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A few pictures from the 2000 Reunion (click here)

The Third and final 60 70 reunion is over. Thanks to everyone that made these possible, they were great.

Click on the picture to see the real committee

John Fusco..Class of 1967..(812) 847-7567..
Frank Rode..Class of 1966..(812) 847-5641

Class of 1960
Carolyn (Humphery) Lucas..(812) 424-1885

Class of 1961
Mike Kelly..(812) 847-2097

Class of 1962
Veda (Kinney) Van Horn..(812) 847-2049..
Fred Chamberlain..(812) 847-2163

Class of 1963
Connie (Gregory) Kinnett..(812) 847-9772..

Class of 1964
Barbara (Correll) Griffin..(812) 847-4703..
Larry Massa..(812) 847-____..

Class of 1965
JoAnn (Gentry) Brinner..(812) 875-3214

Class of 1966
Mary (Copp) Mossberger..(812) 847-4059
Marilyn (Edmonson) Stockrahm..(812) 847-4337..

Class of 1967
Mary (Clippinger) Shields..(812) 847-2474..
Fred Shields..(812) 847-2474..

Class of 1968
Mike Smith..(812) 847-9916..
Kenny Goodman..

Class of 1969
Debbie (______) Robinson..(812) 384-3459.. dlr718@smtp-crane.ARMY.MIL

Class of 1970
Becky (Wesnidge) Clifford..(812) 847-7080
Debby (Engle) Poole..(812) 847-9961..

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Who came in 2000
1960 - 1970 Reunion 2000 Message Board

Pictures from the 2nd 1960 - 1970 Reunion held in 1997

Some pictures from the past
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