Felicity is at Todd's side as he is wheeled into the hospital emergency room. Before he's taken into a restricted area he whispers for her to reach into his left jeans pocket to get a note she gave to him when she was twelve.

Felicity returns to her dorm room where she reads the note she'd written to Todd during her human biology summer school class. She munches on the Mallomars Todd sent her. This is what she'd written:

Dear Todd, I'm sitting in Mr Dorfman's human biology class. I know summerschool's supposed to be boring, but this is worse. I keep thinking how happy I am that I met you. You ask me smart questions - things no one's ever asked me before - including me. I guess I could be an artist if I wanted to, but that would probably mean my dad would never talk to me again. :) I know one day when I grow up I'll have to make a decision - if I'm going to be an artist or a doctor. I'm just happy that day isn't today. Anyway, to answer your question you asked me on the bus - yes, I can go to McDonald's after class - if you want to.

Felicity pulls out her portfolio and looks at some of her drawings.

Elena and Felicity find their names among the list of students who've made it past the exam for admission to the seminar. Elena comments that she and Felicity are two smart,confident women. Felicity reminds her that they still have the interview to get through.

Felicity is watching the movie 'Dead Poet's Society' when Noel stops by. Noel comments that Felicity is eating cookies Todd sent. She gives him the note she'd written Todd. She blames herself for the accident. She thought Todd was an annoying pest. She thinks if she had just listened to him he never would've gotten hit by the bus. She shows Noel her drawings. Noel thinks they're good - he thinks they're Todd's. Felicity explains they are her drawings. When she first came to New York she was determined not to follow in her father's footsteps. Instead, she finds herself doing exactly that. She says she's lost track. Noel mentions that she has an excellent boyfriend. Felicity doubts how she's living her life. She thinks maybe Todd is right - she should persue art.

During her interview for the seminar Felicity tells Dr. McGrath that she's thinking about becoming an artist. At one time she genuinely wanted to become a doctor - she just can't remember why. He tells her he's removing her name from the list for consideration for the seminar and wishes her well.

Julie stops by Dean & Deluca to tell Ben she's mailed the tape to Carol telling her she's her daughter. She dropped it in the mailbox, but then decided she wanted it back. She attempted to get 3 mail carriers to open the box so she could retrieve the tape. No luck.

Elena thinks Felicity is nuts. She tells her she's dumb for telling Dr. McGrath that she's thinking about becoming an artist. Felicity asks Elena to stop beating her up about it. Elena tells Felicity she's going to kick her ass and that she's made the biggest mistake of her life.

Felicity, Noel, Ben, Julie, and Elena go to see Todd at the hospital. Felicity talks to the doctors and report back to the gang that the transfusions went well and he could be moved to the critical care unit where he can have visitors tomorrow.

Felicity visits the university's art department and talks to one the students. She asks if there's a possibility of any openings in the art classes to transfer into. He tells her all the classes are filled - she should try next semester. Felicity tells him that it seems like a million years away. He assures her time passes pretty fast. Felicity heads for the door. The guy tells her the studio is open all of the time if she wants to hang out and use some of the materials - he won't say anything. She thanks him.

Noel comes looking for Felicity. Meghan tells him she hasn't seen her. Noel asks her to tell Felicity to contact him because they had a date tonite. Meghan tells him that Felicity blowing him off is a bad sign. Noel insists Felicity is not blowing him off.

Carol and Julie are leaving work. She tells Julie she's told her husband of how Julie reminds her alot of herself - playing guitar, etc. She gets a cab and offers Julie a ride. Julie accepts. Carol drops her bag getting into the cab and out pours her mail including the package from Julie. Julie helps her gather the mail and reluctantly hands over the package. She tells Carol she's just going to walk.

Felicity goes to the art studio and spends all nite drawing and painting.

Noel is upset with Felicity because she didn't return any of his phone calls from the previous nite. He even went to the hospital looking for her, but she wasn't there. He tells her if she's going through something she needs to tell him. She tells him not every problem can be solved by her running to him all wide-eyed and asking for advice - there are some things that he can't help her with.

Felicity goes to visit Todd @ the hospital. She shows him stuff she's bought for him - goldfish crackers, whoppers candy, and a comic book, The Punisher. She tells him how much is being there has meant to her - she's thought about things she hasn't thought about in a long time. Todd tells her he got hit by a bus for her and asks for his kiss. He says it'll either be electric and bridge all the time lost between them or it'll be nothing. Felicity leans over and gently kisses Todd on the lips. His heart stops. Doctors rush in and attempt to revive him. He's wisked away to the operating room. A girl with flowers comes over and asks Felicity if this is Todd Mulcahy's room. Felicity asks who she is. The girl tells Felicity she's Todd's fiance.

Noel stops by Dean & Deluca to ask Ben what Felicity was like in highschool. He thinks she's going thru a mid-freshman crisis. Ben tells Noel he really didn't know Felicity in highschool.

In the waiting room, Felicity offers Todd's fiance, Rebecca, some M&M's to break the ice. Rebecca declines. She tells Felicity she knows all about her. She says Todd had been depressed for about 6 months. After he'd seen Felicity over Christmas break he sort of 'woke up.' She asks Felicity if she loves Todd. Felicity says 'no.' She likes him, but she doesn't love him. The nurse calls Rebecca in to see the doctor. She tells Felicity she's terrified - what if the doctors weren't able to save him. Felicity offers to go with her. Rebecca declines. Felicity peers into the corridor window. Rebecca hugs the doctor. Todd is going to be okay.

Felicity goes to see Dr. McGrath and tells him she wants to be in his seminar. He tells her she's required to commit to becoming a physican to be a part of the seminar. Felicity tells him it's ridiculous. Although she wants to persue art, she'll give 100% to the seminar - art won't interfere. She tells him she knows one days she'll have to choose - she's glad that day isn't today. He tells her he'll consider what she's told him.

Julie is summoned into Carol's office. She tells Julie she listened to her tape. She tells Julie that she's sorry, but she's not her mother. Julie is crushed - she was so sure Carol was the one. Carol wishes her luck.

As Todd leaves the hospital, Felicity apologizes for all that happened. Todd says it's okay - he thinks he needed it to get his life back on track. Felicity agrees she needed that too. He tells her 'that kiss was pretty damned good.' Felicity tells him he needs to go home.

Felicity and Noel kiss and make up. Noel tells Felicity he scanned one of her drawings onto his computer. He tells her she can use it anytime. Felicity stops by Dr. McGrath's office to apologize for the other day. He hands her an acceptance letter to begin the seminar.

Elena reads her acceptance letter into the seminar.


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