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i was down and out...

and feeling so blue

you took my hand and ease my mind

i was afraid you showed me the way

and now i finally found a home in you

you're always there to lend a helping hand

when good friends are hard to find

when things went wrong you made them right

you made my days so bright 

you made me live again

i was lost in the dark

with my lonely broken heart

then you came along

you took me home and made me your own

you made me live again

now look at me yes... a different me

back on my feet again

i'm not afraid to face the world again

coz you taught me how to be strong

you made me live again

  T   H   A   N   K   S
 this is just one of my well sung song (tama ba yun) and i have been singing it for many times and still i wasn't able to find the right person to dedicate it to..... now that i have known you... now i know to whom should i dedicate this song.... you made me live again... and you gave this heart of mine the strength to move on.. you lighted up my flame by sharing your flame..... ate thanks.. really....

love you