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Andrea's Wacky World of Weirdo's

Hello, Welcome to Andrea's Wacky World of Weirdo's
Let me tell you alittle bit about myself
I am 14 years old and am in the 8th grade
I am from and live in Indiana
A picture of me
My hobbies are:
Swimming, Volleyball, Shopping(I am a girl..hehe),
Tanning, Running, and spending time with Friends
Here is alittle about my Family
I have two wonderful parents
which is hard to come by these days
I have an older sister, Tammi
I have a link to her web page, and pictures of her there
I have an older brother,Chad.
He does not have a web page so I will tell you alittle about him
He is 24 years old and engaged to a sweet girl named Nikki
He also has a six month old son
His name is Broderick Thomas(my chunky, little, sweetie)
My sister is raising her niece, who also a good friend of mine
Her name is Kayla, you can visit the link to her web page
I also have 4 dogs and 1 cat
Here is a picture of my cat Tigger
I love to meet people on-line
If you are interested in learning more about me,
Just sign my Guestbook or e-mail me
P.S. I have ICQ and I love to chat(expecially with guys)
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