Felicity and Noel are in his room sitting face to face on his bed trying to figure out what the kiss before Thanksgiving dinner meant. They want to define where things are - understand the parameters/the boundaries of their relationship. Their discussion is interrupted by a phone call from Noel's mother. She tells him his uncle (his grandmother's narcoleptic brother is in a coma resulting from a traffic accident. Noel has to leave to go to Florida to be with is family. Felicity tells him they'll have plenty of time to talk when he returns. He tells her not to transfer to another school or hook up with Ben while he's gone. Felicity tells him she won't.

Noel was originally supposed to be gone only a few days but it turned out to be a week and a half. Felicity and Julie are hanging out in Felicity's room. Julie asks why Felicity isn't freaking out not knowing where things stand with Noel. Julie says there are so many basic questions to be answered like Are they dating?, If so, can they see other people?, What kind of expectations do they have? She asks Felicity if she really wants to be the rebound girl. Felicity tells Julie she is NOT the rebound girl. There is knock at the door. It's Noel-he's returned from Florida. Julie tells them she left something in her room and she'll be back later. Noel tells julie he appreciates her less than subtle excuse to leave. Once Jule is gone Felicity and Noel kiss. Noel tells her he's feeling overwhelmed with finals coming up and his responsibilities as R.A. - All he really wants to do is hang out with her. They agree that they should be apart for the next 3 days while preparing for finals because being together would be too distracting.

Ben's roommate Sean comes home with loads of boxes filled with fresh fruit. He plans to distribute/sell it hungry college students stuyding at the library since it will be open 24 hrs a day for the next three days.

While unpacking Noel discovers he picked up the wrong bag at the airport. He catches a student grilling burgers in his dorm room and threatens to report him.

Felicity and Elena are studying. Noel comes over and tells them about how he took the wrong bag at the airport. He's completely stressed out because all of his notes for all of his classes since the beginning of the semester were in the bag. If that isn't enough he has to write a paper on the themes of the novel 'Great Expectations.' Felicity tells him she loves the book and offers to help him. He asks if they'll be able to work together without personal emotional stuff - kissing... Felicity says there will be none of that until after finals.

Felicity and Noel are at the library attempting to work in a private cubicle. Noel is completely distracted. He wants to talk about their relationship. Felicity doesn't think they should. Noel leans over and kisses her. Their chairs turn over and they tumble to the floor. Heads turn and people in the library wonder what's going on. Everyone looks annoyed by the disturbance. Felicity and Noel decide to go to the stacks for more privacy. Unfortunately Richard, the guy Noel caught grilling in his room, sees them kissing and threatens to report Noel for kissing a student. The guy takes off and Noel runs after him.

Felicity returns to Elena's study table. Ben comes along and asks for Felicity's help with poems from poetry class. He tells her she has to help him after what happened with the essay. If he doesn't get at least a 'B' on the final exam he'll get a 'D' in the class. Felicity agrees to help him. She tells Ben she'll meet him in the lounge in 20 minutes.

Noel catches up with Richard and begs him not to report him. Richard tells him he's still deciding on whether or not Noel is fit to be an R.A.

Noel returns looking for Felicity. Elena tells him Felicity is helping Ben with poetry.

Ben asks Felicity when she's going home for Christmas. She tells him she's leaving on Saturday. He says he's also leaving on Saturday. He asks if Noel is going with her. She says 'no.' Ben asks if she'd like to share cab to the airport. She agrees. They find it's quite noisy in the lounge and decide to go to the reserved reading room where it's much quieter.

Sean attempts to sell fruit to Julie. She tells him it's a stupid thing to sell. She asks how much he's charging for each piece. She laughs when he tells her $1 and asks if he thinks people will actually fall for that. She gives it a try and a guy buys an orange. Julie is amazed. She's studing for her economics final - Sean knows all about it and agrees to help her if she'll sell his fruit. His theory - beautiful girl selling fresh fruit equals huge profit. Julie reluctantly sells Sean's fruit - She's desperate for assistance with economics.

Noel runs into Meghan who claims to have a concoction to assist increase memory when studying - Smart powder, a blend of herbs,minerals,extracts and roots. She offers to sell it to him for $10. Noel is hesitant but decides to take a chance. (Bad move) He later finds out there were beets in the mixture. Beets apparently make Noel extremely hyper. He starts to sweat and nearly loses it.

In the reading room, Ben asks Felicity about her relationship with Noel. He tells her he accidentally saw them kissing in the bathroom before Thanksgiving dinner. Felicity tells Ben that Noel is probably her best friend and he's one of the most level-headed people she knows. Seconds later Noel bursts into the room yelling about how it's unacceptable for Felicity to blow him off to be with Ben. He tells them he's not gong to get jerked around. Ben explains that Felicity is only helping him study. Noel says Felicity is supposed to be helping him. Felicity gathers her books and tells them to figure it out. She has to study for HER finals. She apologizes to everyone in the room for the disturbance. Richard is there to witness theentire scene and declares Noel is definitly unfit to be an R.A. Ben laughs.

Later in the cafeteria, Ben advises Noel to eat some food and drink warm milk to help him calm down from the smart powder. Noel is worried about Felicity's feelings for him. Ben tells him how Felicity talks about him and how she really likes him. Noel tells Ben Felicity probably thinks he's a freak after his outburst. Ben assures him Felicity doesn't think he's a freak.

Felicity tells Sally about the incident and says Noel is a freak. She tells Sally it was insane.

Noel delivers a bag of charcoal as a peace offering to Richard.

Noel goes to see Felicity during one of her final exams. She asks the test administrator if she can go to the bathroom. She goes out into the hall to talk to Noel. He tells her his uncle died so he's leaving today. He apologizes for his insane outburst. She tells him she heard about the smart powder. He tells her not to ever eat anything Meghan gives her because it might kill her. He says he was so panicked about figuring out what they are before Christmas vacation. He now realizes it was stupid because they are more than a passing opportunity and they don't need to rush what they are. He says they can figure that out in January. They kiss good-bye.

Felicity calls Ben and asks if he still wants to share a cab to the airport. He tells her he's not going home. He's gong to hang out in New York. He tells her to have fun. After Ben hangs up the phone we see Julie in bed next to him pretending to be asleep.


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