Felicity and Julie both claim they're over Ben.

Felicity finds out someone - a guy - called the admissions office asking for her application essay. She goes to Noel first to ask if he's the one. He didn't request it, so she figures Ben must have tried to get a hold of it since she'd read his essay. She decides to send a copy of her essay to Ben. Noel attempts to discourage her. She thinks it's because Noel has 'feelings' for her. Noel tries to minimize his feelings for Felicity, telling her he crushes on lots of girls- all of the time.

Felicity is surprised to see her parents when she goes to her counselor's office. She finds out they never returned home to California. They want answers as to why Felicity has made such a drastic change in her life plan and 'this need to be in Manhattan.' Felicity is appalled when they wonder if drugs are to blame for this radical decision. She finds out that her father was the one who called admissions in attempts to get a copy of her application essay. She storms out of the counselor's office.

Felicity tries desperately to get the letter and copy of the essay she'd mailed to Ben. She goes to his dorm/apartment building and tries to convince the mail person to retreive the envelope. He refuses. Ben comes along to check his mail and spots Felicity. They talk about the hassles of registering for classes while Ben gets his mail. Someone bumps into Ben sending the mail to the floor. Felicity sees this as an opportunity to get the envelope back. She stoops to help Ben gather up his mail. They simultaneously grab 'her'envelope. Felicity doesn't want to let it go, but she has to. Ben tells her that he has it. She reluctantly loosens her grip. He tells her that it's really good she's staying in New York. He walks away.

Felicity complains to Noel about her parents meeting with her counselor. They are interrupted with a visit from a resident on the floor. He tells Noel that his roommate has been talking in his sleep about getting knives and killing him. Noel assures the guy he will talk to his roommate. Felicity tells Noel it was her dad who was trying to get a copy of her admissions essay. Noel suggests inviting her parents to the dorm so they can see where she's living and to meet her RA , who will make them really secure. Where she lives won't be such a mystery to them. Felicity takes Noel's advice and invites her parents to the dorm. Noel tells her he can't wait to meet the people who made her.

Felicity's roommate, Meagan, stops in briefly to drop off and pick up a few items. Felicity tells her that her parents are coming for a visit and asks Meagan if she can put away a few of her skulls. Meagan refuses and leaves. Her parents arrive. They're looking the room over when there is a knock at the door. Felicity yells 'Come in' and Noel enters and asks 'When do the overbearing parents get here?' As soon as the words leave his mouth Noel notices her parents and tells them he's horrifiyingly apologetic. Felicity's mother says it's okay. Felicity's door is still open. The guy with the roommate who talks in his sleep enters with a rather large knife. Noel tells the guy that he talked with his roommate and he told him he doesn't want to kill him. The guy says his roommate has taken the first step (towards killing him). Noel tells the guy he'll talk to his roommate again. After the guy leaves the fire alarm goes off. Noel tells her parents it happens all of the time, but they should still evacuate the building in an orderly fashion.

In the counselor's office Felicity's father says they never laid down an ultimatum. He says he can remember when Felicity wanted to go to Stanford and become a doctor. Felicity tells her parents about the crush on Ben - that she came because of him, but she's staying because of her. Her father thinks she's just feeling a rush of independence. Felicity tells them she thinks it's important to stay. Her mother agrees and tells her she should stay in New York and not come home for thanksgiving. Her mother walks out. Her father attempts to explain but is lost for words. He walks out leaving Felicity alone with the counselor.

Ben asks Julie if she's avoiding him. She tells him a little. She seems to be in a hurry and tells him she'll see him later.

Felicity tells Julie about the unsuccessful meeting with her parents and the counselor. Julie explains that Felicity's parents feel rejected because she wants to be on her own. Julie says her situation is the opposite of Felicity's - that her parents have always expected her to leave. She's adopted and found out her birth mother's name. She lives in New York and is the reason Julie is there. She hasn't told her parents because she says it would hurt them too much to know that she was searching for her birth mother. Felicity states she feels all grown up. Julie says she does too.

Noel runs into Felicity's father in the dorm and tells him once again that he is regretful for what he said. Her father asks Noel how Felicity is. Noel tells him she's okay and if things ever get bad he'll be there to do what he can to make it better. He asks Noel how the 'knife thing' turned out. Noel assures him it's okay - under control.

Felicity and her father go to dinner alone. He tells her that her mother isn't feeling well. He tells her that he doesn't want her to live in New York - he wants her at Stanford. He then tells her it's her life. He says he will pay for her tuition, but she'll be responsible for her room & board.

Felicity tells her counselor she feels guilty about growing up. She doesn't understand why her mother is so hurt about her being in New York.

Felicity's mother comes to the dorm looking for her. Julie tells her where she can find her. When she finds Felicity she tells her she doesn't know what it's going to be like not having Felicity at home. She tells Felicity she's 'proud of her brave daughter.' Ben comes over to them and tells Felicity he got her essay. She introduces him to her mother. As Ben walks away Felicity's mom leans over and whispers 'he's cute.' Felicity says 'yeah.'

Felicity hugs her parents and they say goodbye. They head back to California.


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