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You are the th person on this page

Hi! This is Nikhil Rasiwasia on the NEt, Perhaps the coolest person on the net, doing the hottest actvity!!!!

( I had gone to Modern School, one of the best schools in Delhi, for a computer compition )

Now you must be thinking what is the hottest thing I am doing ?? Hmmmm !! It is the hottest thing and i am sure no one else is doing such a thing and that is...and that is...and that is...and that is......

.and that is "Invention of a time machine"

Yes a TIME MACHINE ! woo really?? What dont you believe me ? Ok take a strall through the machine yourself....

The different FEATURES of the time machine are:- now you must be convinced that i really designing a time machine.


What !! No??? How come....ok!ok! you can mail me with your further quiery.

Dont forget to view and sign my guestbook. After all I will need some inspiration to continue on with my Time Machine...

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