Genesis :-

Faced with the challenge of meeting the growing information demands of the user community and obviating the problem of resource crunch in libraries, MALIBNET - a registered society (non-government organisation) was formed in 1993.Through an MOU, Indian National Scientific Documentation Center (INSDOC) has been entrusted the responsibility of setting up and provides technical support for operating the network.

Presently, nearly 50 libraries in Madras are contributing actively to the creation of various databases on Malibnet.With the help of communication links and sophiscated information technology, the resources of the member libraries are shared and made available to the users. Presently 17 major educational/research institutions have joined as member institutions of MALIBNET.

Aims & Objectives :

* Foster growth in the field of information science & technology.

* Undertake scientific research in the field of library & documentation.

* Evolve a network of libraries & information centres in India.

* Establish appropriate links to national & international libraries and networks.

* Facilitate resource sharing & information dissemination through networks.

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