Sean wants Ben to participate in his latest get rich quick idea. This time it's a documentary about college life. Ben is completely uninterested until Sean offers him a rent free month in exchange for a few moments of Ben's time in front of the camera. Ben thinks it's a stupid idea,however, not having to pay rent next month is definitely incentive for participation. Sean tells Ben to just start talking. Ben has no clue where to start and wants to know what the film is supposed to be about. Sean tells him it's a documentary - it's about the people that he interviews - there's no script,no story, it's about the people... Sean tells him to just start talking. He asks what it's like in college. Ben doesn't think Sean knows how to make a documentary. Sean tells him it's going to be a totally professional movie. The camera starts to make this malfunctioning noise. Ben tells Sean he thinks he needs a new camera - there's smoke coming from it.

Felicity tells Sally she's convinced that the pattern of her course load is directly related to the cafeteria menu on mondays. If there's a pasta special in the cafeteria she knows the week is going to be hell. She tells her Noel decided not to move but they still haven't really talked. She tells Sally that she misses Noel.

Julie willingly participates in Sean's docmentary. She says the best part about college is the friends you make. The first day you feel like you're never going to meet anyone and the all of a sudden months later you have all of these amazing friends. Noel stops by to tell Julie about the dorm meeting tonite. He asks what's going on. Sean tells him he's making a documentary about college students, the whole experience - kids venting about college. Noel suggests Sean call it a docuventary. He asks Julie if she knows where Felicity is. She tells him she's with Elena and then she has her seminar. Sean and Julie resume the intervies after Noel leaves. Julie continues by saying friendships are sometimes complicated - one day you kiss one of your friends or someone you knew before you even knew them comes back...(the Hanna/Noel thing).

Ben's father has decided not to pay his tuition so Ben must find some other way to generate funds for school.

Noel tells Felicity he got her message and she's right - they need to talk. Felicity tels Elena she'll meet her @ the seminar. Felicity tells Noel she's glad he stayed- for whatever reason. Noel says they both made some pretty bad decisions and hurt each other a lot. Felcity says that doesn't mean they can't try again. She thinks they can start over and become friends again. Noel agrees. Sean appears out of nowhere and tries to film their conversation. He asks if they mind. They both yell telling him it's a private conversation.

Felicity arrives at the seminar as it's ending. Elena tells her Dr Mcgrath assigned their final project. She asks Felicity where the hell was she. Everyone has a partner except Felicity. Elena has been assigned to work with two other students. Feliicty asks Dr. McGrath if she can work with Elena. He won't allow it. He warned her from the beginning she would have to be committed to the seminar. Feliicty complains about having to do twice as much work as everyone else.

Elena allows Sean to interview her for his documentary. She says when she first arrived she was so certain about who she'd be - who she wouldn't be. She's made lots of rules for herself - Don't let them see you don't come from money, don't let them see how scared you are, don't let them pity you... - She loosened up once she realized everyone was just as terrified as she was. Elena says she's made some really good friends. Felicity is 'her girl'. She's with her all the time going through Felicity's stuff like it's her own. When it's hard for Felicity- it's hard for Elena as well.

During another interview session,Sean asks Ben how coming here has affected his family. Ben sighs saying his parents split up. Sean asks why Ben hadn't told him that before. Ben says it happened a couple of weeks ago - his mom finally go up and left. he thinks it's for the best - it's about time she did it.

During Noel's session he says there were a few reasons why he decided to become an RA. He needed the money, he wanted to help students - when he was a freshman he had this RA who ignored all the guys and slept with all the girs. Sean says like Noel slept with Felicity. Noel says he never slept with Felicity. Sean asks 'How come?" Noel asks how these questions ae about college. Sean says he's just curious - didn't Feliicty sleep with some other guy? Noel asks if they can just not do this right now. Sean apologizes and tells Noel they can start over if he wants. Noel tells him he's not in the best mood right now - Felicity slept with someone else and it's making him crazy. He tells Sean how when Hanna came back into his life he started to question what he had with Felicity and nothing should have made him question what he had with her. Sean says he wishes his camera were on and that his documentary should be about Noel and Felicity. Noel tells Sean he's not making a movie about him and Felicity. Sean asks if Noel can forgive Felicity. Noel says he doesn't know - he can't get the image of Felicity and Eli out of his mind. Sean suggests Noel visit a hypnotist that his uncle went to to kick his smoking habit. He says not only is his uncle now a non-smoker, but he also lobbies for anti-tobacco legislation.

Lynn stops by Dean & Deluca to invite Ben to go bowling tonite. At first Ben says he can't, but Lynn convinces him to go. Ben hands over his paycheck to Lynn to bet on a basketball game.

Felicity goes to see Noel to use his computer for graphs,and charts for her seminar project. He tells her he doesn't mind if she uses his computer because he has some reading to do. Felicity gets started and Noel changes his mind. He says he can't pretend like nothing happened with her and Eli. She tells him Eli didn't mean anything. He says maybe that makes it worse - he doesn't know, but it doesn't make it better. He says he's been soul searching for weeks trying to get past it, but he can't. He doesn't have the capacity like she does to just be friends again. He apologizes. Felicity gathers up her things and leaves. Sean is right outside Noel's door and asks Felicity if she'll talk to him now. Felicity tells him to get away from her.

Noel goes to the hypnotist. He tells Noel he's never had a patient addicted to another person. Noel tells him his ex-girlfriend went off with another guy and he has this image in his head of Felicity and this other guy that's been haunting him. The hypnotist says he might be able to help him. He starts the process. Sean is filming the entire time. The hypnotist says Noel is so full of anger that he can only see a symptom - he can't see the problem. He says his job is to put Noel in a highly suggestive state to help him see the problem. Sean asks if he can make Noel think waster is lemon juice. Next we see Noel take a sip of water and then spit it out spraying water everywhere.

Sean pesters Felicity about the documentary. She finally agrees to talk to him although she doesn't think she has anything valuable to say. Sean asks her what's the biggest lesson she's learned so far. She says relationships are hard - you're dating someone and just doing the best you can and then all of a sudden this thing happens like a tornado that just comes out of nowhere. It might not even have been anyone's fault or maybe it had been brewing for a while and neither person knew it. All of a sudden everything just falls apart. You're just left there to figure out what goes where. She says 'sometimes the person you thought you'd be with a long time... sometimes you're wrong. Relationships are hard.'

Ben and Julie are hanging out at the bar where Lynn works. Ben is stressing out listening to the basketball game on the radio because his team has lost. Julie asks how much he's lost. He lies telling her not much. He goes over to Lynn to ask for a loan to bet on another game. Lynn tells him to just go to the ATM and take some money out. Ben tells Lynn he doesn't understand - he really needs a loan. Lynn asks if he's wiped clean. Ben says 'yes'. He owes some money for school and he doesn't have money for food. He says he's not going to borrow money from Julie. Lynn tells him he should never put down money unless he has some to spare. Ben says he appreciates the rule, but he needs one more win - he needs 500 bucks. Lynn says he's not going to call Barry. Ben asks for the phone number so he can call. Lynn refuses. Ben says he'll find someone else to take his money. He tells Julie he'll see her back at the loft. Julie asks what's going on - he's acting crazy. Lynn tries to stop him. Ben shoves him away. Lynn shoves back and they fight. Sean tapes the entire thing.

Sean interviews Meghan. He asks what's her biggest fear. She says 'that this interview goes on more than 3 minutes. Sean asks what it's like to live with Felicity. She says it's like living with a TV that's always playing 'Little House on the Prarie' only with more sweaters.

Noel tells Sean he can move on - it's not like he needs Felcity in his life - he survived 19 years without her. Sean says the problem is that he needs a happy ending for his documentary. He tells Noel he should talk to Felicity and try to make things better. Noel says it's over. Felicity never felt for him what he felt for her. Sean shows him a portion of Felicity's interview where she says 'relationships are hard - you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone.' Now she relizes she loves Noel. Noel smiles a little.

Noel tells Felicity if they can't figure out a way to get through this then he underestimated what they are. He tells her he loves her - he has since the beginning. He's sorry it took all of this to admit it.

Sean interviews Felicity and Noel together. He asks if they're together. Felicity says they're going to see how things go. Sean asks if they can kiss for his happy ending. They refuse. Noel tells him they're not going out. Sean's says, 'C'mon, this has got to get steamy, I've got to sell this film.' Felicty and Noel get up and leave.
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