Felicity's old friend from Palo Alto, Todd Mulcahy comes to visit. Mehgan, Felicity's roommate is attempting to pierce her nose when Todd knocks on the door. Mehgan informs him that Felicity is not around and requests his assistance with her piercing. She asks him to hold a piece of ice to her nose to numb it. Noel comes by looking for Felicity. Todd introduces himself and tells Noel that he ran into Felicity over Christmas break @ a supermarket in Palo Alto. He explains that Felicity was his first crush and he was hers. He's come to kiss her. He wants to know what it feels like and he thinks she does too.

Felicity is stressed out about taking an exam that could get her into a seminar taught by a legendary geneticist. Only 10 out of 200 students are accepted each year. Noel tells her he's met Todd Mulcahy. He gives Felicity a written message from Todd. Todd wants Felicity to call him @ his hotel so they can get together and talk. Noel tells Felicity that Todd says he's come to New York to kiss her. Felicity thinks maybe Noel has misunderstood Todd or that Todd was just joking with him. She calls Todd and agrees to meet with him on one of her breaks @ work(Dean & Deluca).

Richard, one of Noel's 7th floor resident advisees, asks ablut installing a satellite dish. Noel informs Richard that it's against the rules. Richard doesn't care about rules, especially since Noel and Felicity's relationship is prohibited because of Noel's resident advisor position. He tells Noel that either the satellite goes up or Noel is going down.

Julie is plans on applying for the internship @ her birth mother's firm. Ben thinks it's a bad idea. He doesn't want to see Julie get hurt. He tells her his father has out of the blue decided to cut him off financially.

Elena is checking her mailbox when Blair approaches her. He says he's left about a hundred messages. She tells him he doesn't want to talk to her. He asks if she wants to get some food. She warns him to walk away. He doesn't. Elena turns around and socks Blair in the jaw sending him crashing to the floor nearly knocking over a garbage can. She tells him she saw him with Tara and tells him to stay away from her.

Todd comes to see Felicity @ Dean & Deluca. They greet one another with a hug. He tells he's come to kiss her- that they had a pretty intense thing(6 years ago in summer school) She tells Todd that she's dating Noel. Todd tells her he's taking a huge romantic risk. Felicity tells him she's done that sort of thing before and it doesn't turn out like you'd expect. She tells him it was good to see him and wishes him a safe trip back home. Todd doesn't throw in the towel. He tells her he's come to New York to get that kiss and he'll call her later.

Felicity and Elena talk to a student who's taken the seminar they're trying to get into. She gives them tips on taking the exam. Todd stops by with a gift for Felicity. She unwraps the gift. It's a toy license plate with her name on it. He tells her he remembered her telling him how she could never find her name printed on anything in toy stores when she was a kid. 'They' had every name except hers. Felicity admits that whenever she goes into a toy store or a souvenir shop she still checks to see if they've put her name on something yet. Todd tells her he had the license plate specially made. Felicity says it's sweet and thanks him. She explains that it's not a good time- she's really busy preparing for an important exam, working, studing and hanging out with Noel. She thanks him again for the gift. Todd appears to be deflated,however, still manages a smile before leaving.

Felicity and Julie are checking their mailboxes. Julie tells Felicity she applied for the job @ her birth mother's firm and they called her this morning. She tells Felicity she goes to train for the position @ 2pm. Felicity tells her to call her if she needs to talk. Felicity has a huge package that she can barely carry from - guess who? - Todd.

Ben tells Sean he's having money problems and asks for an extension on the rent. Sean reluctantly agrees to give Ben a 1 month extension. Ben assures him that he'll get a job and everything will work out.

In her room, Felicity opens her package from Todd. It's filled with popular kid snacks like Cracker Jacks and Mallowmars. Noel stops by. Felicity lets him listen to the many messages Todd has left on the answering machine pleading with Felicity to meet with him so they can sit down and talk. Felicity tells Noel she's going to seek the advice of Ben since he knows what it feels like to be stalked. She goes over to Ben's place and tells him how Todd is calling endlessly and giving her gifts - basically stalking her. He finds it amusing at first, then tells her he'll talk to Todd for her. Felicity wants to take care of everything herself. Ben assures her he'll take care of it. He goes to the hotel to talk to Todd. It turns out they know one another.

Julie has lunch with Carol (her birth mother) at the firm. She finds out Carol is married with 2 kids and that she once played guitar. She of course still has no idea that Julie is her daughter.

Felicity is studying with Elena when Ben comes over and tells her he's talked to Todd. They used to skateboard together - Ben never knew Todd's last name. He tells Felicity they had fun hanging out. They watched the movie 'Enemy of the State.' He tells Felicity that Todd is a good guy. He then changes the subject and asks Felicity if she can put in a good word for him @ Dean & Deluca because he needs a job. Felicity agrees to talk to her boss.

During the exam, Felicity notices Todd at the door window. He holds up signs asking her to talk tonite over dinner. She agrees in order to get him to go away so she can concentrate on taking her exam. He wishes her good luck.

Ben interviews and gets the job @ Dean & Deluca. He can start the next day if he wants.

Noel is distributing the floor calendar when he discovers Richard has his satellite up and working. He has a bunch of guys in his room watching a boxing match. Noel finds Todd sitting on the floor in front of Felicity's door. He asks Todd what he's doing there. Todd explains that he's having dinner with Felicity tonite. Noel objects but is interrupted by Todd complimenting him on his t-shirt design. Noel explains that he designed it himself - he's a graphic design major. Todd asks him which programs he uses. Noel tells him Photoshop, but he's having problems running it on his new computer.

Julie, Ben and Elena are @ Dean & Deluca eating. Julie tells them that she likes Carol. Elena tells Julie she understands wanting to get to know her mother, but taking the job without telling her who she really is- is wack. Blair shows up. Julie and Ben leave. Blair asks for a chance to explain things. Elena finds it hysterical that he's asking for anything right now. He tells her he wanted things to work out. He says she's so busy he's spent the last month wondering if they were still dating. She tells him he could have asked her before sleeping with her best friend. He tells her and Tara never slept together. Elena tells him they should- that way she knows he's sleeping with a bitch and she's left unsatisfied.

Felicity goes to Noel's room - Todd's there. Noel explains that Todd helped him get Photoshop running. Todd tells Felicity he came to pick her up for dinner. Felicity tells him she's not ready. She suggests they just meet at the restaurant. She goes back to her room to change into something unappealing. Noel stops by. She tells him she wants to look way below average tonite. Noel thinks she's doing a nice thing by having dinner with Todd - he says most people wouldn't be so nice. He tells her that if he wasn't so confident with their relationship he'd be worried. Felicity says she doesn't want to hurt Todd's feelings - she just wants him to go home.

Felicity meets Todd at the restaurant. He thanks her for sitting down with him. He asks if she remembers a sunset they once watched together. She does. He says the reason she remembers is because it meant something to her. He reminds her of how much she used to love drawing - that it's what she secretly wanted to do and how passionate she was about it. She tells him she appreciates what he's trying to do, but she's not interested. She asks him to stop calling her and sending her things. She tells him she has to go and leaves the restaurant. He follows her outside and tells her he should have kissed her 6 years ago - it would have meant somehing. Crossing the street he tells her they will kiss - he's down, but he's not in any way out. Felicity calls out his name to warn him but it's too late. Todd is hit by a bus.

To be continued...next week.


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