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The Eye Opener

Written By: Jimmy Lee Cossey II

Jimmy Lee Cossey II is a 32 year old man who has Cerebral Palsy. He is also the love of my life, my rock, and my fiance'. He was born on September 13, 1966 in Conway, Arkansas. He attended Kindergarten at Easter Seals where he received therapy. He improved little by little but never gave up. He also attended Henderson Orthopedic Wing for eleven and a half years and graduated there. He also attended college at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He took twelve hours. This was very difficult for him because he was unable to write or take notes because of his disability. After a semester in college he decided to wait a year before going back. A year later, he went back and took six hours, majoring in math and computer science. He worked most of 1987 at United Cerebral Palsy as a data entry worker. He was in charge of a news letter (Good Job-UCP News). He left UCP March 7, 1988. A few months later, He wrote this book.

This book is a combination of different kinds of feelings and emotions. This book is made up mostly of poems and stories he wrote while feeling low and deeply depressed. But there are also happy and funny stories and poems that he wrote to get out of his depression. It worked!That is why he published it.

He also wrote this book to prove to some people that he, having cerebral palsy, could do anything that anyone else could do and reach my goals like any other person. He said,"Once we learn to accept ourselves the way we are we can turn limitations into opportunities." And that is exactly what he did!

Due to popular demand, we are currently working on reprinting this book. We are only going to reprint a limited number of copies. It is a 40 page paperback book. If you are interested, please email me at asmf@hotmail.comand state how many copies you would be interested in. The price will be $5 plus postage.
God Bless!

Here is an example of one of the wonderful poems and stories found in "The Eye Opener."


July 20, 1987

This is about the rose that I found one day,
As I let my sensitive nose lead the way.
It was big and red,
It was a sweet smelling rose,
And before I could turn my head,
It was already in contact with my nose.
As I held it close,
It tickled me to death,
It gave me a red nose,
And a fresh breath.
That day wasn?t even sunny,
But instead it was about to rain.
I thought it was so funny,
It almost wrecked my brain.
So I?ll just save this rose everyday,
For that special someone that comes my way.
Then I can say forever and ever,
It was that big red rose that kept us together.
So please don?t forget the big red rose,
That once caught my eye and tickled my nose.
It was the rose that showed me,
All that I could be.
This is the rose I?ll never forget,
Because my life isn?t over yet.
Every night I lie in my bed,
And the beautiful rose is in my head.
If this rose comes true for me,
Then I can be all I can be.
I have a life to live,
Ask anything I have and to you I will give.
I have lots of love, honor, and respect to give,
But without these how can I live?
I could promise you the world at every heartbeat,
You can trust me because I will never cheat.
So if you wonder where I got all this,
I?ll be very, very happy to tell you where it is.
It was that big red rose,
That caught my eye and tickled my nose.
All I can say now my friend,
Is I?m sleepy and tired and this is THE END!!!

(c) copywrite 1991 Jimmy Lee Cossey II


July 11, 1988

When I was little I couldn?t walk.
Instead, I rode in a wheelchair.
With the use of only one hand,
It was hard to get around.
My family and friends helped out a lot.
But despite the fact that I had use of only one hand,
I enjoyed the many trips I went on in that chair.
I sort of look back on this and see a sign from above.
You see? I could not drive that wheelchair,
But I had something that I see me having in the future,
I was five years old and had a chauffeur to drive me in my chair.
It was either mom, dad, my brother, my grandparents, or a friend.
When I was six years old I started the first grade.
Ever since I was old enough to walk,
My loving and caring family helped me exercise and build me up,
We struggled together to get me out of that chair.
Anyway, I came home from school and it was a stormy day!
It was so dark that the streetlights came on!
I went to church a lot but I was too young to understand,
What God and Jesus were all about!
Well, on that dark and stormy day something great happened!
As I was sitting in my chair across the room from my mother,
A very great bolt of lightning struck followed by a loud thunder!
I became scared and tried to roll myself across to my mom.
But it became impossible for me and I was scared!
I was going to get to my mom even if I had to get up and walk!
Finally that was my only choice. I didn?t walk though!
Instead, I was so scared that I got up and ran to my mother,
And I have been on my feet ever since!
God can do more than anybody in this world!

(c)copywrite 1991 Jimmy Lee Cossey II

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