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Music Now and Then

Green Day (you can never have too much)

Nirvana (they'll be kickin' way after Dave and Krist is gone)

Jimi Hendrix (doesn't his name just sum it all up???)

U2 (a great band that keeps putting out the hits)

Foo Fighters (who can say anything bad about them??? They're some of the best new bands out there)

Rancid (if you like punk and you don't like Rancid, then you have problems)

Operation Ivy (another great punk band that's turning heads)

Pantera (Dimebag Darrell has been the Guitar Player of the Year for how many years now???)

Slash -former G'n'R- (most people have under-estimated his abilities)

Stevie Ray Vaughn (the man relayed messages from god through his guitar. figure of speech)

Kenny Wayne Shepard (all I can say is......Stevie???)

Jonny Lang (you say he's how old??? 17!!!)

Silverchair (the band makes longtime legends sound like ameatures)

Megadeath (old band, new tricks, and still fighting strong)

Judas Priest (with this new singer, they rock more than before)

This page is to show the bands that i think are living it up in the world at this time. There is also a christian music page as well. If you don't see what you like on here or would like to have me give you own band some publicity, then send me something. If I like it, more-than-likely i will, I'll post it. Same goes for the christian music page as well.