Javier tells Felicity he's giving her a raise. She thanks him. Then he says he'd appreciate it if she'd marry him.

Felicity records a message for Sally describing how she'd pictured her wedding: the beach at sunset- she pictured herself in an amazing white dress, family and friends all around- the whole cliche start to finish. She didn't picture herself and a short balding, Spanish homosexual filling out papers at City Hall.

Noel tells Felicity that his brother is coming to visit- he has something he wants to talk to Noel about. Noel thinks he might have proposed to his girlfriend. Noel is preparing for an important graphics exhibit. He's one of 7 students chosen out of 100 to show his work. He tells Felicity that he became interested in graphics because his brother, Ryan is a graphic designer.

Felicity tells Noel that Javier asked her to marry him - his visa runs out in 10 days and if he doesn't marry someone soon he'll be deported back to Spain. Noel can't believe she's actually considering getting married. She thinks it would be really cool to help someone out like that. Noel's brother arrives. They hug. Noel introduces them. Ryan tells Felicity he feels like he already knows her.

Julie is playing guitar at Ben's place. Ben tells her he has to go to the pool. She asks 'Again?' He says he needs to clear his head and leaves.

Felicity decides that she's going to tell Javier that she can't marry him - that the only real reaon to get married is for love. She's prepared to tell him, but then decides that if she married him it would be for love. She says that it's not often you find your soulmate - Javier has found his in Samuel. She tells Javier that he's not going back to Spain because she's going to marry him. He thanks her and kisses her hand telling her she's 'an angel straight from heaven.' He tells her they have to meet with a lawyer and file the papers. Then after 6 months he'll get the visa. After 1 year they'll meet with the immigration officer and then he'll be able to get his green card.

Noel's brother Ryan confesses that he broke up with his girlfriend a year ago and that he's gay. Noel tells him he's full of it - that he's not gay. Ryan asks if he's upset. Noel says he's surprised - if that's the way it is then okay... Noel tells him he doesn't know him as well as he thought he did.

Noel suggests to Felicity that Ryan may be just going through a phase - that he's experimenting. Felicity says Ryan seems pretty sure from what Noel has told her. Noel says that Ryan had more girlfriends than any guy in Boston - Girls loved him. He says it has to be a phase - people don't change that much over nite. Noel asks how Javier took it when Felicity told him she couldn't marry him. Felicity tells Noel she sort of told Javier 'yes.'

Meghan is applying a henna tattoo when Javier knocks on the door calling out Felciity's name. He opens the door still calling Felicity. Meghan asks him 'If she was here, don't you think she would have opened the door 10 minutes ago? She asks who he is. Javier tells her he's Felicity's fiance. Meghan tells him he must have the wrong Feliicity. She asks if Felicity's 'knocked up' Javier tells her she has the wrong Felicity. Felicity walks in. She explains that Javier is a really good friend and she's marrying him so that he can get his green card. Meghan tells her that every time she thinks she has her pegged she does something completely bitchin.' She asks if Javier is buying her a car. Feicity tells her 'no.' Javier asks Felicity if she wants a bicycle. She tells him he's not buying her anything. Javier says they ahve to make it look real. He presents her with a ring. Meghan says she's going to leave the two love birds alone.

Ben is checking his mailbox. A couple (Nicole and Lynn) that he saw at the pool the other day come over. Nicole asks Ben if he's trying out for the swim team. He says he's thinking about it. They guy, Lynn, swears he's seen Ben some place before - perhaps his highschool. Ben says 'no' Lynn invites him to stop by the bar where he works. Ben agrees to stop by.

Noel apologizes to Ryan for the way he acted the other nite - he wasn't expecting to find out that his brother is gay. He tells Ryan about the graphics exhibit. Ryan tells him he'd love to go. He tells Noel about Alex, a guy he's involved with. He's bringing Alex to dinner so Noel can meet him.

Felicity and Javier meet with the lawyer at Dean & Deluca. The lawyer tells Felicity that she's liable for anything that happens to Javier and that she'll be assuming all responsibility for him. She will need to prove that she can support Javier if he loses his job. One the papers are filed it's up to the INS. If they find out that the marriage wasn't entered into with good faith Javier would be sent back to Spain and Felicity could face severe fines and a possible prison sentence. Later, Javier tells her he'd understand if she doesn't want to go thru with it and that she should sleep on it. Felicity agrees that she should sleep on it.

Ben and Julie are having beers at the bar where Lynn works. Lynn says he remembers where he's seen Ben before- the track team. Ben tells him he's not on the track team. Lynn says he knows - he was at the tryouts supporting his buddy - he mentions Ben didn't make the team. Lynn suggests he join track or swimming intramurals. Ben tells him he's trying out for the swim team. He and Julie leave.

At dinner, Ryan asks how long Noel and Felicity have been going out. Felicity says about 3 months. Ryan says he and Alex have been together for 10 months. Ryan says their one year anniversary is coming up in April. They'll be having a committment ceremony. Noel asks if it's like a party. Ryan explains it's more like a wedding. Noel says it seems a little fast - he comes to New York, tells him he's gay, then he has a boyfriend, and now he's getting married after only 10 months- he was with his girlfriend for 4 years. Ryan tells Noel he hoped he'd have his support when he told his parents the news. He announces that he's going back to the hotel and leaves. Noel declares it's insane and goes back to the dorm. Felicity and Alex are left alone at the restaurant. She tells him that she's going to marry a gay guy too. Alex gives her a strange look.

Felciity tells Javier that she'll marry him. He tells her it's okay- she doesn't have to now. Samuel will be getting a job transfer to Spain.

Julie asks Ben if he wants her to come to swim team tryouts. He tells her 'no,- it's not a big deal.' She says she doesn't believe him. She's been watching him all week and it's obvious it means a lot to him. He says he really does want to be on the team. He wants to feel like he's a part of something.

Javier stops by to drop off a huge basket of bread and pastries from Dean & Deluca for Feliicity. She's not there so he asks Noel if he can keep it in his room for her. He tells Noel that Felicity is the most generous,wonderful person he's ever met. She's a romantic - - she realized how difficult his situation with Samuel was. He tells Noel lots of people disapprove, but not Felicity. She believes in love. Javier tells Noel it's important to support the people you love.

Julie goes to Ben's swim team tryouts. He doesn't know she's there. He makes the team along with Lynn. Ben spots Julie and smiles.

Ryan shows up at the exhibit. Noel apologizes again for the way he acted. Ryan says until this he never thought being honest would cause him to lose his family. Noel tells him that's never going to happen.

Javier has a farwell party. Felicity attempts to give him back the ring. He tells her he wants her to keep it.

Sally tells Felicity she probably would have done the same thing- offered to marry Javier. She says Felicity's tape reminded her that love is complicated- full of sacrifice and compromise- but maybe that's the best part. When you see someone in love you want to do whatever you can for them because the truth is you want to be them. ----

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