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Last Updated:
August 1, 2010

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Readers Section

Welcome to the Readers Section. This is a section made especially for readers of Kyle's Nintendo Page. Make sure that you contribute to the Readers Section by sending in your own review or by voting. Enjoy.

Section Highlights
Aug 1 -- It's taken nearly five years, but I've finally updated the Top Games section. Many new Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS games are now on the lists.

With the Top Games return, Wipeout: The Game for the Nintendo Wii makes first place.

What Square Enix game series do you want the most?
May 10 -- Check out the Nintendo Gamers Poll section to vote in the latest poll. Topic this week: Square Enix games.
May 31 -- Check out the Fan Fiction section to read two newly created poems, and maybe send in one of your own.

Got any poems or stories of your own? Send them in.

Have any questions or comments? Send e-mail to me at

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