asks what it is. Felicity says it's clove. She takes the box down from the shelf and drops it. The contents spill out onto the floor. She and Ben bend down to pick up the stuff. He asks if she'll come with him. She asks if he thinks she should. He says 'yeah.' She agrees to go. They are about to kiss when there's a knock at the door.

Felicity tells Sally that on her way home all she could think about was how she and Ben were going to be driving cross-country in that car - alone and in that car for 2 weeks... And about Noel and Julie. How are they going to react when they find out? When she returns to her dorm room she looks at the photo Meghan returned. Meghan had put it it back together all wrong. In the original photo, Felicity was next to Noel, now she's next to Ben in the photo. She asks Sally if she believes in magic.